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Home » ookami Make college baseball more interesting and fun! Asia University Hardball Baseball Club, aiming to be the best in Japan, announces the release of the official app

ookami Make college baseball more interesting and fun! Asia University Hardball Baseball Club, aiming to be the best in Japan, announces the release of the official app

Make college baseball more interesting and fun! Asia University Hardball Baseball Club, aiming to be the best in Japan, announces the release of the official app
“Player! WHITE” helps local sports teams monetize with an app ……
Sports startup company ookami will be releasing the team’s official app in collaboration with the Asia University Baseball Club! Using match and player information through the team’s official app, we will further deepen ties with alumni, fans, stakeholders, and local residents, supporting long-term monetization.
You can download the app from below. Please download and enjoy. ▶︎App download link
Comments from Asia University Baseball Club
[Image 1:×670.png ]
[Team introduction]
The Asia University Hardball Baseball Club, which belongs to the I-Division League of the Toto University Baseball Federation, has been active every day since its founding in 1958 with the goals of “running as fast as it can” and “partially remaining and being the best in Japan.” Make college baseball more interesting and fun. The challenges are endless as we aim to become the best hardball baseball team in Japan. It’s not just the players who are excited. Let’s “connect” together! Are you ready to come along?
[Reason for introducing Player! WHITE]
Isn’t SNS like X・Instagram a one-way street in a sense? It all started when I felt that something was missing. I also wanted the fans to feel closer to Asia. We decided to introduce it because we wanted to create a new place where everyone can have fun, with notifications that only those who have installed can enjoy, breaking news during matches, and comments from everyone.
[Future outlook]
Taking advantage of the app’s greatest appeal of being able to obtain information more directly and quickly, it will serve as a platform that allows you to interact closely with your team. We are planning to prepare a lot of projects that will be exciting with all the fans, not only during the season! We also hope to be able to provide information on online shops where you can purchase original goods and information on sports promotion at Asia University through the app. We will continue to think about ways to enjoy various apps with everyone, so please look forward to it! !
Features of the official Asia University Baseball Club app
Feature 1.
[The app icon is now the emblem of the Asia University Baseball Club] The emblem of Asia University Baseball Club will be displayed on your smartphone!
Feature 2.
[Timeline function]
The latest team information will be automatically updated on the home tab. Feature 3.
[Breaking news distribution]
Match updates will be delivered via text. Match results/schedules can also be viewed in a list.
【Push Notification】
Push notifications will notify you before the match starts and the results, so you can check the progress and breaking news without missing anything. Also, you will be able to know the latest
information even outside of the match with daily notifications from the team!
[Chat function]
Participate in the game by sending comments and stamps on the breaking news distribution page and experience the excitement just like you were there!
New features are planned to be added from time to time!
How to download the app
Search for “Asia University Baseball Club” on AppStore or Google Play! Click below or read the QR code to link to the app acquisition screen. Download link: QR code (common for iPhone/Android)
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What Player! WHITE aims to do
In each region across Japan, not only professional sports teams but also teams in various sports and categories operate daily. Teams aiming for the professional category, teams competing in their own leagues, and student club activities at universities and high schools. These “local sports teams” involve the local community, connect with fans, and enliven the area.
However, many local sports teams do not have as much staff or funding as professional teams. We have to manage many tasks with a small number of staff members, and we have to make do with little funds, so we have to focus more on keeping the team alive than making the team stronger and winning. .
At ookami, we wanted to maximize the potential value of local sports teams so they could spend more time doing what really matters. Therefore, we propose “Player! WHITE” to local sports teams. [What Player! WHITE can do]
1. Consolidate everything in the official app! You can easily send information! 2. Increase the collection rate of fan club/OBOG membership fees! 3. Make your public relations work more efficient with useful tools! For more information on installation costs and features, please contact us below.
Service site:
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What is Player!?
“Bringing sports diversity to this world.”
Player! is a platform where anyone can create their favorite sport, support it, and have fun.
Player! proposes a lifestyle that includes “my sports” rather than “mass sports.”
It’s like finding a city you like, living there, falling in love with it, and contributing to making it more fun. As for sports, it would be fun if you could find your own favorite sport, fall in love with that sport, and contribute to making that sport more popular. Player! creates a world where everyone can create their own favorite sport, support it, and have fun. Bringing sports diversity to this world. →Player! Official website:
→Player! iPhone version:
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A company called ookami
ookami Co., Ltd. is a start-up company that creates new value in sports through the harmony of “people” and “information technology.” ▶︎Company name: ookami, Inc.
▶︎Head office: 1-21-8 Hanegi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
▶︎Representative: Taiyo Ogata
▶︎Business details: Development and operation of sports entertainment app “Player!”, development and operation of sports information infrastructure
April 2014 Established ookami Co., Ltd.
April 2015 “Player!” officially released
December 2015 App Store Best of 2015 Award
September 2016 Received the 2016 Good Design Award
April 2019 Founding members selected as one of the 30 people representing Asia in Forbes Asia Under30
October 2019 Received Forbes JAPAN SPORTS BUSINESS AWARD 2019 December 2019 Ruby biz Grand Prix 2019 Special Award
February 2021 Received the “Innovation League Activation Award” co-sponsored by the Japan Sports Agency
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