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Home » For the first time, Tsuchiya Kago releases accessories made from hand-dyed leather by artisans.

For the first time, Tsuchiya Kago releases accessories made from hand-dyed leather by artisans.

Tsuchiya Bag Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
For the first time, Tsuchiya Kago releases accessories made from hand-dyed leather by artisans.
Presented as a collaboration collection with the dyed leather products brand “yuhaku”. Exhibition and sales at Kyoto store celebrating 1st anniversary of relocation
Tsuchiya Kaban Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Adachi-ku, Tokyo) has released three types of accessories from the leather products brand “TSUCHIYA KABAN”, which originated from a school bag workshop, as part of a collaboration collection with the dyed leather products brand “yuhaku”. Limited quantities will be available in stores and online stores from June 6th (Thursday).
[Image 1:×900.jpg]
[Image 2:×900.jpg] This is the first time that Tsuchiya Kaban has used dyed leather, and the actual product can only be seen at the Kyoto store, which will celebrate its first anniversary in June 2024.
■Details page: Dyed leather realized in collaboration with “yuhaku”
[Image 3:×1600.jpg] The eye-catching beautiful blue color was realized in collaboration with “yuhaku”, which is known for its dyeing that brings out the natural expression of leather. Skilled craftsmen hand-dye each piece to match the unique characteristics of the leather.
The feature is a gradation that evokes a sense of Japan, with a motif of ceramic glazes and dyed fabrics. Because it is dyed by hand, the width of the gradation and the appearance of the color vary, giving it a unique look.
The more you use the tanned leather, the softer it becomes and the more its color deepens. In addition, the color of the dyed parts fades little by little due to friction, so you can enjoy the tasteful aging of denim over time.
Product Summary
[Image 4:×1200.png ]
Dyed/vertical blue
[Image 5:×1200.png ]
Dyed/Horizontal Navy
[Image 6:×1200.png ]
Dye/striped navy blue
A compact wallet that allows you to easily enjoy the elegant blue and navy blue expressions as if you were carrying around an art piece. Even if you store bills, coins, and cards, you can keep it thin by squeezing it tightly with the zipper.
yuhaku×Tsuchiya bag L zipper
¥25,300 (tax included)
Color: Dyed/vertical blue, dyed/horizontal navy blue, dyed/striped navy blue Size: Height 9.8 x Width 12.6 x Thickness 1.7cm
[Image 7:×1200.png ]
A paperback-sized book cover with a bright blue gradation that adds a touch of elegance to your reading time. Compatible with general paperback books (thickness ~20mm/height ~150mm).
yuhaku×Tsuchiya bag book cover dyed/horizontal
¥36,300 (tax included)
Size: Height 16.4 x Width 11.4 x Thickness 3.0cm
[Image 8:×1200.png ]
This A5 size notebook cover has a calm navy blue gradation that makes it more fun to pick up. Compatible with notebooks up to 1.2cm thick and comes with one clip holder.
yuhaku×Tsuchiya bag A5 notebook cover dyed/vertical
Size: Height 21.8 x Width 16.0 x Thickness 1.5cm
About “yuhaku”
[Image 9:×503.jpg] “Yuhaku” is a dyed leather product brand produced by Yuhaku Co., Ltd. Using a unique dyeing technique in which multiple colors are layered by hand, we produce leather products with beautiful colors, including gradations. The products produced by yuhaku embody our desire to be art that adds color to the hearts of those who use them.
Sales overview
Release date: Thursday, June 6, 2024
Details page: Sales store:
■“TSUCHIYA KABAN” online store:
■ Directly managed store: Kyoto store
Founded in 1965, this leather goods brand has its origins in a workshop set up by school bag craftsmen in Tokyo. We manufacture and sell school bags and leather products based on the concept of “things that will be loved beyond time.” We value careful manufacturing, using Japanese sensibilities and the handwork of craftsmen, aiming for a simple and elegant appearance that can be loved for a long time. The company operates a Nishiarai main store with a workshop and a Karuizawa Kobo store, as well as 16 stores specializing in leather bags for adults (12 in Japan and 4 overseas).
Company Profile
・Company name: Tsuchiya Bag Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ・President: Shigenori Tsuchiya
・Location (head office): 7-15-5 Nishiarai, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 123-0841 ・Business details: Planning, production, and sales of original brand leather products such as school bags, bags, and accessories. ・URL: TSUCHIYA KABAN
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