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Home » MAIMO Speed ​​up loading and unloading of luggage with front open function! A new size is now available fo r the popular suitcase “STAND UP”

MAIMO Speed ​​up loading and unloading of luggage with front open function! A new size is now available fo r the popular suitcase “STAND UP”

[MAIMO] Speed ​​up loading and unloading of luggage with front open function! A new size is now available for the popular suitcase “STAND UP”
In response to customer feedback, SS, M, and L sizes are now available. Just pop it open and take it in and out. It’s speedy because you’re standing still.
KURUKURU Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Yasuhiro Sekizawa)’s travel brand “MAIMO” has newly released SS, M, and L sizes of the suitcase “STAND UP” with a front opening function. Sales will start from May 7, 2024.
[Image 1:×1088.jpg] Official EC site product page
SS size (black): M size (black): L size (black): Have you ever thought about this?
・I want to take out my luggage, but there is no space to lay down my suitcase. ・I wish I could take out my luggage while keeping my suitcase upright… ・I want a front-open suitcase that I can take on long trips. MAIMO’s “STAND UP” is recommended for you!
With conventional suitcases, it was necessary to lay the main body on its side when loading and unloading luggage. MAIMO’s “STAND UP” has a front opening function, so you can directly access the main storage while standing. It has been very popular with many people saying, “It’s convenient because you can smoothly take out your belongings even in places where there’s no space.And I love that it’s
In addition to the S size, which was released in December 2023, there is also the SS size, which is compact and convenient for everyday use, the M size, which can securely hold your luggage for business trips and trips, and the L size, which is convenient for family trips and long-term trips. Now available in 3 sizes. Please try to find the size that is perfect for you.
[Image 2:×1088.jpg] [Related press release]
●[Cumulative sales exceeded 20,000 units] Introducing the first 180° front opening suitcase “STAND UP” from MAIMO
Main features of STAND UP
-180°front open-
Equipped with a front open pocket, you can take out your luggage while the suitcase is standing. When the Velcro is removed, the bag opens 180 degrees, allowing you to pack comfortably even in tight spaces.
[Image 3:×1088.jpg ]
-High spec caster-
Casters with ultra-quiet topper made by HINOMOTO. (Design registration number: 1734959) Easy to drive with 55mm diameter double wheels. Equipped with a stopper function, you can apply the brakes just by stepping on it while standing. Even in the event of a breakdown, you can easily replace the casters with spare ones using the included hex wrench, so you can use it comfortably for a long time without having to buy a new suitcase. Another great feature is that the casters can be washed as they are made of a material that does not hydrolyze.
[Image 4:×1088.jpg] -Latest security lock-
Both the front pocket and main pocket use the latest security TSA008 model. Double security with a dial PIN type that does not require a key and an auto-lock function that prevents relocking.
[Image 5:×1088.jpg] -With 2 USB ports-
If you store a mobile battery, you can get power from your suitcase. For ease of use, the USB port is installed on the top. It is equipped with two ports: Type-A and Type-C. The sizes released this time are compatible with USB Power-Delivery (USB-PD). *To use quick charging with USB-PD, both the mobile battery and the device must be compatible with USB-PD.
[Image 6:×1088.jpg] -Interior layout with good storage-
SS size has a large capacity of 28L, M size 60L, and L size 88L! The interior of the main storage has partitions on both sides and multiple pockets to create a layout that makes it easy to organize. STAND UP It’s great that you can store your laptop in every suitcase.
[Image 7:×1088.jpg] -Other main features-
・Multi-stage adjustable carry bar that can be used at your desired height ・Original handle that is elastic and easy to hold
・Purchaser-only site
・Reliable support only available from MAMO
[Image 8:×1088.jpg ]
Product Info
[Image 9:×1088.jpg] [Color] Deep black/light beige/ash blue [Size] SS size: Height approx. 42 x Width approx. 39 x Depth approx. 25 cm M size: Height approx. 64.5 x Width approx. 43.5 x Depth approx. 27 cm L size: Height approx. 74.5 x width approx. 50 x depth approx. 29cm
[Materials] Case: 100% polycarbonate, Interior: Polyester, Parts: Polyurethane/PVC [Weight] SS size: Approx. 2.85 kg M size: Approx. 4 kg L size: Approx. 4.8 kg [Price] SS size: 18,980 yen M size : 22,980 yen L size: 25,980 yen
[Release start date] May 7, 2024 [Seller]
・Official EC (Black M): ・Amazon (Black M):
・Yahoo Shopping: ・Rakuten Market: What is MAIMO, a travel brand with cumulative sales exceeding 20,000 units? This is a brand originating from Japan that was launched in 2021 when the coronavirus was raging. Thanks to everyone’s support, cumulative sales have exceeded 20,000 units. Just one year after the brand was launched, it received the gold award in the “2022 OMOTENASHI Selection” and has received high praise from many people, with an average review rating of 4.7 on other companies’ sales sites. We will continue to aim to be a “travel brand that is close to our customers” with excellent products and services that are not bound by the conventional wisdom of the suitcase industry.
[Image 10:×1088.jpg] [Related press release]
●Japanese company developed suitcase “MAIMO COLOR YOU” won the “2022 OMOTENASHI Selection” Gold Award
Company Profile
“People create. We create for people.” We are a company that creates and delivers products with all our heart.
Company name: KURUKURU Co., Ltd.
Representative name: Yasuhiro Sekizawa
Address: 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
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