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Shueisha Co., Ltd. Web series “Close-up Paralympians” starts on Wednesday, May 8th on the Shueisha “Para spo+!” site

[Shueisha Co., Ltd.] Web series “Close-up Paralympians” starts on Wednesday, May 8th on the Shueisha “Paraspo+!” site

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Press release: May 8, 2024
Web series “Close-up Paralympians” starts on Wednesday, May 8th on Shueisha’s “Paraspo+!” site
*A series of exclusive interviews with Paralympians aiming for the “Paris 2024 Paralympics.” Their photographs were taken by photographer Takao Ochi, who also became a hot topic with his photo book of women with prosthetic legs, “Severed Venus.” *
Shueisha Co., Ltd.’s para sports information site “Paraspo+!” (Paraspo Plus!) will be publishing the series “Close-up Paralympians” on May 8th (in preparation for the “Paris 2024 Paralympics” to be held in August this year). Starts on Wednesday).

In this series, we have exclusive interviews with Paralympians who have been training hard to compete in the biggest parasports festival. I would like to introduce my current state of mind just before the “Paris 2024 Paralympic Games” and my thoughts on betting on the competition, along with photos.
The photographer is Takao Ochi, a leading expert who has been reporting on parasports since 2000, and whose photo book “Amputated Venus,” about women with prosthetic legs, has been a hot topic. Mr. Ochi, who has earned the tremendous trust of the athletes, captures the moment when the athlete is honing his skills with his close sense of distance.
Tomomi Sato “Paraspo+!”/Shueisha
Monica Seryu Parasport+! ”/Shueisha
* 1st episode *
is Tomomi Sato, a para track and field athlete who won two gold medals at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.
appears. From the days of despair when he lost the freedom of his lower limbs, to the time he won the best medal in 10 years, we bring you the powerful words of an ace wheelchair player who continued to “walk his talk”.
Tomomi Sato “Paraspo+!” / Shueisha
Tomomi Sato “Paraspo+!” / Shueisha
The second time will be paracanoeing* Monika Seryu*, aiming for revenge at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, where she placed 7th. . After the last tournament, he said, “I wish I had just followed the big trends.” There is no doubt in his eyes that he looked at himself and decided to take on the challenge again. Her bright smile and well-trained shoulder muscles are also a must-see.
Monica Seryu “Paraspo+!”/Shueisha
Monica Seryu “Paraspo+!”/Shueisha
In the 3rd episode, we will be featuring Yui Kamiji, who is ranked 2nd in the wheelchair tennis world rankings.
appears. From the 4th onwards, Shunsuke Itani (para track and field), Yuto Sano (goalball), Naohide (para swimming), Katsuya Hashimoto (wheelchair rugby), Taku Sanada (wheelchair tennis), and other Japanese Top athletes are scheduled to appear.

* Facial expressions, muscles, and words from close range could only be captured through close-up coverage. We will convey information from a perspective that focuses on the way Paralympians live their lives. * * [Summary of the series series “Close-up Paralympians”] *
Published in: * Shueisha “Paraspo+!” (Paraspo Plus!) *

Series start date: 1st May 8, 2024 (Wednesday)
*Scheduled to be updated every Tuesday at 11am (until August 2024) This series is published on “Shueisha Online” ( ) can also be read. The first article will be distributed on May 9th (Thursday) at 11am.
[Photographer Takao Ochi Profile]
Ochi Takao. Born in Osaka in 1979. Graduated from Osaka University of Arts, Department of Photography. I have been involved in reporting on parasports since 2000, and have photographed 11 Paralympics in summer and winter. In 2004, he established the para sports news media “Kampala Press.” Photographs and writes from a perspective that focuses on the way of life as an athlete. In addition to publishing photo books and writing columns for the Mainichi Shimbun, she has also held fashion shows for women with prosthetic legs, “The Amputated Venus Show,” and a photo exhibition, “Feeling the Paralympics.” He has also made numerous appearances on TV and radio. Currently developing activities that bring parasports and society closer together, centered on photography.

[About “Paraspo+!”]
An information dissemination site for people of all ages to learn more about, enjoy, and support the appeal of parasports*
Shueisha Co., Ltd. started in 2017. As a general publisher, we utilize the knowledge we have gained from disseminating information to readers of a wide range of generations to deliver content that supports parasports from a variety of angles.
In preparation for the “Paris 2024 Paralympic Games,” we will support everyone, regardless of disability, gender, or age,*
We aim to create a “diversity” society where everyone can live a lively life and play an active role *.

[Comment from “Paraspo+!” Editor-in-Chief Mihoko Uchiyama]
* I want to support the new phase of parasports! *
Athletes from 162 countries and regions participated in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. It provided an opportunity for many people to see the bravery of para-athletes, and greatly contributed to the promotion of diversity in Japan, both physically and psychologically. Furthermore, after the Tokyo Games, the number of participants in each sport increased, and although the games were held without spectators, they still had a great influence on hosting the games in their own countries.

However, compared to sports for able-bodied athletes, it is still in the process of developing both in terms of popularity and
understanding, and in the field of para sports, people say, “I want Tokyo 2020 to be a starting point, not a goal,” and “Japan’s para sports are just beginning.” It’s a word you often hear.

Things to do and see have become easier and more familiar. For this reason, “Parasport+!” has continued to cover parasports and
para-athletes even after the “Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.” The Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, the biggest festival of para sports, will be held again this year. “Parasport +!” will tell you about Japan’s
increasingly popular para sports and the appeal of para athletes. * *What is parasports (sports for people with disabilities)?* Sports for people with disabilities are sports that have been devised, adapted, and developed so that people with disabilities can
participate in sports activities by changing competition rules and implementation methods according to their disabilities, and by using equipment to compensate for their disabilities. refers to.
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