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Home » Mother’s Breaking News Will the Golden Week holidays affect the sales of Mother’s Day gifts? May 2024 GW period summary, Mother’s Day gift best selling product ranking TOP10 2024 GW version announced! Results are unaffected.

Mother’s Breaking News Will the Golden Week holidays affect the sales of Mother’s Day gifts? May 2024 GW period summary, Mother’s Day gift best selling product ranking TOP10 2024 GW version announced! Results are unaffected.

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[Breaking News] Will the Golden Week holidays affect the sales of Mother’s Day gifts? May 2024 GW period summary, Mother’s Day gift best selling product ranking TOP10 2024 GW version announced! Results are unaffected.
According to research by Mother’s, a media site specializing in Mother’s Day.
“Mother’s” (, an information media site specializing in Mother’s Day, will be open from Saturday, April 27, 2024 to Sunday, May 5, 2024, during the Golden Week period. We researched the best-selling Mother’s Day gifts exclusively for . Based on this survey data, we compiled the rankings from 1st to 10th and published the “Ranking of TOP 10 Best Selling Mother’s Day Gifts 2024 Golden Week Edition”.
The results were not affected by unique conditions such as the Golden Week holidays and outings, and the results were almost the same as the rankings during normal times.
This ranking is compiled and announced based on the results of affiliate programs.
[Image 1:×800.jpg] This is Mother’s’s first survey, compiling the ranking of best-selling Mother’s Day gifts limited to Golden Week. The
aggregation period was April 27, 2024 to May 5, 2024, and rankings were compiled based on the actual number of Rakuten Affiliate performance rewards.
In the Mother’s Day gift trend forecast released by Mother’s last year, it was predicted that “Mother’s Day gifts that also serve as souvenirs or gifts for returning home during Golden Week” would be active. Regarding best-selling products, we predicted that sweets and miscellaneous goods that can be delivered in advance and can be picked up in advance will become more important than flower gifts, which are difficult to deliver on a specific date or receive before Mother’s Day.
The rankings were not affected by unique conditions such as the Golden Week holidays and outings, and the results were almost the same as the rankings in normal times such as April 2024 and early bird discounts. Demand for flower gifts, mainly carnations, was steady, and there was no significant demand for Mother’s Day gifts other than flowers. The rankings are as follows.
1st place: 25 types to choose from! Hydrangea’s Mother’s Day present: BunBun! Bee
In 2024, the No. 1 ranking during the Golden Week period is BunBun, which features hydrangeas! This was Bee’s Mother’s Day gift. Recently, hydrangeas have been increasingly chosen as gifts for Mother’s Day. Here you can choose from 18 types of hydrangeas and 7 types of other flowers! Our product lineup that meets the needs of various people is the reason why we are ranked every year! The editorial department focuses on the rich variety of hydrangeas, but the arrangements of other flowers are also beautiful!
Price: 3,499 yen (tax included)
2nd place: 20 colors to choose from♪ Satisfied size 5 Happy Carnation Gratitude Sweet Potato Dorayaki Set: Oimoya
Popular online flower shop “Oimoya”! Last year’s Mother’s Day, the super popular carnation product was given to 98,000 mothers in Japan, ranking in second place!
It’s a set of sweet potato dorayaki with a carnation pot and a “thank you” branding iron, so you can express your gratitude to your mother. One of the popular things about carnations is that they come in 20 different colors.
Find the perfect carnation for your mother from a variety of colors♪ Price: 2,996 yen (tax included)
3rd place Selectable Western orchid gift “Dendrobium Mother’s Thoughts” with Mother’s Day card: Mori Mizuki’s orchid shop
This year I want to please them with flowers that are different from usual! An original gift for Mother’s Day that goes beyond carnations. Western orchids ranked third this year. This year, orange color has been added, giving more options and making it even more popular. The price starts from 4,980 yen, which makes it a popular choice for Western orchids, which are known to be expensive, but at a reasonable price.
Price: 4980 yen (tax included)
4th place: Just put your feet on it and relax! King’s foot pillow: A sleep shop for pillows and sleep!
The “King’s foot pillow”, which was recently introduced on TV as the latest trend in Mother’s Day gifts, is ranked third. The foot pillows are made of ultra-small bead material that is soft and comfortable, and you can relax and relax just by gently placing your feet on them.The unique, soft, ultra-small bead material allows for a snug fit and healing without putting any strain on your feet. I’ll give it to you. Of course, it also supports Mother’s Day wrapping, and the price is reasonable at 2,980 yen including shipping! Why not give your mom a gift of comfort this Mother’s Day? <
Price: 2,980 yen (tax included)
5th place Vegetable MOTTO soup 4 pieces gift set: Vegetable MOTTO soup The popular classic vegetable soup set ranked 4th. Express your gratitude to your mother by giving her the gift of health by giving her a vegetable habit along with a message that says, “I hope you’re still doing well!” Full of nutrition using domestic vegetables. A safe, additive-free gift that does not contain preservatives, umami seasonings, or coloring agents. This super healthy vegetable soup is perfect as a gift to send a gentle feeling.
Price: 3,380 yen (tax included)
6th place “Midi Phalaenopsis Orchid 2 Standing “Merci”” Set with Dorayaki: Mori Mizuki Orchid Shop
Phalaenopsis orchids are known to be expensive and are often given as celebratory gifts, but so that you can give them as a Mother’s Day gift, we have made a contract with farmers directly to deliver midi Phalaenopsis orchids at an inexpensive price starting from 5,980 yen.This is a great gift. The flower language of the Midi Phalaenopsis is “Happiness comes flying”, making it the perfect gift for mothers who want to be filled with happiness. Phalaenopsis orchids are also famous for being long-lived flowers that can last for over 50 years. Every year when the Phalaenopsis orchid blooms, your mother will feel your thoughts and feel happy. If you always give carnations or other fixed gifts, please try giving Medi Phalaenopsis orchid to your mother. I’m sure you’ll love it. Another nice feature is that the set includes a dorayaki with a “thank you” stamp.
Price: 5,980 yen (tax included) ~
7th place: Choose! Mother’s Day set of popular sweets and recommended flower pots: FlowerKitchenJIYUGAOKA
Flowers and sweets gifts that you can choose from 4 popular carnation types. The sweets here are carefully selected sweets that won awards at the JR East Souvenir Grand Prix! This set is a great gift for moms who love sweets. Please choose the special set that is perfect for your mother from 14 different combinations ♪
Price: 2998 yen (tax included)
8th place Mother’s Day Sweets Gift Japanese Style Tyramisu Rinka: Morin “I don’t really eat Western sweets…” A gentle Japanese flavor recommended for people like that! The sweetness and refreshing aftertaste of the gentle and elegant Japanese ingredients can be enjoyed by everyone from small children to the elderly. Japanese-style Tiramisu Rinka is so popular that it always ranks in the Mother’s Day rankings every year. Dolce’s Italian tiramisu, which says “Cheer Me Up,” is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.
Price: 3,780 yen (tax included)
9th place If you are looking for something other than carnations! Choose from 8 types of Calibrachoa: Your local flower shop Ing no Mori Calibrachoa flower gifts are popular among people who want to give different flowers this year! Calibrachoa has a long flowering period and blooms from spring to autumn, so you can enjoy its flowers for a long time. This is why these flowers are so popular, even for beginner gardeners. Perfect for those who want to give flowers that are different from the usual. Make your mom happy this year by giving her a Calibrachoa!
Price: 2,980 yen (tax included)
10th place: 39 combinations! Flowers & Sweets Mother’s Day Thank You Set: Flower Market Hanayu
The flower and sweets set, which allows you to choose from a total of 39 combinations, not only has fresh flowers, but also preserved flowers, so for mothers who are busy every day, this set of flowers and sweets is perfect. For mothers who love gardening, there are many combinations that can be made, such as a potted plant + sweets set, so you can create a set that suits your mother’s taste.
Price: 3,680 yen (tax included)
The above is the “Mother’s Day Gift Best Selling Product Ranking 2024 Golden Week Edition”.
■“Mother’s Day Gift Best Selling Product Ranking 2024 Golden Week Edition” Detailed URL
Please refer to the Mother’s Day gift ranking announced this time and choose a wonderful present that will make your mother happy. I pray that you will be able to make wonderful memories of your precious Mother’s Day with your mother who you love from the bottom of your heart.
In addition, Mother’s plans to compile and publish rankings for “Still in time,” “Last minute,” and “Sorry for being late,” so that you can read the trends for Mother’s Day in 2024 from the best-selling product rankings.
Mother’s PV and number of results Survey overview
Research subject: Mother’s ( Research method: Number of Google Analytics accesses and number of Rakuten Affiliate performance fees Survey target: Number of accesses: 20,073 Number of results fee contracts: 447 Survey period: 2024 April 27th – May 5th Survey information release URL:
*Due to the Rakuten affiliate system, some results are not reflected on May 5th. About Mother’s
■Mother’s Media Overview
Mother’s Day in 2024 will be on Sunday, May 12th. Mother’s, an information media site specializing in Mother’s Day that provides various information about Mother’s Day, asks when is Mother’s Day every year? We provide useful information for those who are having trouble choosing a present, including content that solves the following problems, as well as a ranking of more than 300 gifts that show currently popular Mother’s Day gifts. In addition, we regularly survey the world’s gift situations, such as the budget for gifts, where they are purchased, and the points to consider when choosing, so if you are planning to buy a gift, please take a look at the survey. Please try to reference.
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