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Tonkachi Co., Ltd. Selectable pottery Purchase Lisa Larson’s masterpieces!

Tonkachi Co., Ltd.
[Selectable pottery] Purchase Lisa Larson’s masterpieces!
Swedish potter Lisa Larsson’s masterpiece “Lion” maxi-sized pottery is now available for purchase at the online shop, where you can compare each item one by one. We also have vintage Lion maxi in stock. It is also available at TONKACHI STORE and Daikanyama’s directly managed store TONKACHI,6.
Tonkachi Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yukari Katsuki) will be offering maxi-sized pottery of your choice based on Swedish potter Lisa Larson’s masterpiece “Lion” on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. Publication and sales have started. Currently, the online shop “TONKACHI STORE” ( and the directly managed store “TONKACHI,6” in Daikanyama
( It is on sale at shop).
[Image 1:×1200.png ]
[Choose! Lion] Lion, lion, lions!
Lisa Larson is a lion!
Among them, the largest one is the maxi size. A large number has arrived from the Swedish workshop for the first time in a while. With a big face and small feet, it’s big enough to hug. What would it be like if a lion came into your front door, into your living room, into your everyday life? I wonder how I would feel if I looked up at those sparkling eyes.
This time, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a choice of Lisa Larson! This is your chance to choose your favorite from among many children. Look carefully at the facial expressions, the color of the mane, the texture of the soil, and enjoy the craftsman’s breathing. From May 1st, all lions will be at the directly managed store “TONKACHI,6 (Daikanyama)”! Along with the vintage Lion Maxi. Please come and see us!
*Inventory is shared between directly managed stores and online, so items may be sold out due to misplacement.
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lion maxi
The lion is from the AFRICA series designed in 1964 and is Lisa Larson’s signature work. At about 37.5cm in height, it is the largest size that a person can sit on. It has a considerable impact and presence. Just place one in your entryway or living room and it will add a touch of attention to your interior.
[Image 2:×500.png ]
Size: W35 x H37.5 x D39cm
Material: pottery
Weight: 7.2 kg
Country of origin: Sweden
Price: ¥110,000 (tax included)
A masterpiece created in the 1960s, the lion from the “Africa Series”. This lion was born in 1964 during Lisa’s Gustavsberg era and was produced until the 1980s. The idea came to Lisa while she was making a vase on the potter’s wheel. The current product was designed again in the 1990s and continues to be loved by a wide range of generations. Risa is the pottery that sparked a huge boom in Japan in the 2000s. It is extremely rare that a vintage lion maxi size remains in good condition. This ceramic piece is coveted by collectors and is hard to find.
[Image 3:×600.png ]
Size: W35 x H37.5 x D39cm
Material: Chamotte stoneware
Weight: 9.7 kg
Country of origin: Sweden
Price: ¥880,000 (tax included)
Lisa Larson Ceramist
[Image 4:×1180.png ]
Born on September 9, 1931 in southern Sweden. After studying at the School of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg, he joined Gustavsberg at the request of Stig Lindberg, the art director of the Swedish ceramics manufacturer Gustavsberg. He became a central designer supporting the company’s golden age. In 1952, she married the painter Gunnar Larsson. Became a freelancer in 1980 and has since worked with numerous clients. In the 2000s, collaboration with Tonkachi Co., Ltd. (Japan) began, which became an opportunity for a global re-break. In 2022, he will receive a government medal for his years of outstanding work in renewing and enriching Swedish arts and crafts. Died on March 11, 2024.
[Lisa Larson Official Site]
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