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double Corporate wallet “N Suite” brand renewed

Corporate wallet “N Suite” rebrands
Evolving as a service that targets the diverse demands of business in the Web3 area
double Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Directors: Hironobu Ueno and Sakkasuke, hereinafter referred to as “double”) is a brand of Web3 business software “N Suite” with a wallet function for enterprises. has been renewed.
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Background of brand renewal
N Suite launched its service in January 2022 in anticipation of a significant increase in the number of companies entering the Web3 field triggered by the NFT boom in 2021, and the growing need for enterprise wallets.
At the beginning of the service, it was assumed that the service would be provided mainly to companies doing business in the NFT field. However, demand was more diverse than expected, and more than 60 companies have adopted it not only in the NFT field, but also in various uses and business areas, such as validator operations, DeFi usage, token issuance, and smart contract development. , we have supported the business. In addition, the size of companies varies widely, from startups to major listed companies.
As a result, N Suite has updated its services not only in the NFT field, but also to meet the diverse demands of businesses in the Web3 field.
We have reaffirmed our determination to continue evolving as a service that can be used for a variety of purposes and business fields, targeting companies of various phases and sizes, from startups to listed companies. We have redefined and renewed our brand.
Contents of brand renewal
Along with the brand renewal, we have updated the logo, brand colors, and official website.
About the new logo and brand colors
At the beginning of the service, we focused mainly on the NFT field, so the previous logo and brand color were based on the widely popular NFT logo created by double
[Image 2:×400.jpg] The new brand targets companies and business fields of various phases and sizes, not just the NFT field.
By using bright and soft brand colors, we have created a sense of familiarity and made it easy for companies of all sizes, from startups to large corporations, to contact us without any psychological hurdles.
In addition, the new logo retains some of the features of the previous logo, but removes the image centered on the NFT area.
[Image 3:×400.jpg] About the new official website
We have applied a new logo and brand color and updated the content. We have made it easier for you to understand the service content provided by N Suite, such as the usage scenarios of the service and the benefits of introducing it.
【Use scene】
・Storage of crypto assets/NFTs
・Issuance of FT/NFT
・Remittance and settlement of crypto assets and stable coins ・Use of DeFi
・Access to dApps
・Deployment of smart contract
[Advantages of introduction]
・Secure wallet management
・Building governance for wallet use
・Improving operational efficiency of Web3 business
N Suite official website:
[Image 4:×720.jpg] About N Suite
Web3 business software (SaaS) with wallet functionality for
enterprises. When a company owns a private key for doing business in the Web3 area, it provides a function that allows private key management with security and internal controls in mind. In addition, we support businesses entering the NFT/Web3 area by providing functions that allow them to safely and efficiently hold crypto assets, issue NFTs, and develop smart contracts necessary for businesses in the Web3 area. It has been implemented by over 60 companies, ranging from startups to major listed companies.
[Image 5:×630.jpg] How to apply for use:
Please let us know your interest in using the service from the “Contact us” section of the N Suite official website
Company Profile
double Co., Ltd.
Established in 2018 as a development company specializing in NFT and blockchain games. Works on blockchain game development such as “My Crypto Heroes” and “BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES” and joint game development with Japan’s leading game development company. He is involved in the development of the game-specific blockchain Oasys as the main developer, and operates “HOME Verse”, the L2 of Oasys. In addition to games, we also provide support for building unique blockchains (Verse) and N Suite, a business NFT management service that allows Web3 operators to manage private keys among multiple people. We also carry out a wallet development support project, focusing on the know-how cultivated through the development and operation of “Oasys Passport.” We provide one-stop OEM development that allows you to immediately expand your wallet business, as well as a set of APIs that enhance the user experience.
[Image 6:×1056.png ]
Company name: double Co., Ltd.
Location: 4-34-7 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director Hironobu Ueno/Ryo Sakka Business content: Development, operation, and sale of games and assets using blockchain technology

For inquiries regarding this matter:
email: Person in charge: Akira Ishida

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