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Home » Live commerce management as a team is the key to strong sales Our affiliated live commerce company “Akil Liv e Market” achieved record monthly sales!

Live commerce management as a team is the key to strong sales Our affiliated live commerce company “Akil Liv e Market” achieved record monthly sales!

Cellest Co., Ltd.
[Live commerce management as a team is the key to strong sales] Our affiliated live commerce company “Akil Live Market” achieved record monthly sales!
Sales expanded to a maximum of 7.6 million yen per month after joining the live commerce specialty office “Celeste”
Cellest Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director and CEO: Hiroshi Sasaki, hereinafter referred to as the Company), which operates a live commerce business with the aim of establishing a live commerce infrastructure in Japan, is a live commerce specialist office operated by the Company. We would like to inform you that our affiliated merchant “Duck Live Market” has achieved the highest monthly sales ever.
“Ahiru Live Market” has been affiliated with “Celeste” since March 2024, with the aim of improving the harsh working environment of live merchants and ensuring time to spend with family and be yourself. . In the first month after joining the group, we achieved a record monthly sales of over 7.6 million yen.
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] Reasons for strong sales of “Duck Live Market”
As a member of the live commerce specialty office “Celeste” as a member of “Duck’s Live Market”, we have increased sales by repeating improvements with each distribution based on the support of staff who specialize in various tasks. I’m here.
Celeste, a live commerce specialist office, provides full support from catching up on popular products to purchasing, shipping, and marketing.
●Marketing support
We plan marketing strategies and campaigns for the distribution itself, and acquire and negotiate PR projects from manufacturers and agencies.
Normally, live commerce would analyze the market, make plans, and negotiate with manufacturers on their own, but we provide professional support by deploying marketing specialist staff.
●Sales support
We perform product analysis and audience analysis based on sales data and purchase products that will sell.
In addition, our support is not limited to purchasing, but our specialized staff handles tasks that require the most time and effort, such as product management, listing, shipping, customer support, and inventory management. We support you so you can concentrate on creating programs that viewers will enjoy.
●Support regarding distribution
By having a fully equipped distribution studio and deploying specialized equipment and staff, we are able to improve the quality of live content, contributing to improved viewer satisfaction, and an increase in the number of viewers and viewing time.
Our staff also provides support for things that would be difficult for a live commercialer alone to manage, such as comment support during streaming, managing the streaming schedule, goal setting, and motivation management.
●Promotion support
We will conduct SNS operation and analysis, advertising operation and analysis, and strategically carry out promotions so that more people can watch.
Although it is difficult to operate as an individual, by belonging to an office called “Celeste”, you can operate it as a company. ●Legal and tax support
We provide legal advice and support for contracts, including product copyrights and trademarks, and laws and regulations regarding internet sales.
We also provide professional tax advice and provide appropriate countermeasures based on the latest tax law revisions.
What is “Duck Live Market”?
[Image 2:×643.jpg] Since 2017, we have been selling domestic and international character goods, daily necessities, and food via live streaming.
She is a popular live merchant who sells over 1.5 million yen in a single stream, and is mainly supported by women in their 30s to 50s. Their motto is “Bringing smiles to moms across the country and energy to working women.”
We also accept requests for sales and PR, so please feel free to contact us. [Duck Live Market]
[Duck Live Market SNS Account]
・Instagram (@ahirushop2018) ・TikTok (@ahirushop0918) ・Official LINE What is Cellest Co., Ltd., which “aims to create live commerce infrastructure in Japan”?
Cellest Co., Ltd. is a startup company from Kansai that aims to create live commerce infrastructure.
We develop and operate the mall-type live commerce platform “WABE” and operate “Celeste”, a live commerce specialist office that handles everything from live commerce training and career management to promotion.
By creating a live commerce infrastructure, people will be able to enjoy the exciting purchasing experience that could only be
experienced at physical stores from anywhere in the country, revolutionizing the history of physical store business, which has remained unchanged for hundreds of years.
Company Profile
Company name: Cellest Co., Ltd.
Address: 6th floor, Calabasa Head Office Building, 3-3-8 Kutaro-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture
Established: July 31, 2019
Representative: Hiroshi Sasaki
Business details: Live commerce sales business, live commerce consulting business, live commerce platform business
Business URL:
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