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The smallest size for industry use! Launch of cleaning robot “RACLEBO slim”

Eye Goods Co., Ltd.
The smallest size for industry use! Launch of cleaning robot “RACLEBO slim” ~ Recommended for those introducing robots for the first time ~ ……
iGoods Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), which sells commercial cleaning and serving robots, will start selling the small commercial cleaning robot “RACLEBO slim” from May 2024.
[Image 1:×800.jpg] ▼Product details page
RACLEBO slim: “RACLEBO slim” is a size suitable for home use and functionality for commercial use.Three features
RACLEBO slim is a small cleaning robot for commercial use that is the same size as a household cleaning robot. While our sister product, the mid-sized cleaning robot “RACLEBO”, which is already on sale, has been well received by many customers, we have also received comments such as “Isn’t there a smaller robot that specializes in suction?” . Therefore, in order to contribute to more customers than ever before, we have released an even smaller and cheaper product. It has the following three features.
Feature 1: Sized to easily pass under chairs for smooth cleaning.
[Image 2:×1281.jpg] As the name “RACLEBO slim” suggests, the main body is slim in size with a width of 32cm and a height of 10cm. It can clean under chairs and sofas, and in narrow hallways without getting caught, allowing it to operate smoothly even in facilities that are difficult for regular-sized commercial cleaning robots to clean due to many obstacles.
In addition, the station, which is the base of the robot, is extremely compact at 25 cm wide and 36 cm high, so it can be installed even in limited back space. Coupled with its luxurious design, it will not attract attention even when installed in a store space.
The point that sets it apart from household cleaning robots is that it has a similar size, but the mapping that specifies the cleaning area is highly accurate. There’s no need to enter restricted areas or stop in the middle of your cleaning route.
Feature 2: Cleaning power & suction power.Does not miss dirt as small as 0cm near the wall or large dirt.
[Image 3:×1281.jpg] Compact size yet reliable cleaning power. The cleaning power is supported by a long brush that can reach up to 0 cm from the wall. The robot approaches the wall and thoroughly scrapes off the dust with brushes on both sides.
Also, the suction power that sucks up dirt with a diameter of about 2 cm is also important. It can suck up everything from small dirt entangled in the carpet to large food particles.
Feature 3: Easy management!
[Image 4:×1281.jpg] The main purpose of introducing cleaning robots is to eliminate labor shortages and reduce the burden on employees. That’s why we paid particular attention to the ease of robot management.
When it returns to the station, it will automatically charge and suck out trash, so there is no need for people to throw out trash until the tank is full. Automatically keeps the main unit ready for immediate operation. In addition, cleaning management can be completed using a dedicated app. You can check your reservation settings and cleaning history.
“RACLEBO slim” is small and easy to handle. The price is modest among commercial robots, so it is especially recommended for those who are introducing a commercial cleaning robot for the first time.
Solve these problems! Companies recommended to introduce RACLEBO slim RACLEBO slim is recommended for the following facilities.
[Image 5:×1281.jpg] 1. For small to medium-sized restaurants
The food and beverage industry is said to be suffering from a “chronic labor shortage.” Even if we consider the introduction of cleaning robots to solve these problems, the current situation is that their introduction is slow due to concerns about price and installation space. Another issue is that regular commercial cleaning robots are tall and cannot crawl under chairs to clean, so human hands are ultimately required.
With RACLEBO slim, which is the same size as home use, the station is small and can be installed in limited spaces. It can easily pass under chairs and sofa seats, so it can firmly suck up food particles hidden under chairs without escaping.
[Image 6:×2220.jpg] Easily passes under chairs
RACLEBO slim is specialized in suction power, so it is resistant to cloth flooring materials such as carpets. In addition, since furniture is arranged in a limited space in guest rooms, it is difficult for regular-sized cleaning robots such as those used in lobbies and hallways to operate smoothly, and compactness is required. Compact and resistant to carpet materials, RACLEBO slim is perfect for hotel rooms.
Because we are a hotel that requires speedy and thorough cleaning, we have used RACLEBO slim to clean the floors, and we have created a system where staff can focus on cleaning the plumbing and making beds, making them more efficient than ever. We can provide you with good and comfortable rooms.
[Image 7:×2925.jpg] Strong against carpets and walls
3.For facilities that have installed medium-sized or larger cleaning robots RACLEBO slim is also recommended for facilities that use medium-sized or larger robots to clean large spaces.
By leaving large spaces to existing robots and RACLEBO slim to clean around walls and narrow spaces, more efficient and thorough cleaning can be achieved. Dual-wielding with robots with different
characteristics is possible only with RACLEBO slim, which can reduce costs due to its small size. Recommended for facilities that want to further improve efficiency while reducing costs.
Don’t worry even if it’s your first time introducing a robot! A rich lineup of ROBOTI
[Image 8:×1404.png ]
A rich lineup to meet your needs
ROBOTI handles a wide range of cleaning and serving robots for commercial use in order to support each customer’s concerns, such as labor shortages and decreased productivity. We currently provide support to a variety of industries and facilities, including hotels, restaurants, nursing care facilities, and offices. Utilizing our extensive knowledge across industries, we are able to guide you to the best robot for your company.
In order to give you peace of mind even if it’s your first time installing a commercial robot, we have built a consistent support system that includes trials and operation guidance services at the time of installation, as well as maintenance support after
If you are concerned about “I want to solve the labor shortage,” “I want to run my store more efficiently,” or “I’m considering introducing a robot for business use, but I don’t know where to start,” please feel free to contact us. Please contact us.
【Product Summary】
・“RACLEBO slim”
[Table 2:] 【Company Profile】
・Company name: Eye Goods Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Representative Director Shohei Miki
・Established: January 20, 2016
・Capital: 30 million yen
・Head office location: 6F Ebisu Square, 1-23-23 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ・TEL: 03-6447-7742
・Business details: Design, manufacture, sale, and import/export of fully custom-made original goods and novelty items; sale of commercial cleaning and serving robots
[What are eye goods]
Our core business is the planning and production of fully custom original goods. We manufacture miscellaneous goods, novelties, and materials for products for sale at department stores, apparel, cosmetics, and the concert industry. Furthermore, in response to the increasing demand for SDGs, we want to support companies’ sustainable initiatives, and we have implemented sustainable OEM/original goods production business and dissemination of information regarding SDGs. We mainly provide services that allow us to create eco-friendly and original novelty items and amenities for hotels and inns, as well as our “SUS CYCLE” service, which collects corporate waste and upcycles it into valuable goods. In addition, in response to the social issue of labor shortage, which is becoming more serious year by year, we have developed a brand called “ROBOTI” that handles service robots such as cleaning and serving meals. In this way, by sensitively sensing social demands and speedily developing business, we have achieved stable growth even in a manufacturing industry that is undergoing significant decline. In the “Fastest Growth Company Rankings in the Asia-Pacific Region,” out of 1 million target companies, it was ranked 39th overall in 2022, ranked 1st in Japan in the domestic manufacturing industry, and ranked for the third consecutive year in 2023. It has received high praise.
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