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Home » Yukai Engineering Co., Ltd. The addictive experience robot “Amagami Ham Ham” project has started on Taiwan’s largest crowdfunding platform “ZECZEC”

Yukai Engineering Co., Ltd. The addictive experience robot “Amagami Ham Ham” project has started on Taiwan’s largest crowdfunding platform “ZECZEC”

Yukai Engineering Co., Ltd.
A project for the addictive experience robot “Amagami Ham Ham” has started on Taiwan’s largest crowdfunding platform “ZECZEC” Crafan will start in Taiwan from Wednesday, May 8, 2024.
“Amakamami Ham Ham” is sold by Yukai Engineering Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Shunsuke Aoki), which plans and develops many robots and IoT products with the aim of “Making the world a better place through robotics.” Crowdfunding started on Wednesday, May 8, 2024 on Taiwan’s largest crowdfunding platform “ZECZEC”.
▼“Amagami Ham Ham” Taiwan Crowdfunding Overview
Period: Wednesday, May 8, 2024 from 13:00 Japan time
There are 6 types of returns including super early bird discounts for “Yuzu/Mikeneko”, “Kotarou/Shibainu”, “Rinrin/Panda”,
“Kururi/Otter”, and ZECZEC benefits.
Sweet Ham Ham project page
[Image 1:×670.jpg] Comment from Liao Li In recent years, as Taiwanese consumers have felt a sense of confinement, there has been a growing need for “healing” products among Taiwanese consumers. This product focuses on “sweet bite” and has a unique concept of “biting will heal you.” I was very impressed with this idea. We believe that this product can catch the attention of Taiwanese consumers. Please try the Taiwanese market as well. *This comment was made during the 2022 CAMPFIRE crowdfunding campaign for “Amakamami Ham Ham”, which received the “Kasei Award” in the gadget/product category.
What is “Amagami Ham Ham”?
[Image 2:×615.jpg] Yukai Engineering’s new form of healing was born from memories of raising children. This is the world’s first sweet chewing robot that reproduces the happy gestures that babies and young pets can only experience for a short period of time. When I put my finger in my mouth, it hums, clicks, and sometimes slacks off. Chew sweetly with various movements. You can always enjoy the enchanting “sweet bite” that feels good but you have to stop.
[Image 3:×340.jpg] History of “Amagami Ham Ham” Since it was announced at CES 2022 in January 2022, it has become a hot topic on SNS and media both in Japan and abroad, and in March of the same year, the crowdfunding challenge in Japan reached 2297% of the target and the number of supporters was 2267. The total amount of support achieved was 11,485,575 yen. With reservations and orders expected to be triple the number originally planned, initial shipments exceeded 20,000 at the time of release in July of the same year, and as of March 2024, while increasing corporate collaborations and new partners. The number of sales exceeded 50,000. Development background of “Amagami Ham Ham”
[Image 4:] “Amagami Ham Ham” is a product created at Yukai Engineering’s annual in-house event idea training camp, Makeathon@2020. The idea team came up with an idea based on the member’s own experience raising children, which reminded them of the sweet chewing behavior of babies and animals when they were infants. This project began with the thought of “Is it possible to recreate the happy moments that can only be experienced for a short period of time?” Ribu has collaborated with “Nemunemu Animals (R)︎” and collaborated with various companies and projects, including “Yuzu/Mikeneko” and “Kotarou/Shibainu”,
“Rinrin/Panda” and “Kururi/Otter”. Sweet ham ham is also available. A gesture that brings new discoveries every time you are bitten.
[Image 5:×500.jpg] Thanks to a program uniquely developed by Yukai Engineering called “Humgo Rhythm” that produces many sweet chewing gestures, you can experience a different sweet chew every time you insert your finger. For example, we made various gestures such as tasting ham, drowning ham, massage ham, and empty ham. We have implemented an algorithm that will never let you get bored depending on its parameters and combinations, and that you will discover new things every time you are bitten. The entire mechanism that includes the program is called the “Hamring System.” ▼”Amagami Ham Ham” official website▼”Amagami Ham Ham” Press Kit▼ “Amagami Ham Ham” Ham Ham” PV
Company introduction
[Image 6:×119.png ]
Founded in 2014, ZECZEC is Taiwan’s largest crowdfunding platform. Currently, it is one of the most popular crowdfunding sites in Taiwan. It has produced many of the most successful crowdfunding projects in Taiwan, with a cumulative total of over 50 billion yen. The number of projects has exceeded 10,000, and the number of supporters has exceeded 1 million. It is the most successful crowdfunding platform that supports projects in a wide range of genres, with a particular emphasis on creative projects and social contribution projects, strict project screening standards, and high-quality projects. Zeczec Site Page: About Yukai Engineering Co., Ltd. Yukai Engineering is a robotics company that plans and develops numerous communication robots and IoT products with the motto “Make the world a better place with robotics.” is. We use our strengths in communication design, robotics, and IoT, which we have cultivated through in-house product development, to support the development of companies’ products and services. Since we handle everything from concept and product design, hardware design, app/software development, mass production support, and crowdfunding in-house, we are able to quickly bring your company’s ideas to life. About services for corporations Main businesses 1. Contracted product and service development, DX support 2. Service development using robot platforms, senior support services, childcare support services, CX Improvement, etc. 3. Development and sales of our own products – communication robot “BOCCO” that connects families, cushion-shaped therapy robot with a tail “Qoobo”, “Yukai Creature Robot Kit”, etc. Education series “kurikit”, voice dialogue development kit ” codama”・Development kit “konashi 5” equipped with Bluetooth
5・“necomimi”, a cat ear-shaped communication tool that moves with brain waves・“BOCCO emo”, a future family robot that empathizes with you・Small, heart-healing tail Company information including the cushion “Petit Qoobo”, the addictive baby-like experience robot “Amagami Ham Ham”, and the breathing cushion “fufuly” Yukai
Engineering Inc. Representative Director: Shunsuke Aoki Establishment date: October 2011 1. Head Office: Musashiya Sky Building 101, 16-11 Tomiku-cho, Shinjuku-ku, TokyoWEB: https://www note:
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