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Home » To commemorate the 3rd anniversary of our home-cooked takeout restaurant Matilda, we are offering a special menu including the most popular menu among children!

To commemorate the 3rd anniversary of our home-cooked takeout restaurant Matilda, we are offering a special menu including the most popular menu among children!

To commemorate the 3rd anniversary of our home-cooked takeout restaurant Matilda, we are offering a special menu including the most popular menu among children!

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Press release: May 5, 2024
To commemorate the 3rd anniversary of our home-cooked takeout restaurant Matilda, we are offering a special menu including the most popular menu among children!
*Reception for the 5-day special week menu from May 13th to 17th starts from midnight on the 5th (Sunday)! *
* Matilda (hereinafter referred to as “Matilda”) is a new ready-to-eat meal service that blends into the city with the mission of “creating a society where children can be innocent.”
Matilda Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yuka Maruyama, hereinafter referred to as “Matilda”) On May 17, 2024, our company will celebrate its third anniversary since the start of its service. *

In commemoration of this, we will be delivering special menus for five days from May 13th (Monday) to May 17th (Friday), including the most popular menu selected by children and the chef’s recommended menu. Masu.
In addition, at each station, children were presented with coloring pages of Matilda and Moa to celebrate their 3rd anniversary. On May 17th (Friday), which is also the day of our 3rd anniversary, we will also give you a mini present at the station!

* Introducing a special weekly menu that only happens once a year! * A special week celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the service’s launch. We would like to express our gratitude to all the users who support Matilda on a daily basis, so we have set a concept for the daily menu and are devising ways to enjoy it not only for children but also for adults.

At the “Kids Review Event (held in March),” where children vote on their favorite menu items, *a menu made up of the menus that won first place for main dishes, side dishes, and soups*
A menu that allows children to enjoy trying out vegetables that they don’t like. On the final day, the 17th (Friday), we have prepared a special “birthday party” menu that will excite everyone around the table, both adults and children.

For the concept and behind-the-scenes stories of the menus offered during the 5 days of the special week, please check out the “Matilda Newsletter” at the URL below.
– Matilda News: **
*Some menus are expected to sell out, so we recommend making or changing your plans early. Menu requests for May 13th (Monday) to May 17th (Friday) will be accepted from midnight on the 5th (Sunday). * -3rd Anniversary Special Menu-*

* 5/13 (Monday): Favorite menu selected by Matilda and Moa * [Main dish] Tender pork curry, [Side dish] Plump minced shrimp toast, [Side dish] Two colored potato salads
– * 5/14 (Tue): Favorite menu selected by station staff *
[Main dish] Boiled swordfish ~ with fried Japanese yam ~, [Side dish] Fried broccoli, [Side dish] Shumai without wrapping ~ Hide and seek with quail eggs ~

* 5/15 (Wed): Matilda Kids’ most popular menu *
[Main dish] Crunchy fried chicken, [Side dish] Plenty of
cauliflower meat gratin, [Side dish] Corn soup (with crunchy mini pie) – * 5/16 (Thursday): Menu selected by the head chef *
[Main dish] Teriyaki chicken with edamame tartare, [Side dish] Homemade nametake mushroom fried tofu, [Side dish] Chef’s special pork soup

* 5/17 (Fri): Matilda’s birthday special menu *
[Main dish] Gooey omelet rice-style hamburger steak, [Side dish] Sandwich it yourself! Fried fish mini burger, [Side dish] Colorful flower salad ~Corn dressing~
*Comment from Yuka Maruyama, Representative Director of Matilda Co., Ltd.* Matilda, which started its service in Kachidoki in May 2021, will celebrate its third anniversary on the 17th of this month. We would like to express our deep gratitude to those who have used Matilda in the past, as well as those who are thinking, “I would like to use it someday.” thank you.
In three years, the number of stations has grown to nine, and the service has grown from serving approximately 60 meals a day to approximately 1,500 meals a day*.
Although the areas where we can deliver Matilda are still limited, we are sincerely grateful for the support of our many fans as a “local dinner service.”

Matilda is a service that solves the problems of people who have problems with everyday dinners, including families with children, but at the same time, we have been delivering dinners as content that makes children’s daily lives even a little bit happier. .
We hope that our users and children will come running up to us and say, “Matilda-san!”
The children gathered around the station and happily received their meals before heading home.
I am very happy that we have been able to create the regional scenery that Matilda wanted to create together with the current users.

* With the 3rd anniversary of our service as a turning point, Matilda is entering a period of further expansion of our services. * *
In order to create a similar landscape in many areas, we will expand our business and continue our mission of “creating a society where children can be innocent” so that we can deliver “fun dining tables” and “dining tables that people look forward to” in many areas. We will continue to work hard to make this a reality. * (Photo: Shunichi Oda)

* Details about “Matilda,” which provides “food” as content with children as the main character*
Matilda’s “Today’s Dinner” provided by our company is content that makes children’s daily lives as fun and happy as possible. * With over 700 types of menus and the experience of receiving meals at stations, we aim to make the evening meal that children receive at Matilda a fun experience for children. *

Children can find joy in their daily lives by looking forward to today’s meal, tomorrow’s meal, and next week’s meal. By creating such everyday experiences, Matilda realizes its mission of “creating a society where children can be innocent.”
* -More than 700 fun menus-*
Matilda currently has over 700 menu items, with 4-5 new items introduced every week. Arrangements and menus for each seasonal event, menus that provide an opportunity to learn about different countries’ cultures and social issues, etc. *
We provide “food experiences as content”* that lead to children having fun and wanting to try them.
We also offer a variety of sauces, dressings, and spices that come with the dish, so that even if family members have different seasoning preferences, everyone can share the feeling of “It’s delicious!”

* You can send your impressions, opinions, and requests about the menu in 10 seconds on LINE. *
Every month, we publish the top 5 best and worst reviews from users in the Matilda Newsletter, which helps us improve our menus.
– Matilda News: **

* -Reception experience at the station-*
Currently, at stations set up in nine locations in Tokyo, children are the main characters.*
We carry out various events and projects such as “Kids Review Event” and “Urban Challenge”. *
At Matilda, you can check information such as menus and events online, and orders and support can be completed online, but we also place importance on enriching the experience of offline contact. In addition to the ingenious menus, we also provide offline content such as receiving meals at Matilda’s stations, communicating with station staff, conversations at the dinner table triggered by handouts, and memories of participating in the project. I believe that this will lead to the realization of our mission of “creating a society where people can live innocently.”
*About how to use Matilda*
All orders can be completed on LINE, and you can receive daily home-cooked meals at a frequency and amount that suits your family. We accept same-day orders in limited quantity from 7:00 to 13:00 each day, and you can easily order from 7:00 to 13:00 every day.
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About Matilda Co., Ltd.
・Location: Imas Canalside, 2-4-4 Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
・Established: January 27, 2021
・Representative: Representative Director Yuka Maruyama
・Business details: Development and operation of home-cooked takeout station “Matilda”
・Corporate site URL:
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