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Home » Adachi Brand Japan’s top brand of the traditional musical instrument “Shinobue”, which is popular in performance videos on YouTube and other sites. Otsuka Bamboo Musical Instruments Ltd., a company of Shishida-ryu Shinobue, opened a store with a Sh

Adachi Brand Japan’s top brand of the traditional musical instrument “Shinobue”, which is popular in performance videos on YouTube and other sites. Otsuka Bamboo Musical Instruments Ltd., a company of Shishida-ryu Shinobue, opened a store with a Sh

Adachi brand
Japan’s top brand of the traditional musical instrument “Shinobue”, which is popular in performance videos on YouTube and other sites. Otsuka Bamboo Musical Instruments Ltd., a company of Shishida-ryu Shinobue, opened a store with a Shinobue kitchen car at the Toneri Park Senbonzakura Festival to be held at the end of March 2024. The “Adachi Brand” widely certifies businesses with excellent products and technology and promotes them both inside and outside the ward. The “Adachi Brand Certified Company Introduction Booklet”, which also includes certified company Otsuka Chikuwind Instruments Ltd., has been renewed at the end of March 2024.
■ We will send an Adachi brand certified company introduction booklet to those who request it.
To commemorate the renewal of the “Adachi Brand Certified Company Introduction Booklet,” which also includes Otsuka Chiku Wind Instruments Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Otsuka Chiku Wind Instruments), an Adachi Brand Certified Company, Otsuka Chiku Co., Ltd. has published the “Adachi Brand Certified Company Introduction Booklet”. We will send wind instruments to 10 people.
Please use the application form at the end of this article to request delivery.
[Image 1:×1284.jpg] ■ Top brand of “Shinobue”, a clear sound symbolizing Japanese festivals When all Japanese people hear words like “Japanese festivals” and “matsuri hayashi,” a high, clear tone that can be described as “pihyara pihyara” resounds in their heads.
[Image 2:×420.jpg] This tone comes from a transverse flute, an ancient Japanese woodwind instrument called the Shinobue.
There are several variations of the traditional Japanese flute.For example, the flute used in gagaku is called the “ryuteki,” and the outside and inside of the flute are coated with lacquer or vermilion lacquer, or made of string-like birch. It is characterized by its design, which is suitable for use by the upper classes such as aristocrats and samurai, such as the wrapping of cherry blossoms. On the other hand, the “Shinobue” is truly an instrument for the common people.
Shinobue, which has been played at village festivals throughout Japan, has a very simple and rustic appearance that can be described as “bamboo itself.” Western flutes and alto recorders that we learn in elementary school were originally made of wood, but now they are mostly made of metal or resin. I think it’s rare to find an instrument that has survived to this day in its original form.
If you watch how it is made, I think it will be easy to understand that the Shinobue is a simple musical instrument made from bamboo (Shinotake).
[Video 2:] At the end of the video, you can hear the sound of an actual shinobue. A finely honed tone that vibrates the air, born from the suppleness of bamboo. At Otsuka Chikuwind Instruments, we carry out the entire process of making Shinobue, from cutting, drilling, filling, lacquering, and finishing with wisteria wrapping.
We produce a variety of Shinobue, from 1 to 12 strings, including the Shinobue used in famous festivals across the country, classical style, Utabue, and Ming Dynasty flutes, and are the fourth generation of the “Shishida-ryu Shinobue”. Thankfully, he is well-known in the world of Shinobue.
However, that alone means that it is a far-fetched existence for anyone other than those who play the flute at festivals.
Let me tell you a little more about the charm of the Shinobue that may interest you.
■ The appeal of the Shinobue, which can produce a unique tone just by playing everything from J-POP and anime songs to Western music. In recent years, with the spread of YouTube, etc., videos such as “I tried singing” and “I tried playing” have become more common. Covering famous artists’ songs with your own voice and performance. Of course, covers that use the instruments originally used in the song are also popular, but what is especially popular is the cover of an up-tempo song with a piano that uses a unique instrument that is not used in the song. This is a video of a song played and covered. Shinobue is currently attracting a lot of attention in this field. If you search for “Shinobue” on YouTube, you will find a wide variety of songs such as “Laputa: Castle in the Sky,” “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba,” “Senbonzakura,” and Yumi Matsutoya’s songs. You can see that it is covered in this way.
If you’re interested, please listen to one of the songs that you are familiar with.
You’ll surely be captivated by the fresh, yet somewhat nostalgic sound. The simple sound of bamboo will soothe your soul without you realizing it. At times, my heart is stirred and my emotions are shaken violently. That’s because we are Japanese.
This is the power of the Shinobue instrument, whose tone is engraved in the DNA of the Japanese people.
With a classical shinobue, you can only play music with Japanese scales, such as kagura or festival music.
Therefore, these days, for those who want to play J-POP and Western music, we also produce and sell Shinobue instruments tuned to the so-called do-re-mi scale, which is compatible with staff scores.
[Image 3:×348.jpg] Otsuka Bamboo Wind Instrument’s “Western-style Shinonome” is a tuning flute made just for this purpose.
It is also possible to perform in ensemble with koto, shamisen, shakuhachi, and Western instruments, and you can post solo songs as performance videos on YouTube, or use it for band activities with multiple people adding accents of Japanese instruments. , you can enjoy a wide range of performances.
You can purchase the Shishida-ryu Shinobue from Otsuka Bamboo Wind Instruments at our online shop, but please come visit our shop in Iriya, Adachi-ku, which has a workshop attached.
We have the largest selection of Shinobue in Japan, or in other words, the world, and you can even purchase them after trying them out. ■ Challenge to popularize Japanese traditional performing arts with Shinobue Kitchen Car
Recently, Otsuka Bamboo Wind Instruments has started a new initiative. The coronavirus pandemic that began in 2020 is still fresh in everyone’s memory, and events that gather people have been canceled one after another, and local festivals that have been held for many years across Japan have also been postponed.
Shinobue making, which used to be a busy season in conjunction with festivals every year, has stopped receiving orders, and of course it’s been a difficult time for the company, but most of all, “If things continue like this, the sound of shinobue will disappear all over Japan.” I felt a sense of crisis.
Therefore, instead of just waiting for orders at the workshop, we started a kitchen car called “F+BASE” in order to spread the sound and charm of the shinobue by going out to all over Japan.
It is usually kept on the premises of Otsuka Bamboo Wind Instruments, but it is used as a kitchen truck for events in the neighborhood, and while selling hot sandwiches and craft beer, it also delivers Shinobue performances, making Shinobue as casual as possible. We hope that everyone will have the opportunity to experience this.
At the end of March 2024, we had a booth at the Toneri Park
Senbonzakura Festival held in Adachi Ward, the hometown of Otsuka Bamboo Wind Instruments, so I would like to introduce a little bit of what happened there.
[Image 4:×1284.jpg] Kitchen car “F+BASE”
[Image 5:×1365.jpg] On this day, we had musicians come to promote the Senbonzakura Festival, to promote the kitchen car “F+BASE,” and above all, to let everyone in the venue experience the sound of the shinobue.
[Image 6:×1365.jpg]
[Image 7:×1365.jpg] If you are involved in an event and are interested in opening a Shinobue kitchen car “F+BASE”, please feel free to contact us.
[Image 8:×1063.jpg] ■ For those who would like to receive the Adachi brand certified company introduction booklet
Otsuka Chikuwind Instruments Co., Ltd., an Adachi brand certified company, will be sending out the “Adachi Brand Certified Company Introduction Booklet” to 10 people.
If you would like to send it, please use the application form below. *Please note that the number of copies is limited, so if we have a large number of applicants, we will send them in PDF format. Adachi Brand Certified Company Introduction Booklet / Otsuka Bamboo Wind Instruments Co., Ltd. Application Form