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Home » The ultimate simulated fishing experience has been realized! Exciting octopus catch live broadcast will be held soon!

The ultimate simulated fishing experience has been realized! Exciting octopus catch live broadcast will be held soon!

Fukuyama Service Center Ito Ltd.
The ultimate simulated fishing experience has been realized! [Exciting octopus catch live broadcast] will be held soon!
~ Would you like to become the owner of an octopus bowl caught in the sea near the Kasaoka Islands in Okayama Prefecture? ~
From July 2nd, Fukuyama Service Center Ito Ltd. (location:
Miyoshi-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, CEO: Tadashi Ito) will be operating Takeda Suisan Ltd. (location: Takashima, Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture, CEO: Takashima, Kasaoka Islands, Okayama Prefecture) from July 2nd. (Director: Kohei Takeda), we will be holding an online event [Live broadcast of exciting octopus fish landings] where you can enjoy the real fishing experience with excitement.
[Image 1:×1600.jpg] Last summer, it was so popular that all eight episodes were sold out. The event was attended by people from all over the country, from Tokyo and Hokkaido to Kyushu, as well as locals (Okayama and Hiroshima). The 2024 edition will welcome you with even more attractive content. This event, which allows participants to experience real-time octopus fishing in the waters near the Kasaoka Islands in Okayama Prefecture, will be held online, allowing participants to experience the immersion of the sea from their homes. Share the daily lives and exciting moments of fishermen through YouTube Live.
[Image 2:×800.jpg] In this experience, we will be watching a YouTube live broadcast of octopus fishing.
1. Have customers become owners of 3 takotsubo and have an exciting experience raising them
2. Lecture on octopus ecology, cooking methods, and preservation methods 3. Enjoy real stories about the current fishing industry.
Raising the takotsubo gives you the same thrill of excitement as announcing a lottery win. (If there is an octopus in my takotsubo, it will be sent by cool courier service (frozen) after live removal treatment! Even if it comes out, we will send you the rare Ichiban nori set!)The best part of this experience is the octopusbo. It’s not just about being happy and sad about success and failure.
The most important thing for us is to give people a sense of the reality of fishing while casually enjoying live footage of retrievals (experiential value). By having the fishermen talk about their work and what happens in the fishing industry in the Kasaoka Islands in their own words, we hope that the participants will have an
opportunity to learn more about fishing and the primary industry, and to appreciate living things and ingredients. We hope.
[Image 3:×800.jpg] Online event overview
Experience product name: Thrilling octopus fish landing LIVE broadcast 2024 Online event date and time: 1. July 2nd 2. July 9th 3. July 16th 4. July 23rd 5. July 30th 6. August 6th 7. August 20th 8. August 27th
All scheduled for 9:30-11:30, postponed in case of bad weather. *The LIVE video will remain as an archive (recording). Don’t worry if you can’t see it on the day.
The video will be uploaded to YouTube immediately on the day.
[Video 3:] Trial fee: 1 set of 3 pots 3,900 yen (4,290 yen including tax) including shipping
                         Only view on YouTube Live )
Experience contents: 1. When making a reservation, ask for the number of the numbered takotsubo
      2. On the day of raising the octopus, the fishermen who are operating the operation will broadcast it live on YouTube.
       3. There are different souvenirs depending on the catch when pulling up the octopus.
If there is an octopus in my takotsubo…After live removal process, it will be shipped by cool delivery service (frozen) (you can choose between raw or boiled)
[Image 4:×605.jpg] If there are no octopuses in all my octopus tubes…Takeda Suisan’s rare Ichiban nori set will be shipped.
[Image 5:×1000.jpg] How to make a reservation
Online sales only (currently on sale/ends at 11pm the day before the increase/ends once sold out)
Apply here →
[Video 4: ]
Various ways to enjoy
・If you live alone and can’t eat all the octopus you can eat, we suggest the following ways to enjoy it.
1. Group purchases with friends
2. Donate ingredients (octopus or seaweed) to a familiar “restaurant” or “takoyaki shop” (specify delivery to a location other than your home)
3. Gift “Takotsubo ownership” to your loved ones (Delivery to a location other than your home)
What is Fukuyama Service Center Ito Ltd.?
Since our founding in 1982, we have been connecting “travel agencies” and “hotels” as a travel service arrangement business. The company’s mission is “Connect to the Value.” Rather than simply acting as an intermediary, we aim to play a role in creating something greater than the original value by linking things together.
Location: 1-11-30 Miyoshicho Minami, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture Representative Director and President: Tadashi Ito
Travel service arrangement business manager: Tadashi Ito (Hiroshima prefecture governor registered travel service arrangement business No. 1)
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