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Home » Wunderbar Co., Ltd. You can use Tokuma Nishioka’s (belongs to Enchante) promotional materials as much as you like! Participated in IP marketing comprehensive support service “Skett” to support marketing of local and small and medium-sized enterpris

Wunderbar Co., Ltd. You can use Tokuma Nishioka’s (belongs to Enchante) promotional materials as much as you like! Participated in IP marketing comprehensive support service “Skett” to support marketing of local and small and medium-sized enterpris

Wunderbar Co., Ltd.
You can use Tokuma Nishioka’s (belongs to Enchante) promotional materials as much as you like! Participated in IP marketing
comprehensive support service “Skett” to support marketing of local and small and medium-sized enterprises.
~More than 40,000 promotional materials for famous talents available at low prices for as little as one month! Support for gaining recognition and increasing sales with creative consulting ~
Wunderbar Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yoshito Nagao), which operates Skettt, a comprehensive IP marketing support service that specializes in gaining recognition and increasing sales for local and growing companies, is Enchante. We are pleased to announce that we have concluded a business outsourcing agreement with. Through this partnership, it is now possible for Skettt to use advertising materials by Tokuma Nishioka, a talented actor who has appeared on stage and in many popular works such as “Kasefu no Mitazono.” .
[Image 1:×1646.jpg] Tokuma Nishioka joins “Skettt”
At Wunderbar, we provide “a new means of advertising using DX” to the entertainment industry through “Skettt”.
By doing so, we aim to create new market opportunities for both client companies and talent production companies, and expand the potential of IP.
I am thinking of doing so.
By signing a contract with enchante, which supports the concept of this service, we are now able to use Tokuma Nishioka’s images for advertising materials.
▼About Tokuma Nishioka
[Image 2:×1800.jpg] *A total of over 250 materials were used for 4 outfits: 2 casual style patterns and 2 suit style patterns.
Talent profile:
Born October 5, 1946 in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
In 1970, he joined the Bungakuza Theater Company. Although he became a representative actor and starred in many plays, he retired in 1979. In 1989, at the age of 40, he broke new ground by starring in the stage play “Bakumatsu Junjoden” directed by Kouhei Tsuka. He also made his presence known in the following plays, “Hamlet” and “Shakespeare of Tenpo Twelve Years,” directed by Yukio Ninagawa. In 1991, he was chosen to play the role of the boss of the heroine Rika Akana’s affair partner in the world-famous drama “Tokyo Love Story,” and she suddenly came into the limelight. Since then, he has been widely active with his overwhelming acting ability and presence that brings depth to his works. Major appearances in recent years include the stage play “Metal Macbeth Disc 1”, “Platonov”, “Queen
Elizabeth”, and the drama “Kahoko of Overprotection”, “King of Novel”, “Rika”, “Iron Bone”, “Mitazono the Housekeeper”, etc. be. From February 27, 2024, he has been appearing regularly in the Sengoku spectacle drama series “Shogun”, which is being distributed exclusively on Disney+ “Star”.
Support local and small-to-medium-sized businesses by hiring talent. Background of the birth of “Skett”
Nowadays, with the spread of SNS, the amount of information people receive on a daily basis has increased, and it is becoming
increasingly important for all companies to differentiate themselves from competitors and create awareness.
However, until now, the use of talent recruitment, which is effective for increasing awareness and promoting PR, has been limited to major companies due to barriers such as high costs, time constraints, man-hours required to hire talent, and connections with agencies. Local businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises faced particular challenges in branding their companies.
Therefore, in order to provide comprehensive marketing support from the perspective of IP utilization to as many companies as possible, we have developed the comprehensive IP marketing support service “Skett.”
[Image 3:×1896.jpg] How “Skett” works
As we work in the entertainment DX business, we aim to improve the marketing of small and medium-sized businesses and local businesses by providing comprehensive support from planning and strategy planning to providing talent materials and verifying effectiveness.
What is “Skett” that solves corporate recognition and branding issues? “Skettt (” is a comprehensive IP marketing support service with 80 affiliated agencies and over 800 negotiable talents. We have received formal evaluation from the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Corporation and certification from the Japan SDGs Association, and specialize in marketing support mainly targeting small and medium-sized enterprises and local businesses.
[Image 4:×2277.jpg] Features of “Skett”
1. The industry’s No. 1 number of office partnerships, talent, materials, and office partnerships with over 80 companies.
・More than 800 talents available for negotiation ・More than 250 materials for each talent and templates other than image materials can also be provided
2. Flexibility of usage period and conditions
– Trial verification available from 1 month
・Materials can be provided as soon as the contract is signed. ・No need to write credits such as “〇〇Ambassador”
・Optional options other than material utilization such as SNS posting, tie-up videos, ambassador contracts, etc. can be discussed.
3. Consulting/Planning
・Consistent marketing support from planning and strategy planning to providing materials, implementing measures, and verifying
“Skett” aims to be a next-generation service that solves structural issues in the entertainment industry by digitizing the value of talent and digitally connects entertainment and companies in the next 5 to 10 years.
Creative examples using Skettt
We will introduce a branding banner as an example of using “Skettt”. You can use the materials unlimitedly during the contract period for all other online and offline media, such as websites and SNS posts, as well as life-size panels and billboards.
By using pre-prepared materials in Skett, you can make it look like you are wearing a specific product that was not shown at the time of the photo shoot.
▼Miki Fujimoto
Below is an example of how Miki Fujimoto used an image taken while holding a smartphone to create an ad that appears to show her holding an epilator.
[Image 5:×1200.jpg] Creative example of talent “Miki Fujimoto”
[Image 6:×2700.jpg] Original image of creative example of talent “Miki Fujimoto” About Wunderbar Co., Ltd.
“Value as data”, such as copyrights, portrait rights, individuals themselves in the internet space, and the rights that arise from individuals, will become increasingly important as IP data in the future. Under these circumstances, Wunderbar believes that it is important to create a foundation for discovering new value from IP, and provides products that utilize IP, such as “Skett.”
With the mission of “Going beyond yourself,” and in order to achieve the vision of “expanding the possibilities of IP and shocking and moving the world,” we work together with our global members to “go beyond ourselves.” We will create a world that will make people laugh and be surprised by combining entertainment and IP.
Company name: Wunderbar Co., Ltd.
Head Office: 9th floor, 3rd Yagi Building, 3-7-2 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Representative Director Yoshito Nagao
Company URL:
TEL: 03-5324-2766
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