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24th Anniversary of Opening Holding a “Feast of Techniques by 15 Chefs” where you can enjoy the “techniq ues of chefs from each store” in one place

Tokyo Dome Hotel Co., Ltd.
[Celebrating 24th anniversary of opening] “Feast of techniques by 15 chefs” will be held where you can enjoy the “techniques of chefs from each store” in one place
A special fair with special menus supervised by the chefs of each restaurant and banquet at Tokyo Dome Hotel.
Tokyo Dome Hotel (location: 1-3-61 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President and General Manager: Fumiyuki Munakata) is celebrating its 24th anniversary. To commemorate this, we will be holding a “Feast of Skills by 15 Chefs” to commemorate the 24th anniversary of the opening of Super Dining “Relassa” from June 1, 2024 (Saturday).
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[Image 1:×1260.jpg] To commemorate the 24th anniversary of the opening of the Tokyo Dome Hotel, the super dining “Relassa” will host a “Feast of the Skills of 15 Chefs” featuring special menus supervised by honorary executive chef Akio Kamata and the chefs of each restaurant and banquet. ” will be held.
[Image 2:×2180.jpg] We would like our regular patrons of the Tokyo Dome Hotel to get to know the flavors of each restaurant’s chefs all at once, and for first-time guests to fully enjoy the chefs’ varied and proud creations in a buffet style. We will deliver it to you with the hope that you will receive it. Please enjoy to your heart’s content a feast of techniques available for a limited time only.
[The skills of chefs including the honorary executive chef come together! ] Supervised by honorary executive chef Akio Kamata, price-up menu “Abalone meuniere with green beans, seaweed and pork jus” (¥1,800 plus buffet price)
[Image 3:×596.jpg] Abalone meuniere with green beans, seaweed and pork jus
Abalone meuniere and pancetta are garnished with green beans flavored with sage and shallots, seaweed, and topped with pork and bacon stock, which brings out the light flavor of the abalone and creates a masterpiece full of aroma. This menu is created by Honorary Head Chef Kamata.
Two menus to choose from (dinner only)
Limited to one dish per person, you can choose one dish. *Children’s rates are not applicable.
◇“Spanish style sautéed scallops with chorizo ​​flavor” supervised by Naonori Shimizu, Food and Beverage Culinary Manager (dinner only) The main ingredient is scallops, and sweetly stir-fried onions and paprika are combined with chorizo. A spicy finish accented with Spanish paprika powder.
[Image 4:×596.jpg] Spanish-style sautéed scallops with chorizo ​​flavor (dinner only) ◇Supervised by Chinese Head Chef Hiroyuki Miyata “Shark fin soup with smoked chicken” (dinner only)
In addition to shark fin, which is a high-quality ingredient, we use chicken, bamboo shoots, enoki mushrooms, and shredded shibrigakko as an accent. We created a deep soup that brings out the flavor and texture of the ingredients.
[Image 5:×595.jpg] Shark fin soup with smoked chicken (dinner only)
Enjoy delicious food created by chefs from various genres all in one place! ◇“Beef Polpetti with Summer Vegetables Made with Green Minestra” supervised by Mamoru Arai, Head Chef of Japanese and Western Cuisine at Super Dining “Rilassa”
[Image 6:×596.jpg] Beef polpetti with summer vegetable green minestra
Polpetti (Italian-style meatballs) are simmered with summer vegetables such as zucchini, edamame, white beans, and tomatoes for a refreshing dish.
◇ Super Dining “Lilassa” Chinese chef Junichi Mori supervised “Boiled beef with chili pepper and Sichuan pepper aroma oil”
[Image 7:×596.jpg] Boiled beef with chilli and Sichuan pepper flavored oil
Spicy boiled beef. A masterpiece with Sichuan pepper as an accent. ◇Sky Lounge & Dining “Artist Cafe” Supervised by Chef Tatsukata Kashiwai “Short Pasta with Salsiccia and Summer Vegetables in White Wine Cream Sauce with Lemon Scent”
[Image 8:×596.jpg ]
Short pasta with salsiccia and summer vegetables in white wine cream sauce with lemon scent
Salsiccia, summer vegetables, and a light white wine cream sauce combine to create a pasta that is perfect for early summer with the scent of lemon.
◇Supervised by Chef Katsutomo Takahashi of Dining “De Mille” “Snow Crab Petit Poix à la Française with Trout Salmon Flambée”
[Image 9:×596.jpg] Snow crab petitpois à la française with fragrant trout salmon flambée A masterpiece made with a chef’s twist on a popular stew dish in France. By using vegetables such as green peas and lettuce, and snow crab instead of bacon, you can create a delicious seafood-based dish. Served with trout salmon that has a rich aroma.
◇“Stir-fried Pork with Shacha Sauce” supervised by Ryunori Inae, head chef at Chinese restaurant “Korakuen Hanten”
[Image 10:×596.jpg] Stir-fried pork with shacha sauce
We use Sacha sauce, which concentrates the flavor of seafood and has just the right amount of spiciness from chili peppers. With an addictive taste.
◇“Rum Spice Keema Curry” supervised by Banquet Chief Chef Daisuke Tanaka
[Image 11:×596.jpg] Rum spice keema curry
A special dish made with healthy and popular lamb meat. The deep spices and acidity of the tomatoes bring out the flavor of the lamb meat.
◇“Chicken confit with mushroom cream sauce” supervised by restaurant head chef Hideo Saito (dinner only)
[Image 12:×596.jpg] Chicken confit with mushroom cream sauce (dinner only)
Chicken thighs are rolled into rolls and slowly cooked in a steam convection to make them soft, and combined with a cream sauce containing the essence of morels, king king mushrooms, and shimeji mushrooms, this is a rich and delicious dish.
◇“Crustacean Blancmange, Sweet Shrimp, Broccoli Coulis” supervised by Banquet Cold Chef Naoto Wakatabe
[Image 13:×596.jpg] Crustacean blancmange, sweet shrimp, broccoli coulis
A cool, fluffy, smooth blancmange that melts in your mouth, made with crustacean essence and Spanish almonds. The sweetness of the sweet shrimp and the deliciousness of the broccoli create a perfect balance, making it the perfect dish for early to hot summer.
◇“Soupless Dandan Noodles” supervised by Banquet Chinese Chef Satoshi Yamafuji
[Image 14:×596.jpg] Dandan noodles without soup
Pork is made into a fragrant meat miso with shallots, cinnamon, oyster sauce, etc. You can enjoy it with noodles seasoned with spicy chili oil and Japanese pepper.
◇THE SUITE TOKYO Japanese Cuisine Chief Ken Arai supervised “Rirassa Mini Bowl” (Seared tuna with kettle-fried whitebait/Grated Japanese pepper with Kinshi tamago and grilled conger eel)
[Image 15:×596.jpg] Rirassa mini bowl (seared tuna with kettle-fried whitebait, Kinshi tamago and grilled conger eel with grated Japanese pepper)
“Tataki tuna with kamaage shirasu-gake” is a plate of mellow and moist seared tuna and plump and flavorful kamaage shirasu, chopped conger eel grilled with kabayaki sauce, brightly colored tamago and grated daikon radish flavored with sansho. Mini-sized version of “Kinshi tamago and grilled conger eel with grated Japanese pepper”. ◇THE SUITE TOKYO Western cuisine chef Hirokazu Hama supervised “Small shrimp and corn rolled barley salad Asian style”
[Image 16:×596.jpg ]
Shrimp and corn rolled barley salad Asian style
A colorful combination of shrimp with heads, shrimp, popcorn, corn, edamame, red onion, and rolled oats. By making kaffir lime leaves into a paste and adding cilantro, you can enjoy an Asian-flavored dish with a refreshing aroma.
◇“Vanilla and Chocolate Roll Cake” supervised by Chef de Pastry Chef Satoshi Tajima
[Image 17:×596.jpg] vanilla and chocolate roll cake
The fluffy dough made from domestic wheat is wrapped in rich chocolate cream and smooth chantilly cream.
In addition, there are many other attractive menus created by Rilassa chefs!
[Image 18:×922.jpg] roast beef
[Image 19:×2600.jpg] Pork tagliata with red onion and balsamic vinegar sauce (dinner only) ・Pork tagliata with red onion and balsamic vinegar sauce (dinner only) ・Fried mackerel Tatsuta with mango chili sauce (dinner only) ・Kimpa (dinner only)
·roast beef
・Aqua pazza with red fish and clams made with green seaweed and kelp soup stock ·chilled Chinese noodles
・Roasted chicken with buckwheat and Kinzanji miso flavor (lunch only) ・Cod bunuelo corn cheese cream (lunch only)
・Strawberry shortcake (dinner only)
・Apple and vegetable pound cake (lunch only)
・Gateau chocolate with raspberry cream and more
24th Anniversary of Opening “Feast of Skills by 15 Chefs” Event Overview URL: Period: June 1st (Saturday) to July 31st (Wednesday), 2024
Location: 3F Super Dining “Relassa”
Lunch buffet [90 minutes] 11:30-15:00 (last check-in 14:30)
Dinner buffet [120 minutes] 17:00-21:30 (last in 21:00)
Lunch Weekdays ¥4,950 per person / Child (4 years old to elementary school student) ¥2,050
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: ¥5,650 per person / Children (4 years old – elementary school students) ¥2,250
Dinner weekdays: ¥6,500 per person / Children (4 years old to elementary school age) ¥2,300
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays ¥7,200 per person / Children (4 years old to elementary school students) ¥2,500
*Soft drink bar included
*Displayed prices include service charge and consumption tax Reservations/Inquiries: Restaurant reservations TEL.03-5805-2237 (Reception hours 10:00-19:00)
*The menu is subject to change due to circumstances.
About Tokyo Dome Hotel
Tokyo Dome Hotel opened on June 1, 2000 in Tokyo Dome City, one of the largest entertainment areas in central Tokyo. Located in Bunkyo Ward, in the heart of the JR Yamanote Line, surrounded by historical heritage, and approximately 10 minutes by car or train from the Marunouchi/Otemachi area, it is an ideal location for business, leisure, and sightseeing. The hotel is responsible for the three elements that Tokyo Dome City should include: “watching”,
“playing”, and “relaxing”, and is not just a hotel that provides relaxation, but also incorporates “fun” and “playfulness”. We aim to create a hotel that is full of entertainment. The high-rise building, with 3 floors underground and 43 floors above ground, is 155 meters high and has a total floor area of ​​105,856.6 square meters, with 1,006 guest rooms, 9 restaurants and lounges (including 1 directly operated store outside the hotel), and 15 large, medium, and small banquet halls. , wedding facilities such as a chapel and temple, and an outdoor pool.
[Image 20:×810.jpg] Tokyo Dome Hotel exterior

Location: 1-3-61 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-5805-2111 (main)

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