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About holding the Recruitment and Retention Strategy Summit 2024

Personal Employment Promotion Association
About holding the Recruitment and Retention Strategy Summit 2024 How small and medium-sized enterprises that have difficulty raising wages can secure and retain human resources.
Spring labor negotiations in 2024 are in the midst of a rush to raise wages. Many companies not only respond in full to labor demands;
Some companies have implemented wage increases that exceed demands. Under these circumstances, how should small and medium-sized enterprises respond to wage increases?
We will hold the “Recruitment and Retention Strategy Summit 2024 for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” to answer this question. Balancing sustainable growth and talent acquisition while confronting cost increases due to wage increases
Our experts will provide you with the latest strategies and concrete solutions on how to proceed.
The Personal Employment Promotion Association, whose representative director is Kyoji Hagiwara, a social insurance and labor consultant, will hold the “Recruitment and Retention Strategy Summit 2024” on June 10, 2024 (Monday) at Tokyo International Forum Hall D5. (June 10th is a play on the words “6 (ro)” and “10 (do)” and is the day to think about labor contracts.)
Recently, there have been reports that wage increases will be implemented in spring labor-management negotiations, but the reality is that many small and medium-sized enterprises find it difficult to raise wages. Still, securing talented human resources is an
unavoidable issue. This summit will delve into strategies for attracting and retaining talent in the modern labor market, targeting small and medium-sized business owners, human resources managers, social insurance labor consultants, career consultants, and others.
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-Event details-
Date and time: June 10, 2024 13:00-16:00
Location: Tokyo International Forum D5 Hall
Target: Corporate human resources personnel, managers, social insurance and labor consultants, career consultants, and the general public.
Participation fee: Free
Capacity: 200 people
-Program contents-
Part 1: Lecture
・How to use SNS to attract Generation Z (Tsuyoshi Akiyama)
・Women’s work styles and remote work utilization (Akiko Sakai) ・Diversifying work styles and their legal issues (Noriyuki Okazaki) ・Introducing an “individual contract employee system” to strengthen hiring capabilities (Miho Tanaka)
・How to secure human resources through methods other than employment (Hiroto Okufuka)
Part 2: Panel discussion
・Theme: “Thinking about future work styles”
Coordinator: Kyoji Hagiwara (Representative of Personal Employment Promotion Association)
Through this summit, we aim to contribute to solving the problems of small and medium-sized enterprises struggling to secure human resources, and to share new strategies to respond to diversifying work styles.
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-Contact information-
Personal Employment Promotion Association
Representative Director Kyoji Hagiwara
Phone number: 03-3812-3621
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