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Home » ~Soccer x Food x Gratitude: Holding a community exchange event that supports the rich learning and growth of c hildren who will lead the future~

~Soccer x Food x Gratitude: Holding a community exchange event that supports the rich learning and growth of c hildren who will lead the future~

~Soccer x Food x Gratitude: Holding a community exchange event that supports the rich learning and growth of children who will lead the future~
The “Hospitality Project” has started, connecting hearts to hearts through soccer exchanges and connecting them to the next generation! ……
The first “Omotenashi Project” will be held on May 25th (Saturday) at Kosei Mori no Ie Field (36-4 Mebuki, Noda City), the home ground of FC GRASION Tokatsu. Komorebi Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Yuki Kobayashi / Head Office: Osaka City), which operates a food support business for athletes in soccer, baseball, track and field, martial arts, etc., and Rock`n`Rose (flower artist: Sho Sogabe) /Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo), we held the first “Omotenashi Project” as a community exchange event with Japan national soccer players as part of our efforts to support the rich learning and growth of children who will lead the future. I was lucky to do so. With the theme of “Gratitude is the greatest energy,” we will be offering soccer lessons led by top athletes and bento boxes prepared just for the day by chefs from Komorebi Co., Ltd., which supervises athletes’ meals. Through sports and food, we hope to foster a sense of gratitude towards the families and local people who support us in our daily lives, and to help them grow up with a sense of “thank you” for their daily lives. The purpose of this event is to create an opportunity for The program includes soccer classes, meals that are good for your body (tasting nutritionally balanced meals), and flower arrangement classes as gifts for loved ones who support you in your daily life under the
supervision of Rock`n`Rose. Please try it out. As a commemorative event to mark the start of the project, we will be inviting 100 elementary school students for free. In addition, Yuta Nakayama, a player from the Japanese national team who plays for Huddersfield in England, will appear as a special guest in the soccer class.
[Image 1:×1637.jpg] [About Nakayama] Nakayama grew up in Kashiwa Reysol’s youth
organization, moved to the Netherlands five years ago, and is now based in England. As the living environment, eating environment, and language changed overseas, he realized that he was able to “express his opinions to others” and “the impact that food has on the body.” We will also teach you the importance of daily life through soccer classes. It’s an important time, with the national team games starting the week after next, and we are pleased to receive your support and cooperation in this project.
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■About the background of the “Omotenashi Project” Komorebi Co., Ltd.’s “desire to support competitive athletes” is the root of its services. We planned this project because what we have set forth as our principles and philosophy coincide with FC GRASION Tokatsu’s philosophy of “We want to provide an environment where everyone can continue playing soccer and a society where everyone can continue to pursue their dreams.” . We decided to start the “Omotenashi Project” with the desire to enrich people’s lives through food and athletes. Also, the human body is made up of what we eat and what we drink. Nowadays, when all kinds of information and products are cluttered, we are confident that finding something that you can truly feel safe and trust will lead to a solid track record. Sports promote the healthy development of children who dream, and through interaction with peers and instructors, they develop a rich heart and a sense of compassion for others. It also helps relieve children’s physical and mental stress caused by a variety of factors, provides opportunities for them to appreciate diverse values, and is essential for the healthy development of young people.
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■About the local exchange event “Omotenashi Project” / Soccer x Food x Gratitude Program [Venue] Komori no Ie Field (36-4 Mebuki, Noda City) *There is a parking lot within the facility [Date and time] May 2024 25th (Saturday) [Target] 100 elementary school students / 50 students in the lower grades (1st to 3rd grade), 50 students in the upper grades (4th to 6th grade) *2-part system [Membership fee] Free *Once capacity is reached , recruitment has ended [Schedule] [Lower grades] [Higher grades] 10:00-10:30 Reception 11:00-11:30 10:30-11:00 Warm-up 11:30-12:0011 :00-12:00 Soccer class 12:00-13:0012:00-13:00 Meal break 13:00-14:0013:00-14:00 Gratitude class 14:00-15:00 *Soccer classes include FC GRASION Tokatsu players will cooperate as assistants [Sponsor] Komorebi Co., Ltd. [Cooperative companies] ASICS Japan Co., Ltd., Eve Sports Kashiwa, FC GRASION Tokatsu, Rock`n`Rose, W hospitality Co., Ltd. [Participation application] Please use the application form posted on the “Omotenashi Project” flyer.
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