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Todo Onada Co., Ltd. For first-time PR users Information on press release creation seminar using Qlipper free functions

Todo Onada Co., Ltd.
[For first-time PR users] Information on press release creation seminar using Qlipper free features
For those who want to start PR or those who want to distribute press releases, we will tell you how to start creating press releases for free.
An effective public relations strategy is essential to business success. The first step is to create and distribute a press release. However, the process can be specialized, cumbersome, and costly. That’s where Qlipper comes in, supporting free and effective PR. In this seminar, we will provide detailed explanations that are easy to understand even for first-time users.
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Click here to apply for the seminar. Event dates:
Friday, May 10th 14:00-15:00
Friday, May 17th 11:00-12:00
Seminar highlights:
Explanation of Qlipper features and benefits
Importance of press releases and effective creation procedures Improving skills through practical exercises
Introducing successful examples of press release creation
Target participants:
public relations person
marketing person
small business owner
startup founder
Others who are interested in creating press releases and public relations. This seminar will help you leverage Qlipper to create effective press releases and increase visibility for your business, even if you don’t have press release writing expertise. For first-time users, we will explain the press release distribution service and the impact of the media. Please join us.
Opening:・Introduction・Knowledge gained from this seminar
Overview of Qlipper:・What is Qlipper?・How can it be useful for business?・Introduction of main functions
Importance of press releases: – Definition and purpose of press releases – Effective use of press releases – Importance of reaching the media
How to use Qlipper’s free features: – Overview of Qlipper’s free features – Distribution schedule – Press release creation procedure – Manuscript correction – Media list management
Introducing success stories:・Introducing examples of successful press releases Closing and Q&A:・Seminar review・Q&A from participants・Follow-up information If you have any inquiries or other questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to teaching more people how to create effective press releases using Qlipper.
Speaker: Tatsuya Shiraishi |
Todo Onada Co., Ltd. Director Founder Todo Onada Co., Ltd. was founded in 2020. He meets with more than 200 companies a year and will hold more than 30 webinars in 2023. Todo Onada Co., Ltd. develops and operates PR effectiveness measurement SaaS Qlipper with the theme of DXing PR using PRxTech. Qlipper uses virtual PV calculated using patented technology to calculate the effect of each media article, which has not been possible before. Visualize the impact of PR effects on business performance and bring PR and corporate activities closer together.
Personal comment:
“There are a lot of people who don’t know much about press releases, but in this seminar we will clarify what they are, what you should do, and how much it will cost, and how to do it effectively and at the lowest possible cost. We encourage you to join us, not only for those who have no experience with press releases, but also for those who have given up on the subject and those who want to refresh their knowledge.
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