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Home » The theme song for the Japanese shark movie “Onsen Shark” will be released on May 15th ahead of its nationwide t heatrical release! Storytellings “Scorching War Song” A new J-POP that spins the myth is born

The theme song for the Japanese shark movie “Onsen Shark” will be released on May 15th ahead of its nationwide t heatrical release! Storytellings “Scorching War Song” A new J-POP that spins the myth is born

PLAN A Co., Ltd.
The theme song for the Japanese shark movie “Onsen Shark” will be released on May 15th ahead of its nationwide theatrical release! Storytellings “Scorching War Song” A new J-POP that spins the myth is born
The Japanese shark movie “Onsen Shark” will be released at 109 Cinemas Kiba, Human Trust Cinema Shibuya, and other locations nationwide from July 5th, but ahead of that, the theme song will be distributed on various streaming distribution services from May 15th. !
PLAN A Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Representative Director: Masayuki Nagata) has released the theme song “Shakunetsu Senka” for the movie “Onsen Shark”, which is gaining attention on SNS and crowdfunding. Artist: Storytellings will be distributed on major music streaming services from May 15th
(Wednesday). In addition, the accompanying soundtrack for the movie “Onsen Shark” will be distributed from midnight on July 5th (Friday) to coincide with the nationwide release of the movie.
A new J-POP that spins myths is born!
Song name: “Scorching Battle Song”
Artist name: Storytellings
It was created as the theme song for the movie “Onsen Shark”.
[Image 1:×2000.jpg] This song begins with the vocalist’s mysterious low-pitched voice and the serene strings and piano. The song gradually develops into a magnificent ballad, and suddenly an orchestra of trumpets and horns joins in, creating a lively sound. The singing has also become more aggressive, and the entire song makes you feel as if you are listening to movie music, as if you were watching the main part of the movie “Onsen Shark”.
As if changing scenes in a movie, the vocalist’s singing expression style also changes in parts and is sung differently. The singing is so great that you get the illusion that multiple vocalists are singing separately. This was a challenge based on the high expressive power of the vocalist Soai.
When he read the script for “Onsen Shark,” Storytellings producer Joe Kamima said that the first thing that came to his mind was the lyrics and sound at the beginning. Then, they envisioned how to create a chemical reaction between the ever-changing vocalist Takaa and the worldview of the “hot spring shark,” and “Scorching Battle Song” was born.
Comment from Director Inoue of Onsen Shark: “This song plays and sings the heat of the hot springs, the majesty of the sea, and most of all, the strength and loneliness of machismo. ‘ will shake the hearts of those who hear it and won’t let go.”
-Distribution start date-
Distribution starts sequentially from 0:00 on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 -Distributed songs-
Storytellings “Scorching Battle Song”
-Delivery service-
・Download distribution
iTunes Store, Amazon Digital Music, mora, Recochoku, etc.
・Streaming distribution
Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, LINE MUSIC, Spotify, YouTube Music, etc. -Delivery URL-
-YouTube viewing URL-
*Premier release from 0:00 on Wednesday, May 15, 2024
■Movie “Hot Spring Shark”
Nationwide release from Friday, July 5, 2024 at 109 Cinemas Kiba, Human Trust Cinema Shibuya, and other locations
[Image 2:×2117.jpg] Story
A threat suddenly appears in a popular hot spring resort!
Hot spring area vs ancient shark
The battle against humanity is about to begin.
In Atsumi City, S Prefecture, where the construction of a huge tourist complex led by the mayor, Manmaki, is underway, a series of
disappearances have occurred in which hot spring guests suddenly disappear. Moreover, the victim’s body was later found in the sea, attacked by a shark. Tsuka, the police chief, and Kose, a doctor of marine biology, embark on an investigation. They discover that ferocious sharks that have been revived since ancient times are freely roaming hot springs across the Hot Sea and attacking people. I uncover a surprising fact…
Kiyofumi Kaneko / Takuya Fujimura, Hiroko Nakanishi, Masaki Naito Sumiya Shiina, Hiroyuki Yasuhara, Tsubasa Okuno, Manami Hasegawa, Kito Noji, Mimi Kawasaki, Taichi Fujii
Mai Mizusaki, Marin Hibi, Kazuma Takeda, Eri Usami, Kotori Aoi, Yudai Suenaga, Nina, Mitsutaka Itakura
Mizuko Hagiwara, Shino, Yu Miyawaki, Akiko Sakaguchi, Akiko Kobayashi, Takumi Yasubo
Shigeo Osako, Koichi Makigami, Takaya Aoyagi, Shoichiro Akahoshi / Mio Takagi ●Staff
Screenplay/Director: Morito Inoue
Music: Yuzuru Jinba Theme song: Storytellings “Scorching Battle Song” Director of Photography: Koichi Inoguchi
Assistant director/special effects coordinator: Jun Shimazaki Special effects art/sculpture producer: Yusuke Miki
Special effects supervisor/operator: Toru Nakayama
CG: Sozaall Shinya Hakamada Special sound effects: Susumu Hirasawa Sound adjustment: Muneaki Tanizawa
Producer: Akemi Tsujitani
Planning/original idea/production: Masayuki Nagata
Production company: PLAN A Distribution: Nichi Holland
2024/Japan/77 minutes/DCP/Color/16:9/5.1ch
[Hot Spring Shark SNS site]
Official website
Official X
Official X English version Facebook Instagram
[Hot Spring Shark mail order site]
Onsen Shark official goods are now on sale at the mail order site BASE
[Artist profile]
A music project formed in 2022 produced by composer Yuzuru Jinma.
[Image 3:×1729.jpg] The project name “Storytellings” means “telling stories,” “the art of storytelling,” and “oral literature.” It allows the listener to imagine a story just like a movie or novel, and creates an irreplaceable and close to the heart. The name was chosen from the desire to create a piece of work that can become a piece of life. The total number of plays of the songs released so far on music distribution sites, Youtube, etc. has exceeded 500,000 times. After Episode.1 (first period) vocalist “kui.” (2022-June 2023), “Toa” (TOA), who was selected in the new vocalist audition, will be selected as the new vocalist for Episode from 2024. 2 (second period) has started.
Yuzuru Jinba
Composer, lyricist, arranger. Born in Kitami City, Hokkaido. After moving to Tokyo in 2010, he became the bandmaster and arranger of “K-1 Symphonic Orchestra”, focusing on the magnificent sound using orchestral instruments (Saitama Super Arena, Yoyogi Daiichi Gymnasium, Nippon Budokan Tournament, etc.), and “Sonic”. He has worked on a wide range of production projects, including soundtrack music for movies such as “Superstars” and “Trio of Trouble,” as well as soundtracks for games, stage plays, anime, movies, etc., and vocal music.
◆“Scorching Battle Song” Staff
Lyrics, composition, arrangement: Joe Jinba
Vocals Takaai (TOA)
Strings “Kazuba Takahashi Strings Team”
1st violin Kazuha Takahashi
2nd violin Daisho Yamamoto
Viola Asuka Kobayashi
Violincello Masaki Watanabe
Horn Takashi Naito
Trumpet Masanori Suzuki
guitar YOU
Base Natsuki (DuelJewel)
Recording/Mixing Yu Aoki (B-PILOT)
Recording assistant Rio Ikuhara (aLIVE RECORDING STUDIO)
Mastering CHIEKO SPORTS at Aoba Recording Project
Music production assistant Mai Murata
▼Artist-related sites and SNS
Storytellings official website
Official X
Jinma Yuzuru official website
Official X
[Artist Information]
From May 23, 2024, it has been decided that he will perform the stage play “Beni Emaki” based on the original music by himself at Shinjuku Village LIVE, and he will also begin his activities as the original author.
Original work by Yuzuru Jinba Stage [Beni Emaki]
Date: May 23, 2024 (Thursday) – May 26, 2024 (Sunday)
Location: Shinjuku Village LIVE
Performance page Official X
[Image 4:×1448.jpg]
[Image 5:×1448.jpg] 【inquiry】
For media interested in “Onsen Shark” and this song, please contact PLAN A Co., Ltd.
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