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Home » Bioworks Co., Ltd. The next-generation plant-derived synthetic fiber PlaX(TM)️ developed by Bioworks was ado pted for the emmi24 spring/summer collection.

Bioworks Co., Ltd. The next-generation plant-derived synthetic fiber PlaX(TM)️ developed by Bioworks was ado pted for the emmi24 spring/summer collection.

Bioworks Co., Ltd.
PlaX(TM)️, a next-generation synthetic fiber derived from plants developed by Bioworks, is featured in the emmi24 spring/summer collection.
Implemented “visualization of CO2 emissions per product” at special exhibition stores
PlaX(TM)️, a new plant-derived material researched and developed by Bioworks Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Soraku-gun, Kyoto Prefecture, Representative Director, President and CEO: Koji Sakamoto, hereinafter referred to as “Bioworks”), is being developed by Mash Style Lab Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koji Sakamoto). : Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hiroyuki Kondo; adopted in the 24th Spring/Summer collection of emmi, a women’s brand that handles daily wear and yoga wear, developed by Mash Style Lab.
The sustainable collection web project will be released from 12:00 on Wednesday, May 8th, and pre-orders for the products will begin at the same time. It will go on sale at emmi stores nationwide starting in late May.
We quantify CO2 emissions from the entire process, from procurement of raw materials to manufacturing and transportation, and visualize CO2 emissions for each product based on analysis results based on Mash Style Lab’s LCA calculation range (original standards). This is the first collection ever created.
[Image 1:×1280.jpg] Background of PlaX(TM)️ adoption
Mash Style Lab is in charge of the fashion business of the Mash Group, which handles fashion, beauty, food, design, etc.
The Mash Group implemented the FUR FREE Declaration in 2016 based on the idea of ​​“Wellness Design” as its corporate slogan. We were the first in the industry to completely abolish real fur and adopt eco-fur. Additionally, we have been implementing sustainable initiatives from multiple angles, such as actively using recycled materials and introducing renewable energy into our head office. In order to pass on a society full of smiles and a beautiful earth to the next generation, the entire group is working on “achieving carbon neutrality” and “wellness design for people and society.” PlaX(TM)︎’s environmental contribution and functionality as an alternative material to polyester, a petroleum-derived synthetic fiber, have been highly evaluated, and it has been selected for use in the 2024 Spring/Summer collection.
Visualize CO2 emissions per product through LCA analysis
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a method for quantitatively evaluating the environmental impact of a product or service over its entire life cycle or at a specific stage. Bioworks and emmi used LCA analysis to quantify the amount of CO2 emitted throughout the product process, from procurement of raw materials to manufacturing and transportation. In order to make end users aware of “creating a sustainable recycling-oriented society” by “visualizing sustainability,” Mash Style Lab has visualized the CO2 emissions of a single product for the first time. *1
Products that will go on sale from late May will have the
characteristics of the material listed on original tags exclusive to emmi×PlaX(TM), and the CO2 emissions of each product will be displayed on product hangers at the three stores holding special exhibitions. I will do it.
*1: CO2 emissions based on analysis results based on Mash Style Lab’s LCA calculation range (independent standards)
[Image 2:×640.jpg]
[Image 3:×640.jpg] In addition, the visualization of CO2 emissions is not limited to the use of environmentally friendly materials; we are working with suppliers at the manufacturing stage to promote transparency in procurement, manufacturing, and transportation, and to monitor CO2 emissions from every possible section. This is the first step in efforts to reduce this.
emmi × PlaX(TM)️ Collection item details
[Image 4:×542.jpg] [emmi×PlaX(TM)︎] Logo cropped T-shirt
7,480 yen (tax included)
Color: white, mint, black
Size: F
-CO2 emissions TOTAL-6,186kg-CO2
Procurement 3,892kg-CO2
Manufacturing 2,280kg-CO2
Transport 0,014kg-CO2
[Image 5:×1114.jpg] [emmi×PlaX(TM)︎] Volume cut and sew dress with sleeves
17,600 yen (tax included)
Color: beige, orange, black
Size: F
-CO2 emissions TOTAL-21,769kg-CO2
Procurement 14,215kg-CO2
Manufacturing 7,505kg-CO2
Transport 0,049kg-CO2
[Image 6:×663.jpg] [emmi×PlaX(TM)︎] Gathered shoulder pullover
8,580 yen (tax included)
Color: white, mint, blue, black
Size: F
-CO2 emissions TOTAL-7,561kg-CO2
Procurement 4,757kg-CO2
Manufacturing 2,787kg-CO2
Transport 0,017kg-CO2
[Image 7:×1350.jpg] [emmi×PlaX(TM)︎] Pile cocoon dress
16,500 yen (tax included)
Color: beige, brown, black
Size: F
-CO2 emissions TOTAL-14,253kg-CO2
Procurement 9,251kg-CO2
Manufacturing 4,940kg-CO2
Transport 0,062kg-CO2
[Image 8:×941.jpg] [emmi×PlaX(TM)︎] Pile cropped hoodie
15,950 yen (tax included)
Color: beige, black
Size: F
-CO2 emissions TOTAL-13,661kg-CO2
Procurement 8,886kg-CO2
Manufacturing 4,718kg-CO2
Transport 0,057kg-CO2
About sales
-online store-
Release date: May 8th (Wednesday) 12:00 (noon) Pre-order
・ emmi official online store (
Release date: Released sequentially from late May onwards
・emmi nationwide directly managed stores ( -emmi × PlaX(TM)️ Special Exhibition POPUP Store|Event Schedule- ・ Hankyu Umeda Main Store Wellness Design Event Space | May 22nd (Wednesday) – June 4th (Tuesday)
・ NEWoMan Shinjuku | May 30th (Thursday) – June 12th (Wednesday) ・ Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs|May 30th (Thursday) – June 12th (Wednesday) About emmi
Based on the clear mode concept, we offer basic and sophisticated daily wear for adults, as well as relaxing yoga wear that incorporates fashion trends. Paired with sneakers, which have become indispensable on the feet of active women, we propose styling that fits the diversifying lifestyles of women.
[emmi official online store]
[SNEAKERS by emmi X (old Twitter)]
What is PlaX(TM)?
“PlaX(TM)” has updated its quality and functionality by adding “plant-derived additives” originally developed by our company to “polylactic acid (PLA)”, a bioplastic made from plants such as sugarcane. A new carbon neutral material.
It is attracting worldwide attention as a new material that can be used as an alternative to petroleum-derived synthetic fibers such as polyester, and is also being developed for new uses.
《Features of PlaX(TM)》
・41% reduction in CO2 emissions during yarn manufacturing compared to polyester. ・It is “biodegradable” and can be broken down into water and CO2 by microorganisms.
– It is compatible with chemical recycling, which reproduces equivalent materials from waste, and research and development is progressing toward the realization of a closed loop that circulates resources.
・ Significantly reduces CO2 emissions during incineration. No harmful substances such as dioxins are generated.
About Bioworks
Bioworks is a startup founded in 2015. As a material creation company that creates a future where the earth and humanity can live in good health through planning and production based on the research and development of the new polylactic acid material “PlaX(TM),” we aim to realize a sustainable recycling-oriented society. I aim.
■ Bioworks Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, President and CEO: Koji Sakamoto
Head Office: 7th Floor, Keihanna Plaza Lab Building, 1-7 Hikarudai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto Prefecture
Branch: Toho Hibiya Building 7F, 1-2-2 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Established: 2015
Business details: Manufacture and sales of modified polylactic acid compounds (PlaX(TM)) and products, business promoting resource circulation, etc.
■ Bioworks WEB:
■ bio Official Online Store:
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