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MEEQ Co., Ltd. On the Way, which develops the human flow analysis AI camera “TERAS”, achieves cost reducti on with “MEEQ SIM”

[MEEQ Co., Ltd.] On the Way, which develops the human flow analysis AI camera “TERAS”, achieves cost reduction with “MEEQ SIM”

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Press release: May 8, 2024
On the Way, which deploys the human flow analysis AI camera “TERAS”, achieves cost reduction with “MEEQ SIM”
*~Adopts an “uplink specialized plan” tailored to communication demand and promotes its use in other businesses~*
Meek Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, Executive Officer and President: Ryuta Minemura
On the Way Co., Ltd. (Head office: Machida City, Tokyo, Representative Director: Motoki Nonaka)
We would like to inform you that “MEEQ SIM” has been introduced for communication of “TERAS”, a human flow analysis AI camera developed by On the Way.

*Introduction background*

On the Way has been selling, renting, leasing, and maintaining professional radio equipment for over 30 years, and is currently developing and providing the AI ​​camera solution “TERAS.” “TERAS” performs real-time AI analysis of camera images, and in addition to counting the number of people and estimating their attributes, it can detect falls and break-in troubles, and is especially useful for marketing at short-term temporary sites such as exhibitions and events. It is used for security measures, etc.

Stable communication is essential to grasp the situation on-site in real time. When selecting a SIM, On the Way conducted tests with SIMs from multiple carriers, and found that it had the highest
communication quality and was the most stable.
SIM” has been introduced. TERAS communication is characterized by the fact that the upstream direction, in which video data and AI analysis results are sent to the cloud, is overwhelmingly larger than the downstream direction. Therefore, “MEEQ
By adopting the “Upload Specialized Plan” *1, which is a rate plan for “SIM”, we have achieved a reduction in communication costs. *1: Meek starts offering uplink specialized plan for IoT at the lowest price in the industry (our press release)

* Utilization of “MEEQ SIM” on the way*
At On the Way, we also utilize SIM in our IP radio equipment rental business. 『MEEQ
“SIM” allows you to classify and manage SIMs by business using the “grouping function” on the dedicated console, and allows you to easily change rate plans. In both businesses, “MEEQ”
By sharing “SIM”, it is possible to respond flexibly to the situation, and it is expected to reduce the total running cost.
In the future, On the Way plans to promote the adoption of
SIM-equipped IP radios, expand the deployment of “TERAS”, and promote the shared use of “MEEQ SIM”.

*On the “MEEQ” service site, an interview article about On the Way implementation cases is posted.

* ■Customer inquiries*
Meek Co., Ltd. Sales Headquarters
TEL: 03-4226-3119
* ■About MEEQ*
MEEQ is a NoCode IoT/DX that allows you to easily purchase, pay, register, and manage IoT communication services through an intuitive console screen.
Platform. You can use SIMs exclusively for data communication with NTT Docomo, Softbank, and KDDI lines, and you can easily add IoT lines to support a variety of businesses without having to prepare a system on your side.

We offer IoT storage, a database that automatically processes and stores data and can use it as part of your system, as well as applications that analyze data and connect it to actions.
We are expanding services that can be easily used by IoT operators and companies who want to utilize IoT.

■* About Meek Co., Ltd.*
NoCode IoT/DX for IoT service providers and companies promoting DX We have developed the platform “MEEQ” and provide low-priced (starting from 143 yen per month (tax included)), high-quality mobile communication lines, and data platforms that can be used without the need for coding.
Additionally, as one of the few MVNE operators that supports triple carriers (NTT Docomo, SoftBank, and KDDI), we provide networks, business systems, and business support to many major MVNO operators.

* ■Company profile*
Company name: Meek Co., Ltd.
Location: 8th floor, TOKYU REIT Shibuya R Building, 3-10-13 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Ryuta Minemura, Representative Director, President and Executive Officer
Established: March 2019
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