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Home » The 2nd concert “THE BLAST” produced by the new Okinawa Actors School will be held with a total of 75 perfor mers, including 56 B.B.WAVES & jr. and 19 B.B.MASTER!

The 2nd concert “THE BLAST” produced by the new Okinawa Actors School will be held with a total of 75 perfor mers, including 56 B.B.WAVES & jr. and 19 B.B.MASTER!

Okinawa Actors School Co., Ltd.
The 2nd concert “THE BLAST” produced by the new Okinawa Actors School will be held with a total of 75 performers, including 56 B.B.WAVES & jr. and 19 B.B.MASTER!
On Sunday, May 5, 2024, “Tamaki Home Presents B.B.WAVES & jr. 2nd Concert “THE BLAST”” will be held at the Okinawa Convention Center Theater Building in Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture, and
approximately 3,000 people from inside and outside Okinawa Prefecture will attend. The venue was filled to capacity and filled with excitement even before the performance began.
B.B.WAVES & jr. is a group made up of 56 boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 18 who passed the auditions held in April of last year and March of this year.The Okinawa Actors School has restarted in earnest. This was their 2nd concert at the amazing speed of just one year since their formation. The concert, which was held in two parts, Day and Night, was a huge success and was packed to capacity.
[Image 1:×1365.jpg] ~Day~ B.B.WAVES jr. appeared on the stage that opened with the opening video. They performed their first original song “BE THE ONE” and excited the opening.
[Image 2:×1365.jpg] BABY WAVES jr., made up of elementary school students, captivated the audience with their powerful performance of their first original song, “A・B SEEDS.”
[Image 3:×1365.jpg] The first mixed song by B.SWEET and BABY SWEET, who have grown a lot over the past year, was “party time!,” which filled the venue with smiles.
[Image 4:×1365.jpg] B.FLAVA, which brought together the best voices of B.B.WAVES jr., showed off its unknown potential. Her charm exploded with “Are You Ready”.
[Image 5:×1365.jpg] B.B.MASTER performed a medley from that time. Audience members of the same generation who knew those days gave enthusiastic cheers.
[Image 6:×1365.jpg] Starting Over featuring B.B.WAVES & jr and B.B.MASTER. B.B.WAVES & jr, who have grown even more, excited the audience with their spectacular performance that was on par with their seniors.
[Image 7:×1365.jpg] B.ROX, the highest peak group of the new Actors School. When Showtime started playing, the atmosphere in the venue changed completely. The audience held their breath at the authentic stage performance.
[Image 8:×1044.jpg] Neil, who is set to make his first major debut at the new Actors School, appears.
[Image 9:×1365.jpg] Neil sang Runaway baby by Bruno Mars accompanied by dancers, and the audience was mesmerized by his performance.
[Image 10:×1365.jpg] Members of Neil, B.ROX, and Soul, who took on the challenge of Okinawa Actors School’s first trip to Thailand, performed a thank you speech.
[Image 11:×1365.jpg] Soul and B.MOVE’s new dance performance, Clock Strikes, began with a powerful video. They showed off the expressive power typical of Actors, and there was a huge cheer.
[Image 12:×1365.jpg] Neil sang a solo for B.VOICE’s THIS IS ME, a singing selection team, and his powerful singing voice drew loud cheers towards the end. The Okinawa Actors School “Complete Easter Concert” will be held at Nippon Budokan on Sunday, March 16, 2025, and Neil’s debut event will be held on Saturday, July 13, 2024, and on Sunday, September 8, 2024. ] When it was surprisingly announced that B.ROX’s first solo live show would be held, the venue was filled with joy.
[Image 13:×1365.jpg] The last song of the concert was Believe in Yourself, featuring all the performers from B.B.WAVES & jr and B.B.MASTER. The sight of old and new B.B.WAVES singing side by side across generations gave a sense of Actors’ 40-year history.
[Image 14:×1365.jpg] When the members descended to the audience seats for the encore song “UNITED,” the voltage in the venue reached its maximum, and the second concert “THE BLAST” ended with a heated stage.
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Representative Director: Akihiro Makino
Business details: Operation of “Okinawa Actors School” to discover, develop and manage stars from Okinawa
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