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Cloudera, Inc. Cloudera and Aboitiz Data Innovation strengthen generative AI capabilities through strategic partnership

Cloudera Inc.
Cloudera and Aboitiz Data Innovation strengthen generative AI capabilities through strategic partnership
Helping companies build advanced machine learning data management solutions ……
Cloudera Inc. (location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Takeshi Osawa,, which aims to realize a hybrid data cloud, is collaborating with Cloudera on advanced data science and AI. We announced a strategic partnership with Aboitiz Data Innovation (ADI). Through this partnership, Cloudera’s hybrid data platform for data, analytics, and AI/machine learning (ML) solutions will be combined with ADI’s extensive experience with Apache Spark and technology for developing AI-driven solutions to expand the We help financial services and manufacturing customers across the Pacific more effectively leverage data science and AI across industries. ADI provides consulting and implementation services for Cloudera’s software in the areas of enterprise AI, ML, AI labs, data governance and ethics.
The partnership leverages Accelerators for Machine Learning Projects (AMPs) to extend the capabilities of the end-to-end Cloudera solution’s powerful generative AI applications to power ML and generative AI development for any enterprise. Masu. These customizable solutions enable enterprises to generate AI applications faster and tailored to specific use cases, from data ingestion to engineering, data lake design, data quality, ML model and app development, and operational efficiency. It’s intuitive to build, install, and deploy. said Remus Lim, Cloudera’s senior vice president of Asia Pacific and Japan. “ADI builds generative AI solutions on Cloudera’s platform, enabling customers to bring the power of AI to the workplace. We help businesses make more accurate and timely decisions, leverage data and advanced AI processes across the enterprise easier and faster, increase revenue, and optimize costs at scale. I look forward to being able to support this development.”
Dr. David R. Hardoon, CEO of ADI, said: “As we move forward with our strategic partnership with Cloudera, we are poised to leverage new dimensions of advantage and increase value for our customers by leveraging the power of data and AI in the business world. We are confident that Cloudera’s robust data management capabilities and scalable ML platform will accelerate the development and deployment of AI-driven solutions. Together, we will be able to more effectively derive actionable insights from our data, raise the bar for data innovation, and strengthen our competitiveness in the digital age.” Cloudera and ADI will combine their capabilities to help leading companies develop value-added generative AI solutions and improve their competitiveness.
About Aboitiz Data Innovation
Aboitiz Data Innovation (ADI) is an advanced data science and AI startup with a strong commitment to research and human-centered approaches. Our mission is to provide innovative products and features powered by AI for companies in a variety of sectors. ADI is a Singapore-based company that is part of the Philippines’ Aboitiz Group and is uniquely positioned to provide services in areas such as financial services, power, and smart cities. For more information, please visit
About Cloudera
At Cloudera, we believe that the power of data can make the impossible today possible tomorrow. By powering trusted enterprise AI from data everywhere, you can reduce cost and risk, increase productivity, and accelerate business performance. Cloudera’s open data lakehouse enables secure data management and portability of cloud-native data analytics, helping you manage and analyze all your data types on any cloud, public or private. Cloudera manages large amounts of data comparable to hyperscalers, and is the data partner of choice for leading companies in almost every industry. Cloudera has shown the world the value and future of data. We will continue to focus our efforts on driving a vibrant ecosystem powered by the continuous innovation of the open source community. For more information, please visit
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