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Sony Music Labels Inc. Owl note 1st Live “Diluculo” Official Live Report

Sony Music Labels Co., Ltd.
Owl note 1st Live “Diluculo” Official Live Report
The live report of Owl note’s first one-man live “Diluculo” held at Zepp Haneda on Sunday, May 5, 2024 has arrived.
[Image 1:×2699.jpg ]
“When I was a student, I had many physically and mentally exhausting days, but the only time I could relax was at night.I chose the owl as a symbol of night, I created the word “note” to mean “to write about one’s life” because I wanted to brighten people’s lives even just a little bit through music. ”
Owl note is the name used by singer Weak Acid when working as a singer-songwriter.
Regarding this name, today’s MC also talked about the above content. Many people live busy lives, but the only time they can spend time peacefully is at night or late at night. During that time, some people may have been saved by his music and singing voice, just as he was saved by his music. Owl Note’s songs and singing voices seem to contain ingredients that somehow give the listener energy and vitality, and when you listen to them, you feel like they melt into your heart. His singing voice, which until now could only be heard through the screens of smartphones and PCs, was finally experienced in person at the 1st LIVE.
As a result, “I hope I can brighten people’s lives even just a little bit.” I was able to experience his thoughts. This is because, after the live performance, everyone in the audience left the venue with big smiles on their faces and seemed to be in good spirits. I felt that it was because it was a live performance that he was able to realize his dreams.
Sunday, May 5, 2024, the venue is Zepp Haneda (TOKYO).
The title of Owlnote’s 1st LIVE is “Diluculo”. The title of this LIVE means “dawn” in Latin.
Before the performance, a gauze curtain was hung in front of the stage, onto which the night sky was projected, and at the start of the performance, Owl Note led the band members on the stage.
The LIVE started amidst loud cheers.
The first song he chose was “Temptation.”
This song was released on August 17th, his birthday last year, as Weak Acid. The opening phrase, “Dancing night,” was a song selection that conveyed the feeling of “let’s enjoy this night.” The audience naturally clapped their hands to Owl Note’s rhythmic and clear singing voice. From the start, the venue created a sense of unity, and when the song ended, there was a huge round of applause and cheers. Then, the MC made his first greeting…but it was a bit of a surprise. “Good evening, everyone. I’m slightly acidic. Let’s make today the best day yet.”
It was supposed to be a live performance of Owl Note, but he greeted the audience as a weak acid.
From here on, he will perform a magnificent cover of “Utattemita” leading the band as a singer, Weak Acid, at Oku note’s LIVE. Images and lyrics expressing the worldview of the song are displayed on the screen, and the slightly acidic singing voice is synchronized with the band’s performance.
They performed “Lower”, “Donut Hole”, and “Solo”. They will perform three Vocaloid P songs in a row. The audience was surprised and delighted to hear this LIVE, and seemed to be enjoying the world view created by weak acidity, while cheering.
[Image 2:×1868.jpg] In the following MC, he explained the meaning of this LIVE title. “I chose this title with the idea of ​​hope for tomorrow.” He says that when he was a student, spending time with music at night, the only time he could refresh himself, saved him, and that he is giving back to music. I told them that I wanted to do it. The audience understood his thoughts and responded to his MC with applause and cheers.
From here on, the weakly acidic singing technique using even more detailed techniques was put into full display.
In “Mabel,” she expressed various emotional changes with her singing voice, and in her original song “Distortion,” she seemed to be captivated by the chorus that went from quiet to powerful. In “Yami Tiger Girl,” she even used her breath to add sexiness to her voice, and in “Yoshokoji,” she added falsetto and fakes to further expand the atmosphere of the song.
No matter what his song is, he transports everyone in the venue into a “weakly acidic”, “Owl Note” world. I believe that by using various singing techniques to match the music and lyrics, the worldview of the song can reach the listener even more. And because it’s a live venue, I feel that it penetrates into my heart even more.
The next performance was “Marunouchi Sadistic”. This famous song was sung by a slightly acidic, sexy voice that echoed throughout the venue, and the audience swayed as they leaned in to the sound. In “Even if it’s your happiness”, the lyrics express a prayer-like content by changing the strength of the voice. In the original song “Rabi”, her speaking voice added to the feelings of sadness and love, and in “World Lampshade”, her high-tone voice resonated. The video production using the gauze curtain was now unveiled. As the MC later said, “At dawn, the curtain rose and an owl landed,” and at the end of the video, the gauze curtain disappeared and a living owl, Note, appeared.
From here, the Owl Note stage performance begins again.
The first performance was “Obotsu Kanashi”. This is his first song, which was released on May 5th exactly one year ago. Accompanied by a cool, fast-paced sound perfect for the night, the song started with a low-tone voice, and the excitement in the chorus quickly increased, increasing the excitement in the venue.
Once again, I realized that the charm of Owl Note can be felt even more through live performances. You can enjoy the original songs being performed not only with your ears, but with your whole body, and the charm of Owl Note is conveyed even more strongly.
[Image 3:×2333.jpg] From here until the end, they will perform original songs one after another. In “New Style,” the high-toned and soulful vocals stand out, and the funky performance is completed into a groovy song, and in “Ai Bakkari,” Owlnote himself exudes a somewhat bewitching atmosphere, even more so. He shows off his vocal power with deep bass, and on “Purge,” he shows off his unique owl note sound, which seems to be a combination of various genres. They showed different singing styles in the A melody, B melody, and chorus, and even more exciting shouts in the chorus. This ever-changing feeling is probably one of the great things about Owl Note.
In “Patience”, he takes a turn and shows off his refreshing pop side. The song began with the words, “Please sing with me,” and the audience sang and waved their hands in a way that made the audience feel happy, using sounds and vocals that evoked the feeling of “happiness” as mentioned in the lyrics. The last performance of the main performance was the new song “Shishiki” released last month. With a sound that feels refreshing and grand, and lyrics that describe the determination to survive, Owl Note’s desire to “be able to brighten people” becomes a fitting song at the end, with the melody set on it. The owl took flight…
It seemed like something, but he came back with a certain tool. In response to the encore call, Owlnote returned with a guitar in his arms. Then, Owl Note started playing and singing. Up until now, he has been singing and singing live under the name “Fukutaro”, but he has finally decided to perform on his own live.
[Image 4: &s3=13546-4181-5338D325978560A0 6A25945-1800X2700.jpg]
It is a cover of “Temptation”, which was performed as the first song of this LIVE, and Saori Sawada’s song “Kimi no Kami”.
This performance can be said to be a pleasant surprise for the audience, but it also seems like Owlnote is expressing his own challenges and determination, and on the other hand, it is a way of “giving back to music” that can be expressed through effort and growth. This was also seen in one of the answers I came up with. During the performance, the whole venue fell silent and everyone was staring at the owl note.
The applause and cheers that erupted when the song ended, as well as the emotional expressions on their faces, spoke for themselves. When the band members were brought in one by one again, they performed the remaining two songs.
The song “Queen” was distributed on the day of the LIVE. In the song, which was a fusion of jazz and rock, Owlnote’s voice echoed
rhythmically and dynamically, and the whole venue was in high spirits. In the interlude, you can also hear the scat, and you will be overwhelmed by the fact that there is still some hidden skill in the vocal technique.
And the last song is “REBORN”.
The audience claps along to the beat, and as if in response, Owl Note and the rest of the band come together as one to fully enjoy the last song. Among them, Owl Note’s singing voice, which sings as if to deliver a message or music, entered my heart easily even in the last song.
[Image 5:×1667.jpg] After the performance…
Although it was dark outside, everyone in the audience had a look on their faces as if it was dawn.
Suddenly, I noticed that the owl note had taken off somewhere. However, the owl note seems to have an instinct to return home. Next time, they will change locations and return to the nest at Toyosu PIT on Saturday, August 17th.
If you want the energy to work hard for tomorrow, why not come and see Owl Note? Perhaps you’ll be able to spend a summer filled with smiles and a lighter heart.
2. Lower (cover)
3. Donut hole (cover)
4. Solo (cover)
5. Mabel (cover)
7. Yami Tiger Girl (cover)
8. cover
9. Marunouchi Sadistic (cover)
10. That’s your happiness (cover)
11. Ruin
12. World Lampshade (cover)
13. Obotsukanasi
14.New Style
15. Only love
16. Purge
17. patience
18. Selfishness
1. Temptation (Owl note guitar playing)
2. Kiminokami (Owl note guitar playing)
3. Queen

Keyboards Yuri Moritani
Bass Kyosuke Maeda (androp)
Drums Akihiko Ito (androp)
Guitar Kenshin Sugimura
Photo: Kosuke Ito
▼”Owl note 2nd Live – Virtus”▼
[Image 6:×361.jpg] Saturday, August 17, 2024 Toyosu PIT
OPEN/16:00 START/17:00
Advance sale: ¥6,000 (tax included/drink fee not included)
▼Ticket reception URL
OFFICIAL HP/SNS Advance reservation: May 5th (Sunday) 19:00 to May 12th (Sunday) 23:59 (lottery)
■Contact information regarding performances
Disk Garage:
▼May 5th (Sunday) “Queen” distribution release▼
Music Video:
▼Owl note Profile▼
[Image 7: &s3=13546-4181-7db1EA999FE0F786C26351b86 163F1DA-2314X1543.jpg] In May 2020, they released a cover song as Weak Acid and started their activities.
She continues to be active in activities such as posting videos of herself singing, and the total number of views of her videos, including those in which she herself participated, has exceeded 15 million times.
Her vocals are transparent yet deep, and her versatile expressions such as chorus arrangements are appealing.
In 2023, he made his major debut as Owl Note with the single “Obotsu Kanashi” distributed by Sony Music.
In parallel with Owl Note, he is also active as Weak Acid, and in September, under the name Weak Acid, he made a surprise appearance at the final performance of Ado’s national tour 2023 “Mars”, making an unusual stage debut at the “first stage Yokohama Arena”. Fulfill. On May 5, 2024, he held his first one-man live “Owl note 1st Live – Diluculo”.
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