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Island and office Co., Ltd. I&O Atami, a specialized off-site facility with a spectacular view, opens on May 17th

[Island and office Co., Ltd.] I&O Atami, a specialized off-site facility with a spectacular view, opens on May 17th

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Press release: May 8, 2024
I&O Atami, a specialized off-site facility with a spectacular view, opens on May 17th
*Designed by Kazukiyo Suma, who worked on Kamiyama Marugoto National College of Technology, renting out a building with a sauna and hot spring that can accommodate 10 guests/20 people for meetings* Island and office Co., Ltd. (Head office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Representative directors: Kazukiyo Suma, Kashiwagi
Aya (hereinafter referred to as our company) will operate an off-site specialized facility from May 17, 2024.
We are opening I&O Atami. I&O Atami is fully equipped with meeting space that can accommodate 20 people, bedrooms that can accommodate 10 people, facilities such as hot springs, saunas, and cold baths, and an office environment such as WiFi, whiteboards, and monitors, and is equipped with a meeting space that can accommodate 20 people. We will provide partnered locally produced meals, team building activities, and more.

Following I&O Hachijojima, which opened in May 2021, it was designed by Kazukiyo Suma, who also worked on the satellite office in Kamiyama Town, Tokushima Prefecture, and Kamiyama Marugoto National College of Technology. We are currently recruiting members for both locations. Design: Kazukiyo Suma
*About I&O Atami*

Atami, 40 minutes from Tokyo, is one of Japan’s leading hot spring resorts. Surrounded by the sea and mountains, this place is rich in nature and is lined with villas and resort condominiums, and was a popular destination for company trips during the Showa era, and was once home to many company resorts. Recently, it has once again attracted attention as a tourist destination, and the number of people moving here is increasing.

I&O Atami is a place where you can get away from the office in the city and spend an extraordinary time. We design spaces and experiences that are perfect for increasing team relationships and creating a vision for the future together.
* -Floor plan/equipment-*
1st floor
Bedroom 6 (bed 10), shower room 2, hot spring, sauna, cold bath Second floor
Meeting space, lounge, kitchen
Terrace, garden
office functions
WiFi, whiteboard, monitor, speakers, etc.

* -Facility/service details-*
Capacity: 10 people for accommodation, 20 people for meetings Available hours: Check-in 10:00, Check-out 18:00
Options: Meals, Activities
Address: 3-3 Momoyamacho, Atami City
Access: 30 minutes by Shinkansen from Shinagawa Station to Atami Station, 15 minutes walk from Atami Station (3 minutes by taxi) Total floor area: 200 square meters
Structure: wooden
Number of floors: 2 floors

*Comment from architect Kazukiyo Suma*
“Momoyama-cho, Atami City, which is known as a villa area, has almost no flat land. Taking advantage of this characteristic, we focused on creating viewpoints (terraces) from which you can view the sea and the city. The four terraces are designed to be used as excursions. They are continuous. All of the plants surrounding the building are from Hachijo Island, giving you the illusion of being on the island in an instant. The aim is to have the effect of
What it also has in common with I&O Hachijojima is the extensive use of glass. I designed it with the idea that the walls between nature and people, people and people, and myself and events would be removed as much as possible, and biases and boundaries would melt away. The furniture is easy to use for office functions, and the table design is a fusion of marble and wood. I hope that the table, which was created by combining the different things of natural materials, technology, and human hands, will generate more and more ideas that go beyond imagination. ”

*I&O usage plan*
Corporate/individual members
・30-night usage right: 2 slots left
・10-night usage right: 3 slots left
・5-night stay: 7 slots left
Contact form:
*Please contact us for terms and conditions. The plan is the same for I&O Hachijojima and I&O Atami.
*One-time trial use is also possible.
*What is I&O*
This is an off-site specialized facility for corporations and business people based on the concept of “ZONE”. Architect who worked on the satellite office and Kamiyama Marugoto National College of Technology in Kamiyama Town, Tokushima Prefecture
Kazukiyo Suma is working on the design with the aim of creating the “ultimate off-site experience” based on his past experience. It features a capacity of 8 to 10 people that is ideal for team building, extensive office functions, a circulation design that fosters communication, and a balance between easy access and an overwhelmingly unusual experience, and a program of activities that use the five senses and the body. We are developing mechanisms that allow users to spend time together, such as by creating a

Until now, I&O Hachijojima has been used for a variety of purposes, including management training camps, hackathons, CEO dojos,
co-creation kickoffs, and workshops with clients. Users range from VCs, startups, large company executives, new business departments, and consulting companies, and in addition to intensive discussions, they enjoy a variety of activities such as trekking, saunas, bonfires, and card games.
* Background to the start of the service and the future we aim for *

In response to recent trends in human capital management, an increasing number of companies are increasing their investment in people through various measures such as improving engagement, reducing turnover rates, diversifying work styles, and providing learning opportunities. We believe that regular off-site time creates the foundation for organizational growth.

Traditionally, off-sites are mostly done by combining rental conference rooms and hotels, but there are weaknesses in equipment such as whiteboards and WiFi, restrictions on usage time due to check-in and check-out timing, meals, activities, rental cars, etc. There are very few facilities that meet the requirements, such as the logistics involved.

We will create specialized off-site facilities that meet all of the above requirements and expand our services from both the hardware and software aspects in order to create the “ultimate off-site experience” with the power of environment, space, and experience.

* ■About Island and office Co., Ltd.*
Representative: Kazukiyo Suma, Aya Kashiwagi
Establishment date: September 2018
Location: 1-12-3 Seta, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Business: Planning, development, and operation of specialized off-site facilities
*About this release details*

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