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Home » Ceramide x CBD x Bacterial Activity M&N’s CBD’s moisturizing skin care for dogs “Kaikai Barrier (R) Spray” is now on pre-order!

Ceramide x CBD x Bacterial Activity M&N’s CBD’s moisturizing skin care for dogs “Kaikai Barrier (R) Spray” is now on pre-order!

[Ceramide x CBD x Bacterial Activity] M&N’s CBD’s moisturizing skin care for dogs “Kaikai Barrier (R) Spray” is now on pre-order!
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Press release: May 5, 2024
[Ceramide x CBD x Bacterial Activity] M&N’s CBD’s moisturizing skin care for dogs “Kaikai Barrier (R) Spray” is now on pre-order! *For those who purchase during the pre-order period from May 5th (Sunday) to May 20th (Monday), you will receive a mini-size Kayupita ointment containing CBD as a pre-order bonus! *
M&N’s develops CBD oil for dogs and cats
CBD has released a new moisturizer, Kaikai Barrier (R) Spray, for dogs suffering from dryness and atopic dermatitis. This is a new skin care spray that contains ceramide, which is a natural moisturizing factor for the skin, and highly permeable nano-CBD(R), which is the much-talked-about CBD reduced to nano-size.
-Official website only! – As a pre-order bonus, you will receive a mini trial size of Kayupita Ointment!
M&N’s CBD skin care series
Kaikai Barrier(R) Spray
Healthy skin maintains a good balance of moisture and lipids, and the skin’s “barrier function” protects the body from external stimuli and allergens. Focusing on this “skin barrier,” we created Kaikai Barrier (R) Spray, a moisturizer that helps keep your dog’s skin barrier healthy.

This is a product that you can use for daily moisturizing and for moisturizing your whole body.
-Product features-
・ Highly permeable nano CBD (R) *Contains: High permeability and quickly penetrates the skin.
– Contains complex ceramide: enhances skin’s moisturizing effect and supports barrier function.
・Contains erythritol, a type of sugar alcohol that regulates the environment of resident bacteria on the skin.
– 10 additive-free: Contains no preservatives, thickeners, bleach, brighteners, colorants, alcohol, silicones, UV absorbers, mineral oil, or parabens.
– Stress-free nozzle: Designed to be comfortable to use without stressing your dog.
・This product is for dogs and cannot be used by cats.
*Highly permeable nano CBD(R) is available from M&N’s
This is a raw material originally developed by Well Pharma Co., Ltd., which operates CBD. It is a raw material that reduces the normal particle size of CBD to 1/5000 and can be used in food and cosmetics with the aim of improving absorption efficiency.
See details: Expect significant improvement in absorption efficiency! Successfully developed nano-CBD raw material with particle size of 100 nm or less and excellent stability!

Kayupita ointment
Kayupita ointment is an ointment that combines natural vegetable oils with strong antioxidant properties such as CBD and hemp seed oil with naturally derived moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter and beeswax. It can be used especially in areas where you are concerned about roughness, redness, and itching. *This product can also be used by cats.
-Product features-
– Contains 3% CBD: Maximizes the effects of CBD and supports skin health. ・
13 Free: No additives and can be used with confidence. (Free of preservatives, thickeners, bleach, brighteners, colorants, fragrances, preservatives, surfactants, alcohol, silicone, UV absorbers, mineral oil, and parabens)

Contains natural skin protection ingredients: hemp seed oil, beeswax, shea butter, yucha oil, and CBD (cannabidiol), which blends well into the skin and does not feel too sticky.
Limited pre-order period! Get a free trial mini-sized Kayupita ointment! During the pre-sale period from May 5th (Sunday) to May 20th (Monday), those who purchase the new product Kaikai Barrier (R) Spray will receive a trial mini version of Kayupita Ointment as a bonus during the pre-sale period. We will give you the size!

–Pre-order sales are limited to the official website–
▼Click here to make a reservation with special benefits▼
Kaikai barrier when using W (double)
Kaikai Barrier (R) spray is used for daily moisturizing of the whole body, and Kayupita ointment is used in points. Help your dog maintain healthy skin with W (Double) skin care.

Product information/sales information
M&N’s CBD Kaikai Barrier(R) Spray
List price: 3,300 yen (tax excluded) (tax included: 3,630 yen) ★If you purchase during the pre-sale period, you will receive a free trial mini-sized Kayupita ointment★
M&N’s CBD Kayupita Ointment
List price: 3,500 yen (tax excluded) (tax included: 3,850 yen)

Pet skin care is attracting attention – Why do dogs need skin care too? What is the role of CBD?
A dog’s skin is protected by fur, so the thickness of the dog’s skin is only about 1/3 of that of a human’s.
Therefore, a dog’s skin is actually very delicate!
The number one reason dogs visit a veterinary hospital is actually a skin disease.
Atopic dermatitis, allergic dermatitis, pyoderma, seborrhea… Studies have also reported that dogs with these skin problems have significantly dry skin. Preventing dryness will strengthen the “skin barrier” that protects your skin from these problems.

That’s why moisturizing skin care for dogs is attracting attention. M&N’s
At CBD, we focus on daily moisturizing skin care that you can do at home to prevent these skin problems. We have developed sprays and ointments that contain CBD, which is attracting attention for its skin moisturizing and antibacterial properties, in addition to a
formulation that mainly contains skin moisturizing ingredients. M&N’s
CBD’s signature dog, Noir, also suffers from atopic dermatitis, seborrhea, and pyoderma. Kaikai Barrier Spray and Kayupita Ointment were developed for our dog Noir.
M&N’s CBD sincerely hopes that this product will reach many pets and owners suffering from skin problems, and that pet skin care will spread.

* [About M&N’s CBD] *
M&N’s CBD series list. A skin care series is now available, along with CBD oil for dogs and CBD oil for cats.
M&N’s is a wellness brand for your beloved pets. CBD oil for pets containing the much talked about cannabidiol (CBD). We have been providing CBD oil products that can be safely used for pet stress care and senior care.
This time, a skin care series using CBD is now available.
We hope that M&N’s CBD will help as many dogs and cats as possible stay healthy for a long time.

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* 【Company Profile】*
Well Pharma Co., Ltd.
Our mission is to “eliminate people’s physical and mental ailments and maximize lifelong health satisfaction through evidence-based wellness care,” and we research and commercialize new materials such as CBD, as well as wellness care products for medical institutions. Planning, manufacturing and sales, OEM contract and wholesale business of supplements and cosmetics for the general public.

・Representative Director and CEO: Issei Fukuda
・Head office location: JP Shibuya 1F, 2F, 3F, 2-4-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ・Company establishment: May 2, 2018
・Official website:

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Well Pharma Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Yoneyama/Taniguchi
TEL: 03-6868-8006 (Weekdays 10:00-18:00)

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