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Home » Libran Co., Ltd. New web commercial for soundproof apartment “Musition” starring girls unit C;ON will be r eleased from May 5th (Sunday)

Libran Co., Ltd. New web commercial for soundproof apartment “Musition” starring girls unit C;ON will be r eleased from May 5th (Sunday)

[Libran Co., Ltd.] New web commercial for soundproof apartment “Musition” starring girls unit C;ON will be released from May 5th (Sunday)

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Press release: May 5, 2024
A new web commercial for the soundproof apartment “Musition” starring girls unit C;ON will be released on Sunday, May 5th.
*“To make my dreams come true, I chose MUSISION” now available on YouTube channel “MUSISION TV”*
*Music*, a soundproof rental apartment that encourages playing musical instruments 24 hours a day
Libran Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Watanabe), a condominium developer that handles the series, will release a new website on Sunday, May 5th.
We have started releasing the commercial. In this work, the
five-member girl unit *C;ON* is set to make a major debut from Avex in 2024.
was appointed.
YouTubeCM thumbnail image
The concept of this work
From the setting of what if the members lived in the same apartment, the work depicts the daily life spent with each member’s music and the life in which they are in contact with music, and the music that “I want to enjoy music 24 hours a day whenever I want” is depicted. This video is filled with the simple feelings that anyone who loves . *C;ON*
The members of the group have graduated from high schools and music colleges with music majors, and have spent their lives close to music since their student days. Even now, even though they are active as artists, they are always practicing in their rooms, so they were chosen to be highly compatible with each other as they reflect their daily lives.

*CM overview*
Title: “To make my dreams come true, I chose MUSISION”
Web CM release start date: May 5, 2024 (Sunday) 20:00~

What is C;ON?
*C;ON* is a unit that debuted in 2017 and is a fusion of
instrumentalists and vocalists. Shiori (VOCAL), Aika (VOCAL), Yoshiko (ALTO)
TRUMPET) and Anmi (PIANO), the group is a hot topic in the industry due to its unique style that fuses brass and idols, and its wide range of musicality from jazz to pop/rock.
This is the first time that C;ON has appeared in a commercial, and the insert song for the video is C;ON’s representative song “*Last Order* ” was used. It has been decided that Avex will make a major debut in 2024, and a one-man live to commemorate the debut will be held on LINE CUBE on May 6th (Monday holiday).
Held at SHIBUYA. Tickets for the performance have been announced to be sold out, and attention is increasing.

Music, a soundproof rental apartment chosen by music lovers
Interior image of “Musion Plus Setagaya Kyodo” where this web commercial was filmed (currently fully occupied)
I want to play the grand piano in my room, and I want to listen to my favorite music loud even late at night. Soundproof rental apartment “*Music*”
” is a rental apartment with high sound insulation performance that aims to be a home where people who make music their life can enjoy music anytime without hesitation.
The average annual occupancy rate was 98.5% in 2023, and it has gained support from many music lovers. In addition, as of May 1, 2024, there are 5,337 “waiting registrants” who are considering moving into the next vacant room or newly built property, and many people are demanding soundproofing for their homes.・Supplied 33 buildings/770 units in Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba. Five new buildings (RC/wooden construction) are scheduled to be built in 2024.

▶️MUSISION official YouTube channel “MUSISION TV”

▶️Musium official website

▶️ Music Official X (old Twitter)

Libran Co., Ltd.
Company name: Libran Co., Ltd.
Location: 17-4 Oyamacho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
Founded: March 2, 1969
Livlan official website:
Planning and renovation of condominiums and houses (Rental condominium “Musion” where you can play musical instruments 24 hours a day, one-stop renovation “Temahima Real Estate”)
Nishi-Ogikubo store,” and condominiums that incorporate eco-mix design, “Eco Village.”
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