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Limited Time Rare Job English Conversation First Month 1 Yen Campaign!

Rarejob Co., Ltd.
[Limited Time] Rare Job English Conversation First Month 1 Yen Campaign! ……
EdTech company RareJob Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as RareJob) is pleased to announce that it will be running a 1 yen campaign for the first month on its online English conversation service “RareJob English Conversation”.
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About “Rare Job English Conversation”
Since its launch in 2007, “RareJob English Conversation” has provided a total of 65 million online English conversation lessons. In addition to our approximately 6,000 Filipino instructors, we offer lessons from Japanese instructors and native speakers, providing a variety of opportunities to experience English in order to improve the quality of the English learning experience and expand the needs of our students. In addition to the “lesson AI assistant function (β)” that uses ChatGPT to support English conversation during lessons, we also provide English learning support lessons taught by Japanese
instructors, and “Speaking Test powered by PROGOS” that measures English speaking ability. We strive to provide services that will help you speak English by creating a system that supports English learning from multiple angles.
First month 1 yen campaign overview
In this season when you can feel the breath of fresh greenery, we will support everyone who is taking a new step with a special campaign only for 7 days. “RareJob English Conversation” is offering a campaign of 1 yen for the first month of the popular plan for new members and those who are resuming membership. What you learn today will shape your future. Let’s move forward together towards our dreams!
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(*)Conditions apply for benefits. Please check the notes for details. About RareJob Co., Ltd.
Address: 2F Kyocera Harajuku Building, 6-27-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Gaku Nakamura, Representative Director and President URL:
Business content: English-related business / Qualification acquisition support business / Children and child-rearing support business Listing exchange: Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market
About RareJob Group’s business development
RareJob Group, an EdTech company, aims to “create a world where people around the world can demonstrate their individual abilities and play an active role” based on the group vision “Chances for everyone, everywhere.” We are developing our business for individuals, corporations, educational institutions, etc., focusing on online English conversation and assessments such as the AI ​​business English speaking test “PROGOS (R)”. In addition to English, we also provide a wide range of human resource-related services such as evaluation, training, and recruitment necessary for global leaders, services to support qualification acquisition, and child-rearing support services in the K12 field. We will continue to promote business development not only domestically but also globally.
Image movie: A slightly future landscape drawn by RareJob
[Video 2:] [Service provided]
◆English related services
-Online English conversation service
・Online English conversation service “Rare Job English Conversation”
・Online complete English conversation program with guaranteed results “Smart Method (R) Course”
-Assessment service (English proficiency measurement)
・Business English speaking test “PROGOS(R)”
・English speaking ability diagnostic app “PROGOS(R)”
-Human resource development related services for corporations ・Global business skills acquisition program “Global Skills Power Training”
・Global leader development training service for corporations
◆Qualification acquisition support service
・“Qualification Square” online learning service for difficult legal qualifications
◆Child/childcare support services
-Online English conversation service
・Ripple Kids Park, an online English conversation service for children
“Borderlink English Conversation”, an online English conversation service for children and students
-English class related services
・English class for children “Global Field”
-English instructor dispatch service
・ALT staffing service
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