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Home » Medii strengthens company management structure with 3 new executives appointed for corporate growth

Medii strengthens company management structure with 3 new executives appointed for corporate growth

Medii strengthens company management structure with 3 new executives appointed for corporate growth

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Press release: May 8, 2024
Medii strengthens company management structure with 3 new executives appointed for corporate growth
Medii Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Physician Yamada Hiroki (pronunciation: Medii) has appointed Shinichi Takamiya as an outside director following a resolution at the 4th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on April 25, 2024.
(Representative Partner of Globis Capital Partners Co., Ltd.), Executive Officer and CFO Yuki Tomita Award as Director, and Kobayashi as Full-time Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Shintaro has been newly appointed. We would also like to inform you that Medii has transitioned to a company with a board of directors based on a resolution at the same general meeting.
* Background to the establishment of the new management system * Medii, whose mission is “to provide medical care that leaves no one behind,” is celebrating its fifth year in business. E-Consult, an online specialist consultation service exclusively for doctors, facilitates early diagnosis and treatment optimization for patients with highly specialized diseases, creating sustainable healthcare that benefits various stakeholders, including patients and pharmaceutical companies. We have built an ecosystem and continue to grow day by day as a platform that can be used by many doctors.
By transitioning to a company with a board of directors and
establishing a new management structure, we aim to strengthen our corporate governance, accelerate business growth, and further improve corporate value by strengthening our management foundation to achieve our mission. Masu.

New management structure
Representative Director, Executive Officer and CEO Hiroki Yamada Director Executive Officer COO Ryosuke Tsutsui
Director, Executive Officer, CFO Yuki Tomita Award *Newly appointed Outside Director Shinichi Takamiya *Newly appointed
Full-time Audit & Supervisory Board Member Shintaro Kobayashi *Newly appointed Introduction of new outside directors/full-time auditors
* ■Outside Director Shinichi Takamiya*
Globis Capital Partners Representative Partner
Responsible for consumer, healthcare, and digital investments. Forbes Ranking of Japan’s Most Influential Venture Investors
1st place in 2018, 7th place in 2015, 10th place in 2020. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo (Graduation Thesis Special Award), Harvard Business School MBA (Second Year Excellence Award)
* ■Director Executive Officer CFO Yuki Tomita Award*
After completing his studies at Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering, he joined Roland Berger. Participated in RENOVA Co., Ltd. since 2006. Leads the IPO project as head of the corporate planning department. After the IPO in 2017, he was in charge of financial strategy, IR, budget control, risk management, etc. He will join Medii in 2022 and, as the head of finance and corporate planning, will be responsible for building the company’s foundation for Medii’s further growth and achieving its mission, focusing on organizational development and finance. In February 2024, he became an executive officer and CFO, and in April of the same year, he became a director. ■Full-time auditor Shintaro Kobayashi
After working at Digital Garage, Lycos Japan, and Tokyo Legal Mind, he founded Nippon Information Distribution and became a director. NHN After working in Japan, he became independent as an IT/WEB producer. Became full-time auditor of ALiNK Internet in October 2017. The company’s IPO took place in December 2019, playing a role in strengthening governance through audits by corporate auditors. Appointed as Medii full-time auditor in April 2024.
*Comment from Hiroki Yamada, Representative Director, Executive Officer and CEO* Medii will now become a company with a board of directors, including a full-time auditor, in order to establish a governance system that takes both offense and defense into consideration from the unlisted stage. With this new management structure, we will build a strong management system for even greater growth and accelerate the strengthening of our team for the next phase.
Tomita, who has a track record of leading the listing process as a corporate planning and finance officer, has been appointed as director and CFO, who is the key to governance.He has a broad perspective and high perspective that extends beyond corporate planning and finance, drawing on his experience as a former strategy consultant. I am looking forward to the management structure.
Mr. Takamiya, who was appointed as an outside director, not only has a track record of supporting growth as an outside director of famous companies, but also has a deep understanding of Medii’s business model, deciphers issues, and practical discussions on strategy based on that. I have received this from an objective perspective, and I believe that leveraging the perspective unique to an outsider will lead to further improvement of Medii’s corporate value. Mr. Kobayashi has been appointed as a full-time corporate auditor. He leverages his background in Internet business, including his track record as a corporate auditor, to gain a deep understanding and overall
understanding of Medii, and to provide accurate advice from an independent standpoint. We have put in place a system that can further enhance objectivity and ensure soundness.
Medii works with expert specialists from all over the country to cover all clinical departments and 99% of designated intractable diseases, and as of the end of last year, it has grown into a doctor platform where the most difficult cases are being solved in Japan. Diagnosis is not available everywhere, new drugs are available in the world, but not all doctors are able to use them properly, and they are not reaching the people who need them.In order to save these left-behind patients, we are working as a team through a new management structure. Together, Medii will realize “medical care that leaves no one behind.”

About E-Consult
E-Consult is a completely free online matching consultation service that allows attending physicians who are concerned about a patient’s diagnosis or treatment plan to discuss their case with a specialist who is not nearby via chat. With the cooperation of more than 1,200 expert specialists, we provide consultation in all specialized fields and cover diseases that account for 99% of the number of patients with intractable diseases designated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. You will be matched with the most suitable expert specialist according to the consultation content, and the doctor will be able to consult anonymously via chat. In addition to one-on-one consultation, you can also consult with a group of experts in multiple fields (patented).


About Medii
Medii’s mission is to provide medical care that leaves no one behind. We have created a system that allows all doctors to easily access expert specialists with advanced knowledge in each field.
Representative Yamada is an active rheumatology specialist and is also a patient with an immunologically intractable disease.The company name “Medii”, which means essence in Latin, refers to the medical structure that faces challenges from the two-way perspective of doctors and patients. This reflects our desire to fundamentally change the system. In particular, we are aiming for early diagnosis and treatment optimization for rare and intractable diseases, which are major challenges for which specialized knowledge is tacit knowledge. Company name: Medii Co., Ltd.
Address: THE GATE Shinjuku Gyoen 2F, 1-24-12 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Established: February 20, 2020
Capital: 325 million yen
Representative: Representative Director and Doctor Hiroki Yamada URL:
*E-Consult is a registered trademark of Medii Co., Ltd.
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