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Home » Angler’s Co., Ltd. Angler’s Meister x ima “YOICHI 99” original color will be sold in limited quantities at TACKLE BOX

Angler’s Co., Ltd. Angler’s Meister x ima “YOICHI 99” original color will be sold in limited quantities at TACKLE BOX

Anglers Co., Ltd.
Anglers Meister x ima “YOICHI 99” original color will be sold in limited quantities at TACKLE BOX
The 7th edition of “Origara Festival” where Angler’s Meister produces original colors
Anglers Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Machida City, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yosuke Wakatsuki), which operates Japan’s largest fishing SNS “ANGLERS” whose motto is to enrich one’s life through fishing, is an Anglers certified angler. The original colored lures created by “Meister” and fishing gear manufacturer ima (head office: Asahi City, Chiba Prefecture) will be sold for a limited time at “TACKLE BOX”, an online fishing gear store operated by Anglers where honest opinions gather.
Special site:
[Image 1:×650.png ]
■Overview of the seventh edition of “Orikara Festival”
The seventh installment has been decided to be “YOICHI 99” provided by ima. ・Brand/product name: ima “YOICHI 99”
・Sales color: 3 types in total
・Sales start date: May 11, 2024
・Sales site: “TACKLE BOX” online fishing gear store where honest opinions gather Collaborative original color lures will be available for pre-order in limited quantities.
Please check the special website for the latest information.

■YOICHI 99 Product Overview
The YOICHI 99 is a heavy weight sinking pencil that boasts outstanding long-distance casting performance, and is perfect for blackfin bass on the rocks, which tend to be in rough water, and flat fish exploring vast surf. The cup-shaped face makes it easy to feel the pulling resistance and accurately conveys the underwater image to the angler. It is also recommended for shallow areas as it has a tendency to float against the current.

[Total length] 99mm
[Weight] 28g
[Type] Sinking
[Range] 10 to 60cm
[Action] Wide Slalom
[Hook] #3
[Ring] #4
[Main target] Sea bass
[Recommended area] Port/tidal flat/estuary/river/surf/rocky shore/offshore [Birthday] March 31, 2017
*Quoted from the manufacturer’s official website

■Introduction of Meister devised colors
[Image 2:×1200.png ]
Meister: Akanen������
Invented color: “Retrin Candy”
Comment: The old gold body is moderately transparent, and the candy color is reminiscent of the nostalgic Showa era neon street, giving it a retro feel. It’s a cute lure with a strong presence that will feel like it’s been in your box for a long time.

[Image 3:×1200.png ]

Meister: Urayasu Family
Invented color: “UK Lime Pink”
Comments: The silhouette looks blurry, and the coloring has a strong appeal that will draw people’s attention. We have a track record of making sea bass recognize it as natural bait, even in areas where it is a hotly contested area and where the water quality is clear. I am also aware that it can be used not only for sea bass but also for blue fish and flounder♪
[Image 4:×1200.png ]

Meister: namisu
Invented color: “Glare Chart Lover”
Comments: The high visibility allows you to feel the movement of the yoichi and accurately grasp its movements in the water. I would like you to see the powerful shine of the plating that stands out in the surf.
■Origara festival is being held!
[Image 5:×1097.png ]
The Oricolor Festival is a lure sales event where Angler’s Meister collaborates with various lure manufacturers to come up with original colors. Oricolor lures will be sold in limited quantities at TACKLE BOX, an online fishing gear store where honest opinions gather.
■What is Angler’s Meister?
The Angler’s Meister Project is a project that provides 1.2 million yen in annual fishing support to passionate anglers who want to further boost the fishing industry and spread the joy of fishing. As an Angler’s Meister, an angler certified by ANGLERS, he is active by participating in various events and appearing in the media.

■About ima (Ams Design Co., Ltd.)
Sea bass salt lure brand ima. We have a large lineup of sea bass lures that can be used by a wide range of anglers, from beginners to expert anglers, such as komomo and sasuke. Create a rich life with fishing. for your Lush Life.

■About Anglers Co., Ltd.
With the vision of “enriching lives through fishing,” we create an environment where anglers can share, connect, learn, and purchase. As a fishing-specific SNS, we will create a place where fishing spot searches and communication between anglers can proceed smoothly, creating an environment where anglers become more passionate about fishing and spread their enthusiasm.
Company Profile
Trade name: Anglers Co., Ltd.
Address: WALD136 3F, 1-36-11 Morino, Machida City, Tokyo
Established: October 2012
Representative: Yosuke Wakatsuki
Capital: 814,535,694 yen (including capital reserve)
Business details: Planning, development, and operation of fishing-only SNS “ANGLERS” and other related businesses
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