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Sankei Shimbun Grand Prize for “Visual Exploration Picture Book” 71st Sankei Children’s Publishing Cultu re Award

Sankei Shimbun
Grand Prize: “Visual Exploration Picture Book” 71st Sankei Children’s Publishing Culture Award
The 71st Sankei Children’s Publishing Culture Award has been decided. As a result of repeatedly reviewing 4,291 new books for children published in the past year, the following nine were awarded the Grand Prize, the JR Award, the Taihei Award, the Art Award, the Sankei Shimbun Award, the Fuji Television Award, and the Nippon Broadcasting System. It was selected for the Best Translated Work Award. For details, please see the Sankei Shimbun morning edition dated May 5th (Sunday) and the news site “Sankei News”.
[Sankei News]
[Image 1:×1972.jpg ]
■Grand prize
“Visual Exploration Encyclopedia: Asteroids, Meteorite, 4.6 billion year old stones” by Takashi Mishina, composition and text, Iwasaki Shoten
■JR Award
“Summer of Jugemu” by Ippei Mogami Kosei Publishing
■Taihei Award
“A Day in the Post Town” written and illustrated by Shinjiro Iwata, Kodansha ■Art award
“Summer Vacation” by Tomoko Aso, Fukuinkan Shoten
■Sankei Shimbun Prize
“Yuuyake ni Yuuyakeku” by The Cabin Company, Shogakukan
■Fuji Television Award
“Kemonomichi no Niwa” by Kumiko Mizunagi, BL Publishing
■Nippon Broadcasting Award
“Tenko-chan from school, what should I do since it’s my first time!? ‘Volume’ by Tenten Hosokawa, Fukuinkan Shoten
■Translation work award
“Treasures from the Library” by Kate Albus, translated by Rie Kushida, Tokuma Shoten
“I am a subway” Written and illustrated by Hyo-eun Kim, Translated by Rei Makimori, Iwasaki Shoten
[Selection committee]
[Literature] Yuko Kawabata (Professor, Japan Women’s University), Yasuko Doi (Director, Osaka International Children’s Literature Foundation)
[Picture books/art] Keiko Ochiai (author, representative of Crayon House), Yumiko Sakumay (translator)
[Society/Science] Mr. Isamu Kinoshita (Professor, Otsuma Women’s University), Mr. Keiko Harigae (Chairman, Tokyo Children’s Library) [Guest Selection Committee] Selection committee members from supporting companies Taihei, Fuji Television, Nippon Broadcasting System, and Sankei Shimbun will participate in the final selection. [Sponsored by] Sankei Shimbun
[Sponsored by] Fuji Television, Nippon Broadcasting System
[Sponsor] JR Hokkaido, JR East, JR Tokai, JR West, JR Shikoku, JR Kyushu, JR Freight, Taihei
■Sankei Children’s Publishing Culture Award
[Image 2:×900.jpg] Established in 1954 with the aim of “providing good books to the children who will lead the next generation.” Approximately 1,200 children’s books have received awards so far, including children’s literature, picture books, translated books, and illustrated books. This is an award system that has created the history of children’s literature and picture book culture in postwar Japan.
■Grand prize winners appear on Nippon Broadcasting System program We invited Takashi Mishina, a science writer and author of “Visual Exploration Illustrated Book: Asteroids, Meteorite, 4.6
Billion-Year-Old Stones,” which won the grand prize at the 71st Sankei Children’s Publishing Culture Awards, to ask questions about the universe in a special program titled “Solving the Mysteries of the Universe.” Nippon Broadcasting System will broadcast “The Key to the Asteroid” (30 minutes) from 12:30 pm on Monday, May 6th. Midori Hakozaki, the company’s announcer who says she loves
astronomical objects, asked Mishina about anecdotes related to asteroids. The same day is said to be the peak of the Eta Aquarius meteor shower, and we will also hear about the origin of making wishes on shooting stars.
The program will also be distributed on the radio app “radiko” for one week after the broadcast.
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