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Home » H&M Studio launches its first resort collection “Resort Capsule”

H&M Studio launches its first resort collection “Resort Capsule”

H&M Studio launches its first resort collection “Resort Capsule”
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Press release: May 8, 2024
H&M Studio launches its first resort collection “Resort Capsule” *A total of 41 models, the first of the resort collection inspired by summer vacations in Italy, including palazzo and Venetian glass, will be released at H&M Shibuya store and official online store from May 9th (Thursday). *
H&M STUDIO 2024 Resort
Capsule: Ruffle kaftan dress ¥14,999, leather crossbody bag (online only) ¥14,999
From H&M Studio, H&M’s most high-end collection, comes the first Resort collection.
Capsule (Resort Capsule)” will be announced.
Featuring feminine silhouettes and cheerful prints, this collection features 41 items inspired by summer vacations in Italy, including palazzos, swirling Venetian glass, and mysterious caves studded with seashells. It will be on sale at H&M Shibuya store and official online store ( from May 9th (Thursday). In addition, following the release of this collection, the second collection “Summer
We are planning to release “Mini Capsule (Summer Mini Capsule)”.

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*About the collection*
This collection focuses on Italian art and history, “la dolce” Based on the concept of “Vita (La Dolce Vita),” the products include ruffled dresses with rich textures, cut-out mini dresses with eye-catching prints, kaftans for the golden hour, and easy-going beach-style swimwear. The colors are based on tangerine and honey yellow that blend with the beach at sunset, with bright pistachio green accents. We also offer organic silk, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and EcoVero
More sustainable materials like (TM) rayon and TENCEL (TM) lyocell add luxurious texture to the pieces.

H&M Studio 2024 Resort Capsule: Single-breasted rayon blazer ¥29,999, Rayon tailored pants ¥14,999, Charm short necklace
(Online only) ¥5,499, Transparent Sculpture Earrings ¥4,499 (Online only) H&M Studio 2024 Resort Capsule: Drape detail jacquard dress
(Online only) ¥24,999, Printed Kaftan Dress ¥12,999
H&M Studio 2024 Resort
Capsule: Draped off-shoulder top ¥6,999, draped bubble hem skirt (Online only) ¥8,999, Cutout mini dress ¥16,999, Beach towel (Online only) ¥5,499
*Key items*
The combination of a bubble hem skirt with a distinctive gather and an off-shoulder top creates a bold look, and the maxi kaftan with black ruffles and an eye-catching printed shirt and shorts set are perfect for day to night wear. It is versatile enough to be worn at any time of the day.
The set includes a dress printed with a tie-dye-style ornament pattern and a blazer available in two colors, black and beige, and is a powerful item that will elevate your elegant mood as the night progresses. Accessories include gold leather sandals and mini bags that enhance the mood of maximalism, as well as jewelry such as rings and necklaces made from metal wire made from recycled brass, in addition to sculptures and beads made from different materials.

H&M Studio 2024 Resort Capsule: Silk scarf back piece shirt
¥14,999, Silk pull-on shorts ¥12,999, Leather crossbody bag ¥14,999 (all available online only), Cat eye sunglasses
H&M Studio 2024 Resort Capsule: Embellished pattern dress
¥19,999, textured look leather sandals ¥16,999 (all available online only) “Designed for a relaxing summer escape, this collection exudes an easygoing, feminine charm, with versatile pieces for everything from poolside sunrises to late-night piazza parties.” H&M
Studio Collection Designer Angelica Grimborg

“A bold sense of playfulness animates this collection. We aimed for a glamorous yet relaxed look for every occasion and for every
personality type.” Head of Womenswear Design and Creative Advisor at H&M
Ann-Sofie Johansson

* Part 2: About H&M Studio Summer Mini Capsule *
“Summer Mini” scheduled to be released exclusively at online stores from June 4th (Tuesday)
Capsule presents five looks that evoke wanderlust, with an emphasis on precious crafts.
*About H&M Studio*
Studio was launched in 2013 as H&M’s most high-end collection. The collection is created by a dedicated design team in our Stockholm atelier and features trend-leading designs and limited edition items that express the H&M signature.

*About the sustainability of the collection*
By 2030, H&M has set a goal of using only 100% recycled and more sustainably sourced materials, which currently stands at 85%. To push towards this goal, we also use more sustainable materials in this collection.

* ●Organic (mulberry) silk *
Organic silk is made from silkworms that live on organically grown mulberry trees. It’s as high quality as traditional silk, with the luxurious luster, lightness, flow and comfort, but without the use of pesticides, insecticides, genetically modified crops or harsh chemicals, made exclusively by farmers. It is a material that is better for the environment.

* ●Infinna(TM) cellulose fiber*
Infinna(TM) cellulose fiber is a cellulose fiber material that is attracting attention as an alternative material to cotton due to its “fiber-to-fiber” recycling technology. H&M Group is developing Infinited
We are one of the participating companies in investing in Fiber, supporting the expansion of the material within the industry.

* ●EcoVero (TM) Rayon (EcoVero) *
EcoVero Rayon (TM) is a naturally derived material made from wood from certified sustainably managed forests, using an environmentally friendly production process that meets strict environmental standards. EcoVero Rayon(TM), which reduces carbon footprint and water impact by up to 50% compared to common rayon fibers, also has the
internationally recognized EU Ecolabel certification.

* ●Tencel (TM) Lyocell*
TENCEL(TM) Lyocell is a renewable natural material made from cellulose derived from plants such as wood. It is made from sustainably managed and sourced natural wood and is produced using a closed loop process. Tencel(TM)
Lyocell is a material that is as soft as cotton, and TENCEL(TM) Modal is a material with superior softness and overall comfort, both of which require significantly less water in the production process and are free from pesticides or Hardly necessary.

* ●Recycled brass/zinc/steel *
It is made from recycled mineral resources that are no longer needed during the production process of electronic devices and jewelry. Reusing waste materials not only makes the most of resources, but also protects them.

*Collection details*
Release date: Thursday, May 9, 2024
Number of product models: 41 models
Product price range: 2,499 yen to 29,999 yen (tax included price) Available stores: Limited to H&M Shibuya store and H&M official online store (
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