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Home » Musk-based fragrance brand Narciso Rodriguez holds a POP-UP SHOP for the first time at @cosme OSAKA

Musk-based fragrance brand Narciso Rodriguez holds a POP-UP SHOP for the first time at @cosme OSAKA

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Musk-based fragrance brand Narciso Rodriguez holds a POP-UP SHOP for the first time at @cosme OSAKA
[Image 1:×618.jpg] Narciso Rodriguez, a world-famous fragrance brand from New York, will be holding its “Fragrance POP-UP SHOP ~flowers with love~” for the first time at @cosme OSAKA.
The period is from May 15th (Wednesday) to May 21st (Tuesday). On Wednesday, April 3, 2024, the delicate, gentle, and sensual fragrance “Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musk Nude Eau de Parfum” will be released from Narciso Rodriguez’s brand icon fragrance “for her” series. Inspiration is the beauty of women as they are. It enhances the scent of the wearer and wraps around the body comfortably like a second skin. A transparent fragrance that expresses the tactile sensuality of the skin, with the iconic musk as the heart (middle note), delicate petals and warm solar facets. The bottle, which reflects its transparent beauty, is also one of its charms.
At the POP-UP SHOP, you can try out various Narciso Rodriguez fragrances with musk as the base, including the same product and the unisex Narciso Rodriguez For Her Pure Musque Eau de Parfum, a pure fragrance with a soap-like transparency. In addition, we offer luxurious benefits and gift wrapping only available at POP-UP SHOP. Narciso Rodriguez fragrances, as elegant as colorful flowers, brighten your days and give you a sense of peace and euphoria.
The “for her” series, created by the designer for women he respects, is also recommended as a gift. Why not hide your “LOVE” in a bouquet of flowers that blooms brightly with just a swig and send it to your loved ones?
~ Narciso Rodriguez’s new fragrance that wraps your skin in a delicate veil ~
[Image 2:×1080.jpg]

“For Her Musk Nude Eau de Parfum”
[Fragrance: floral musky]
TOP Floral bouquet
(Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Ylang Ylang)
HEART Musk Damask Rose
BASE Tonka bean cashmeran patchouli
30mL 10,450 yen including tax / 50mL 16,280 yen including tax

[Image 3:×3900.jpg] Narciso Rodriguez products at POP-UP SHOP
For customers who purchase one or more items from
Musk nude eau de parfum mini travel spray
We will give you a bottle of “Ray (4mL)”.

“Narciso Rodriguez Fragrance POP-UP SHOP” Limited
Introducing a great value limited kit containing “For Her Pure Musque Eau de Parfum”!
[Image 4:×836.jpg] 5/15 (Wednesday) ~ Limited quantity release
“Forher Layering Kit” 2 types in total
set content:
Forher Duo Set I or II (20mL x 2 bottles)
For Her Her Body Lotion (75mL)
10,450 yen including tax

[Narciso Rodriguez] New York’s first fashion brand in 1997. Just five years after launching her women’s ready-to-wear line, her simple, modern, “quiet luxury” style has been praised, and she has been named “Designer of the Year” by the Council of Fashion Designers of America for two years in a row.・Nominated for “Year”.
In 2003, the brand’s representative “For Her” was announced. Born from the passion and vision of a designer with a unique aesthetic for timeless elegance and purity. In the fragrance field, “For Her” has won many international awards, including being selected as the Best Fragrance of the 25th Anniversary Award at the 2017 FIFI Awards. Narciso Rodriguez, known as the architect of elegance, is inspired by women. Inspired by the beauty, strength and grace of women, we intuitively translate this vision from fashion to fragrance. ■ Store name: @cosme OSAKA ■ Location: 3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Lucua Ile 3F Pop-up Space B ■ Business hours: 10:30-20:30 *Business hours may be shortened during a state of emergency. There is.
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