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Press release: May 5, 2024
SASAL, INC Advisory
*Monthly advisory system by strategic consulting company*

SASAL is a strategic consulting firm established in 2022 and based in the US and Japan. SASAL provides advisory services to meet the demands of our clients’ global strategies. Our advisory services include the following. SASAL would appreciate contributing to the improvement of your corporate value through this service.
INC. Our company is a strategic consulting company established in 2022 and conducts business based in the United States and Japan. We have an advisory system in place to meet the needs of each company’s global strategy. The advisory service provides services such as the following content. We hope that we can contribute to improving the corporate value of each company through this service.
– *Strategic wall hitting twice a month / once 30 minutes*

Through twice-monthly meetings, we confirm the progress of the project and provide advice. Through this advice, you can effectively grow your business by periodically reviewing your existing business content and making course corrections to improve your corporate value. *
Introduction of business partners/partners*
Through our connections, we will introduce companies that are compatible with your company. We leverage your business through partnering with other companies, leveraging our knowledge, and providing services. *
Strategic project introduction*

Using our existing knowledge, we will share business acquisition methods and actual projects to increase your company’s sales. We will build a foundation for stable orders while resolving any uncertainties regarding our initiatives through strategic planning. The price range of ordered projects varies from 5 million yen to tens of millions of yen/year. It is possible to increase sales by receiving multiple orders according to your company’s strength.
– *CEO Workshop Invitation*

We would like to invite you to the Global CEO Workshop hosted by our company. It is possible to develop new connections and increase corporate value. It is held once a month. *
Invitation to other events*
We would like to invite you to events held by our company, events to which we have been invited, and events in which we will
participate. It can be used to develop new connections. *
Introducing your company on HP/SNS*
After the contract, we will update our website
We would like to introduce your company. By increasing awareness, it is possible to expect an increase in sales.
– *List our company name on your company website*

We can list our company on your company’s website as an advisory company. By listing a strategic consulting firm as an external advisor, you can improve your company’s credibility.

* Notes*

This service is an advisory service and is not a project-type strategic support for your company. Therefore, in the case of a project-type strategic matter in which part of the work is delegated to our company, we will make a separate proposal to your company, and after your company accepts and signs a contract, we will focus on the project. Your company does not have any command or command over our company. We will provide maximum support within our business scope. –
This service is an advisory service, and the cost-effectiveness will depend on your company’s efforts. Therefore, we cannot guarantee your company’s future sales. On the other hand, if you would like to undertake a project-based initiative to increase sales with the accompaniment of our human resources, we will submit a separate project estimate, so we would appreciate it if you could let us know. – In order to focus on companies that are enthusiastic about improving their business, this service is subject to an examination system. Thank you for your understanding.

Corporate Name: SASAL, INC
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