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Home » Luxury right to the sea ♪ Ao Awo Beach, pool, activities Summer family plan GO to Naruto this summer!

Luxury right to the sea ♪ Ao Awo Beach, pool, activities Summer family plan GO to Naruto this summer!

Luxury right to the sea ♪ Ao Awo Beach, pool, activities [Summer family plan] GO to Naruto this summer!

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Press release: May 5, 2024
Luxury right to the sea ♪ Ao Awo Beach, pool, activities [Summer family plan] GO to Naruto this summer!
*Fluffy shaved ice, floats & umbrellas, fireworks, fishing pond experience, etc. Free! *
Aoawo Naruto Resort (Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture General Manager: Yuji Takahashi
) will be selling an accommodation plan that allows families to enjoy the summer at a great price from June 22nd to September 1st, 2024. A private beach and pool are open for guests only, overlooking the Naruto sea, Onaruto Bridge, and Awaji Island.
There will also be a night pool (7/23-9/1) where children can play at night without worrying about getting sunburned.
Free benefits include all-you-can-eat fluffy shaved ice, rental of floats and beach umbrellas, and a fishing pond filled with Naruto sea bream.
In addition, we offer half-price activities such as seashell gel candles and bracelet making, perfect for free research during summer vacation.
Kids and adults alike can enjoy summer to the fullest with activities such as work experience for kids, fair play, a candy store, and a buffet of local cuisine.
From the guest rooms and hot springs, you can see the sunrise over the ocean and the spectacular view of Moon Road, and relish the seafood delicacies of Mt. Awa.
This year, why not enjoy swimming with your family under the beautiful blue sea and sky?

* ■It’s the sea! It’s a pool! Summer benefit family plan*
* [Period]* June 22, 2024 – September 1, 2024
* [Price]* One night per person including dinner and breakfast ・From 23,500 yen (1 room for 2 people)
・From 22,000 yen (1 room for 3 people)
・From 21,000 yen (1 room for 4 people)
*Western room with a view of the sunrise over the sea and the moon road *Children’s rates available *Tax and service charge included, 150 yen bath tax not included *Check-in from 16:00
* [Dinner] * Dinner with a choice of local cuisine buffet, charcoal grill, Japanese Kaiseki, or French cuisine.
* [Breakfast] * You can take it out and enjoy it on your room balcony. * [Bonus] * *One time each per night
* ★Date-limited “Summer Family 7” * (6/22-8/9, 8/16-9/1)
1. As much fluffy shaved ice as you like (7 types of sauces, 3 types of toppings)
2. Naruto sea bream too♪ Fishing pond experience (30 minutes) 3. Free beach mat & parasol rental (1 per room)
4. Fireworks gift for children (3-12 years old)
5.Free rental of floats at the beach (one per room)
6. Tennis court free for 1 hour (racquet, ball and shoes included) 7. 1 hour free bicycle rental
* ★ Free research during summer vacation ♪ The following menus are half price * Location: Aoawo Beach Land 13:00-15:00
・Seashell bracelet (normally 1,100 yen)
・Deco shell frame (usually from 2,000 yen)
・Seashell gel candle (usually from 2,000 yen)
・Making a bamboo water gun (normally 1,500 yen)
* ★Onaruto Bridge Cruising (20 minutes) * Normally 2,500 yen → * Special price 1,800 yen! *
Location: Aoawo Beach Land 10:00-17:00
*Limited to 6/24-7/14, 7/18-7/20, 8/28-9/3
*Cancelled in case of stormy weather, reservations will be made after check-in * ★In-house use ticket that can be used for beach programs and fairs* “Tanuki Money” 500 yen worth of gift for each person

* [Others] * Awa Odori performance held every night (*Closed from 8/8 to 8/15), wedding anniversaries, birthdays, longevity celebrations, and other delightful free hospitality.

* [Private Beach] *
*Period* 6/22~9/1
*Time* 10:00-17:00
* [Outdoor pool] * *Depth 120cm (80cm for children) *Size 170 square meters *Period* 6/22~9/30
* Time * 9:00-18:00

* [Night pool] *
*Period* 7/13~9/1
* Time * 18:30-20:00

* [Awa no Kuni] * 18:30-21:00
It is a retro-modern space where you can try out candy shops, play at fairs, and try traditional crafts such as Awa indigo dyeing and Otani ware. *July 20th to August 31st will be open as a summer holiday fair (quoits, target shooting, sea bream fortune tellers, etc.)
* ■Aoaonarutori Resort (Tokushima Prefecture, Naruto City)*
An oceanfront hotel located in the Seto Inland Sea National Park where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the sunrise over the sea and the Naruto Moon Road, which was selected as one of Japan’s 100 Most Beautiful Moons, from the rooms and natural hot springs.
There are 15 types of guest rooms to choose from depending on your travel style, including Western-style rooms with views of the ocean from the bed, and Awa Ai rooms designed by Tokushima craftsmen. You can enjoy Naruto sea bream, Awa vegetables, and other gourmet food from Uzu at unique restaurants such as local cuisine buffet Awa Zanmai, French Kaiseki, Japanese Kaiseki, and charcoal grill. Free hospitality such as anniversary celebrations and consecutive stay lunch benefits are also popular. At “Awa no Kuni” on the first floor of the building, there are fairs, candy shop Tanukido, Otani ware painting, and “natural lye fermentation building” passed down from the Edo period.
You can experience local programs such as Awa indigo dyeing. Image of “Awa handmade washi paper experience”
Enjoy activities that bring you closer to nature throughout the year, such as cruising the Naruto Strait, fishing for Naruto sea bream, swimming in the sea and pool in summer, digging for potatoes in autumn, and fishing for seaweed in early spring.
There are many tourist attractions in the surrounding area, including the Uzu no Michi, the Otsuka Museum of Art, and Ryozenji, the first temple on the Shikoku Pilgrimage Tour of 88 Pilgrims. Naruto, Tokushima is easily accessible by car, bus, JR, and airplane. *Free shuttle bus available (30 minutes from Tokushima Airport / 15 minutes from JR Naruto Station / 10 minutes from Expressway Naruto Bus Stop (reservation required))
Immediately turn left at Naruto Kita IC. There is a JR express bus directly from Kansai to the hotel.
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