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Home » S.C.P. Japan General Incorporated Association Let’s learn safeguarding, aiming for a sports world where “children’s rights” are protected! S.C.P.Japan held online training on basic safeguarding in sports in June. After completing the course, you wi

S.C.P. Japan General Incorporated Association Let’s learn safeguarding, aiming for a sports world where “children’s rights” are protected! S.C.P.Japan held online training on basic safeguarding in sports in June. After completing the course, you wi

General Incorporated Association S.C.P. Japan
Let’s learn safeguarding, aiming for a sports world where “children’s rights” are protected! S.C.P.Japan held online training on basic safeguarding in sports in June. After completing the course, you will be able to participate in applied training.
May 5th is Children’s Day. Let’s learn together the basic knowledge of safeguarding in order to protect the rights of children in daily sports settings. Applied training will be held in August.
[Image 1:×883.jpg] S.C.P. Japan (hereinafter referred to as “S.C.P. Japan”), a general incorporated association, has been focusing on safeguarding efforts since its establishment in 2020, and has conducted awareness activities and training to ensure that the human rights of each individual are protected in all sports settings. We have carried out the following. In addition, for the two years from 2022 to 2023, with the help of the Smithei Community Sports Promotion Grant, we will develop a curriculum for safeguarding training (basic and advanced) for sports organizations, with the cooperation of experts. I did. We would like to inform you that we will hold basic training in June, prior to the implementation of the first applied safeguarding training after development (scheduled for August 2024).
Completion of the basic training is required to participate in the applied training, so if you are interested, we would appreciate it if you could apply for the basic training.
About curriculum development and content
The curriculum for “Safeguarding Training in Sports (Basic
Edition/Advanced Edition)” is supervised by Shoichi Sugiyama, a lawyer and representative of the Japan Safe Sports Project, in cooperation with the certified NPO CAP Center JAPAN. We have been proceeding with development. Furthermore, in addition to the above-mentioned experts, we also worked with Professor Katsumi Mori, a professor at Kanoya University of Physical Education and founder of the Athlete Safeguarding Research Institute, who is familiar with safeguarding in the UK, in developing the applied version. After asking for supervision, the curriculum was finally completed in March of this year. Thanks to the cooperation of many experts, we will be able to deliver two-part training in 2024: basic and advanced. The basics session to be held this June will focus on why safeguarding is necessary in the first place in order to achieve the goal of safeguarding initiatives (safeguarding being put into practice in daily activities). think about it from various angles. This training will reconfirm the foundation and axis so that participants can fully understand the necessity and play an active role as practitioners promoting safeguarding. In the applied version to be held in August, students will learn what they should do to actually start working on the project, and learn how to prepare documents and systems in their own organization, points to keep in mind, and necessary tools, and learn how to properly implement them. We aim to be able to operate it. We also prepare for “what if” by thinking about how we would respond in the event that an incident that actually threatens safety and security occurs.
*In order to participate in applied training, we ask that you participate in and complete basic training. (Those who took the Basic Training on Safeguarding in Sports held by S.C.P. Japan in 2023 can participate from the advanced edition).
We look forward to your participation.
Overview of basic training on safeguarding in sports
[Image 2:×858.png ]
1. schedule:
Session 1: June 10th (Monday) 19:00-20:30
Session 2: June 17th (Monday) 19:00-20:30
Session 3: June 24th (Monday) 19:00-20:30
2. Contents:
1. Session 1
・What is safeguarding (background/definition)
・Acts/acts that threaten safety and security
・Examples where safety and security are threatened at sports sites ・Characteristics of the sports world where all forms of violence and oppression are tolerated, condoned, and tolerated.
2. Session 2
・What are human rights/What are children’s rights?
・Difficulty in seeing maltreatment (inappropriate interaction) with children ・Psychological state of children (athletes) and adults (coaches) ・To prevent acts that threaten safety and security (human rights violations) from happening
・What you can do when you receive counseling
3. Session 3
・Safeguarding and power imbalance
・What to do for safeguarding
There will be time for questions and answers at the end of each session. 3. Teacher:
Yueko Inoue (S.C.P. Japan)
Former female soccer player. After retiring, he spent two years in Bhutan as a JICA cooperation team physical education member, and after returning to Japan, worked for the Japan Football Association and the Japan Disabled Football Federation, and completed the master’s course at the University of Tsukuba Graduate School’s “Joint Major in Sports and International Development Studies.” . In 2020, he was involved in the establishment of S.C.P. Japan, a general incorporated association, and was responsible for formulating safeguarding policies within the organization and establishing a consultation desk. He also serves as a lecturer for safeguarding training for sports-related organizations. 4. Participation target:
Those who are interested in safeguarding, those who are or may be in charge of safeguarding in an organization, those who are involved in activities with children at sports sites, parents, Those who are interested in creating a safe and secure sports environment, those who want to learn about safe and secure coaching methods, etc.
*What we would like to achieve together with the participants through this training
・Able to maximize the potential of children/athletes while protecting the rights of children, or able to make efforts to do so.
・Able to use one’s power and privileges to support people other than children and athletes who are in a vulnerable position.
・As an active bystander, you can take some action rather than just a bystander who turns a blind eye.
・Through the above measures, we can make sports sites safe and secure and continue to protect the value of sports.
5. Method: Online event using “Zoom” (online conference system) 6. Participation fee: ・All 3 real-time participation: 4,400 yen (tax included) ・Those who wish to share (archive) the video for viewing at a later date: 5,500 yen (tax included) *Real-time participation is also possible
*Instructions on how to watch at a later date will be provided within one week after the end of each episode. The viewing period will be one month after the announcement.
*10% group discount available for groups of 5 or more.
*We will send a separate email to those who have applied regarding the transfer method.
7. How to apply:
Please apply using this QR code or URL.
[Image 3:×288.png ]
The deadline is 18:00 on Sunday, June 2, 2024.
S.C.P. Japan’s safeguarding efforts
■S.C.P. Japan’s safeguarding policy
■Let’s all protect it! Children’s rights “Promise from the coach” leaflet:
■Organizations for which S.C.P. Japan has conducted safeguarding training: ・JEF United Ichihara/Chiba Academy
・Fagiano Okayama Academy
・Ashiha Co., Ltd.
・Momoyama Gakuin University of Education
・Gamba Osaka Academy, etc.
General Incorporated Association S.C.P. Japan
S.C.P. Japan was established in 2020 with the vision of “creating a future where each person can walk their own path” and aiming to realize a cohesive society through sports. Focusing on five themes: 1. Athletic programs, 2. Training and awareness activities, and 3. Exchange programs, we will focus on five themes: all abilities, women, LGBTQ+, international cooperation, and safeguarding.
We implement projects in collaboration with a variety of organizations. Official homepage:
[Inquiries from the press regarding this matter]
General Incorporated Association S.C.P. Japan Inoue/Hashimoto Phone: 090-9974-1012
Email address:
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