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Home » Twentytu Co., Ltd., which operates “Compaikitai”, and Japan Goukon Association sign a business partnership a greement on Compa Day (May 8th)

Twentytu Co., Ltd., which operates “Compaikitai”, and Japan Goukon Association sign a business partnership a greement on Compa Day (May 8th)

Twentytu Co., Ltd.
Twentytu Co., Ltd., which operates “Compaikitai”, and Japan Goukon Association sign a business partnership agreement on Compa Day (May 8th)
A company that operates a group date matching service and a general incorporated association that aims to revitalize group dates collaborate to solve social issues.
Twentytu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Yuji Suzuki), which develops and operates the group date matching service “Konpai Kitai,” is a subsidiary of the Japan Goupe Association (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director). We would like to inform you that we have concluded a business partnership agreement with Director: Eon Tanaka (hereinafter referred to as the “Japan Goukon Association”) regarding the spread of goukon as of Wednesday, May 8, 2024.
Service page:
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Background of the partnership
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The number of users of matching apps has increased in recent years, causing “matching app fatigue” where exchanging messages can become stressful.
Group parties, which allow you to meet multiple people of the opposite sex at once, are more efficient than matching apps, and there are no exchanges of messages before meeting, so there are signs that group parties will become popular again, as they have many benefits. You can see it.
“Matching app fatigue” can be felt even when it’s difficult to coordinate dates or have one-on-one conversations, so there was a growing demand for internet services that make it easy to hold matchmaking parties.
This led to the birth of Compai Kitai, a service that can match party organizers with each other (starting in December 2023).
It is a service that aims to provide “natural and fun encounters” for people who want to go on a group date or are tired of matching apps, and is used by many men and women in their early 20s to early 30s.
The features of “Compaikitai” include its unique “company name search function”, “evaluation/word-of-mouth function” that allows users to rate each other, and its extremely low price. You can
However, there is always a shortage of go-con secretaries with the correct knowledge, and securing high-quality go-con secretaries has been a problem for Konpaikitai, a service used by go-con secretaries. Therefore, we believe that the “Group Party Master Certification Course”, which is a qualification course for “Group Party
Secretaries/Organizer Specialists,” has a very high affinity with the users of “Compai Kitai,” and we are hosting the “Group Party Master Certification Course.” We have realized a business partnership with the Japan Gokkon Association.
Through this partnership, we will promote activities to further popularize gouko in Japan, such as providing information on “Compai Kitai” to “gokou masters” who have taken the “goukou master
certification course.”
Business partnership details
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(1) Sharing information and know-how regarding joint parties Twentitu Co., Ltd. will provide information about group parties to the “Group Party Master Certification Course” and will also disseminate accurate information about group parties in articles in the group date matching app “Konpai Kitai.”
(2) Information on the “Group Party Master Certification Course” for users of the group date matching app “Compai Kitai”
Twentitu Co., Ltd. will publish an introductory article about the “Group Party Master Certification Course” in “Compai Kitai”. (3) Information on “Konpai Kitai” for “Gokukon Master”
The Japan Goukon Association will disseminate the services of “Compai Kitai” to certified people who have obtained the “Gouken Master” qualification and at related events.
Twentitu Co., Ltd. provides benefits that “Gokukon Master” can use within “Compai Kitai”.
Twenty Two Co., Ltd. Overview
[Image 4:×628.png ]
Company name: Twentytu Co., Ltd.
English company name: TWENTYTWO, Inc.
Representative: Yuji Suzuki, Representative Director and CEO Head office location: 4th floor, Keio Hatagaya Building, 1-2-2 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0072
Establishment date: January 6, 2023
Business content: Development and operation of the group dating app “Compaikitai”
TWENTYTWO, Inc. is an IT company whose vision is “market creation.” What we want to achieve with “Compaikitai” is to “make encounters more natural and enjoyable.”
As matching apps become more widespread in the world, an increasing number of users are feeling tired, which is why we develop and operate matching apps that focus on creating a place to meet people that is fun.
What is the group date matching app “Compaikitai”?
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“Compaikitai” is a service that mainly matches party secretaries. It is provided in a web browser so that it can be used on any device such as a smartphone or PC.
It has a unique “company name search function” and a
“evaluation/review function” where users can rate each other, and it can be used for as low as 1,650 yen including tax.
Users who pass the screening can send “Compai Kitai” if they want to have a group date with multiple people, or “Date Ikitai” if they want to have a one-on-one date.
Messages can only be exchanged if “Compaikitai” or “Dateikitai” are sent to each other.
Service page:
General Incorporated Association Japan Gokkon Association Overview
[Image 6:×240.jpg] Organization name: Japan Gokkon Association (General Incorporated Association) Representative: Representative Director Eon Tanaka
Head office location: 3-8-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment: May 8, 2012
Activities: Events related to joint parties, holding seminars, product production
Exchange and dissemination of information related to group parties, love, and marriage hunting
Implementation of certified instructor system, etc.
The Japan Goukan Association aims to revitalize goukatsu, encourage men and women to meet each other and increase their desire for love, and to improve the “unmarried population” and “low birthrate.” With the three main mottos of “Gouting parties are Japanese culture,” “Make group parties a universal language,” and
“Invigorate Japan through group parties,” we are active in a wide range of activities, including group party events, product production, and qualification courses for group party organizers. Masu.
Representative director Eon Tanaka has been involved in more than 2,000 group dates during her time as a celebrity, and currently works as a relationship advisor who is knowledgeable about the love psychology of men and women and the latest information on group parties, and is active in various media such as TV and magazines. During.
What is “Gokukon Master Course”?
“Goukan Master (R)” is Japan’s first company that contributes to the development of gouken culture, with the three missions of “improving the problem of unmarried people and declining birthrate,”
“revitalizing the food and beverage industry,” and “globalizing gouken culture.” This is the qualification of a “group party
organizer/sponsor specialist”.
In the certified course, you will learn information about the history of group parties, how to behave to be popular at group parties, know-how to manage group party events, how to utilize group parties in restaurant management, etc. through both lecture and work.
The next “10th Combined Business Master Certification Course” will be held in Shibuya, Tokyo on June 29th (Saturday). We are currently recruiting participants to become the memorable “10th Goukon Master.” *For details and application → More details about this release: