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Tominaga Trading Co., Ltd. National University Corporation Hitotsubashi University adopts paper pack natural w ater “U design water”

Tominaga Trading Co., Ltd.
National University Corporation Hitotsubashi University adopts paper pack natural water “U design water”
Tominaga Trading Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture) is an environmentally friendly paper-packed natural water company, “U design”, created by Hitotsubashi University (Headquarters: Kunitachi City, Tokyo), which will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2025. We are pleased to announce that we have adopted “Water (U Design Water)”.
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[Background of the adoption of U design water]
As part of its 150th anniversary commemoration project, Hitotsubashi University, a national university corporation, is conducting various research activities and regular classes to promote DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion). In addition, with the aim of disseminating the independent and ambitious activities of students based on their own thinking and action skills both inside and outside the university, we have established the Student Activities Support Project
“Diversity-related Student Activities Support Project (commonly known as “SusPro”). ]] will be implemented from July 2023.
Saspro special page:
Until now, the university had been using plastic bottles to distribute drinks to visitors, but as part of its efforts to preserve the environment, it has switched to paper-packed natural water called “U design water.” I did.
“U design water” will be used during internal and external conferences related to the 150th anniversary commemoration project and as a drink distributed to visitors to events.
[National University Corporation Hitotsubashi University Overview]
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Founded: September 1875 Headquarters: 2-1 Naka, Kunitachi City, Tokyo 186-8601 URL:
150th anniversary site:
Turn your thoughts into the future – U design water –
[Image 3:×2400.jpg] Natural water in paper packs with original labels starting from 120 bottles. “U design water” is a paper pack of natural water that has a lower environmental impact than plastic bottles. U design water allows customers to create their own original labels for small lots of 120 bottles. You can choose from two label patterns: full-color printing and single-color printing, and by attaching labels of your own design, you can create original products even in small batches. Give form to your thoughts on environmental issues, and support your SDGs efforts in a variety of situations: – As a welcome drink for customers visiting your office – As a drink to be distributed at seminars and conferences – As a novelty item at exhibitions and events. You can directly convey your thoughts and feelings.
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The paper pack container is a single drink size of 330ml, and is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry wherever you go. The water that is filled is natural water nurtured by the nature of Mt. Taradake in Saga Prefecture. With medium hard water with a total hardness of 190 mg/L, you can enjoy the refreshing taste of natural minerals. In addition, a portion of the sales of “U design water” will be donated to environmental conservation activities in Saga Prefecture. Through “U design water”, we will strive to contribute to a more prosperous recycling-oriented society.
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“U design water” uses a Tetra Pak container that has been FSC certified (*2) with a low environmental impact through life cycle assessment (*1), and the cap uses a bio-cap made from renewable raw materials. Did. Compared to PET bottles, it is possible to use approximately 56% less plastic (*3) and reduce global warming risk by approximately 40% (*4). The finished Tetra Pak container can be recycled. It will be reborn as household sanitary paper such as toilet paper. (*1) Life cycle assessment: A method to quantitatively evaluate the environmental impact of a product or service as a whole or at a specific stage. (*2) FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification: Sustainable forest utilization and conservation An international system to certify “appropriate forest management” created for the purpose of (*3) Based on Danish life cycle assessment (*4) Based on Norwegian life cycle assessment
[Image 6:×800.jpg] Neck POP type service started
We have received many positive comments about the ability to create original labels on paper cartons with a low environmental impact, but since the beginning of the service, we have received requests for a larger print area to make our products more appealing. We received a lot of them. In order to meet the needs of such customers, a neck POP with a larger printing area was released in June 2013.
【company overview】
[Image 7:×1460.jpg] Company name: Tominaga Trading Co., Ltd. Founded: May 1923 (Taisho 12) Established: September 1949 (Showa 24) Location: 5-1-21 Miyukidori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 651-0087 Company website:
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U design water official website for natural water in paper packs where you can create original labels starting from 120 bottles: More details about this release: