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OPENREC Co., Ltd. OPENREC raises approximately 2.4 billion yen in funding

OPENREC raises approximately 2.4 billion yen in funding
Strengthen systems for creating and utilizing original IP
OPENREC Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yo Hyodo) is a subsidiary of SEGA SAMMY Holdings Co., Ltd. (through a CVC fund managed by Pegasus Tech Ventures), Aqua Clara Lemongas Holdings Co., Ltd. (managed by Pegasus Tech Ventures) (through CVC funds), GENDA Capital Co., Ltd., Accord Ventures Co., Ltd., Japan Growth Capital Investment Corporation (managed by Nomura Sparks Investment Co., Ltd.), third-party allotment capital increase underwritten by Vector Co., Ltd., and from financial institutions. Including the above loans, we raised approximately 2.4 billion yen.
With this procurement, we will strengthen the creation and development of original IP such as offline events such as the “Streamer Hyper Game Tournament” and the streamer brand “with mellow”, and expand our business.
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Latest business situation
It is a streaming community platform where over 10 million people around the world can enjoy live streaming, game events, etc. There is also plenty of original content, including streams and events that can only be seen here. We will support communication with fans by providing the best live streaming experience and the most comfortable viewing environment.
[2nd Streamer Hyper Game Tournament]
Under the planning and supervision of popular streamer Junichi Kato, it was a big event with more than 100 streamers including online participants, approximately 40,000 visitors, and a maximum number of simultaneous connections of approximately 300,000. I did.
You can watch the pre-draft meeting and the broadcast on the day from past live broadcasts (archived videos).
[Original apparel brand with mellow]
An apparel brand that combines cuteness and casualness with the concept of wearing something stylish.
It is a popular brand that develops collaboration items with Assarishoko, EXAM, and Hidetaka Kano, and some products sell out immediately upon release.
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Future prospects
In addition to the online user experience on “,” we are increasing the enthusiasm of the community by providing real-life experiences, and promoting the creation of IP content and characters. With this funding, we will further accelerate the speed of business growth, improve user experience, and invest in strengthening IP creation.
1. Strengthening the system
Acquiring excellent human resources to support OPENREC
2. Producing original programs and maximizing the value of real experiences Strengthen processes ranging from holding original programs with partner distributors, holding attractive performances and events, and producing and selling original goods.
3. Strengthen planning for IP conversion
Planned and strategic planning to speed up the creation of original IP and maximize profits
Investors (in no particular order)
・Aqua Clara Lemon Gas Pegasus Tech Ventures, L.P.
(CVC jointly invested by Aqua Clara Lemon Gas Holdings Co., Ltd. and Pegasus Tech Ventures of the US)
・Pegasus Tech Ventures, Inc.
(CVC jointly invested by SEGA SAMMY Holdings Co., Ltd. and Pegasus Tech Ventures of the US)
・GENDA Capital Co., Ltd.
・Accord Ventures Co., Ltd.
・Japan Growth Capital Investment Corporation
(Managed by Nomura Sparks Investment Co., Ltd.)
・Vector Co., Ltd.
Borrowing financial institutions (in no particular order)
・Shoko Chukin Bank Co., Ltd.
・Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Ltd.
・Resona Bank, Ltd.
Comments from investors
Mr. Anis Uzzaman, Founder and CEO of Pegasus Tech Ventures
We are very pleased to have been able to invest in OPENREC, a company that leads the live distribution platform business for game play and other content.
Live streaming has already gained popularity in various formats, and is expected to be a market that will continue to grow significantly. Under these circumstances, the company has succeeded in increasing the number of passionate fans and creating a unique position through the method of community formation. This is very wonderful.
In the future, we are planning to further expand our content and expand overseas, and it is expected that it will develop as Japan’s first leading live distribution platform.
We at the Pegasus team would like to support the company’s growth. GENDA Capital Co., Ltd. Representative Director Kohei Habara We have recently invested in OPENREC.
This is our first project, and we are very happy to be able to work with OPENREC on this memorable journey.
Game commentary and live streaming are truly an area that is taking root as a new form of entertainment culture.
Among them, OPENREC has built a strong fan community and gained support from many users by focusing on creating original IP channels in addition to live distribution platform functions.
We are looking forward to growing together with OPENREC and increasing the “total amount of fun” distributed to the world.
Accord Ventures Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Fumihiko Ishimaru
As a platform originating from Japan, OPENREC has created an extremely passionate community centered on game enthusiasts that straddles both online and real world.
Games are one of the contents that Japan is proud of to the world, and we hope that the OPENREC community will expand not only in Japan but all over the world.
Shinji Naito, Chairman and Representative Director, Nomura Sparks Investment Co., Ltd.
In the game play video distribution market, which continues to grow, we believe that OPENREC is in a unique position to create a fan community that is close to the distributors.
We hope that by rationally allocating capital, OPENREC will be able to achieve medium-term profit growth by supporting interactions between distributors and users, and contribute to the further development of video distribution culture. I’m here.
Vector Co., Ltd. Representative Director, Chairman and President Hajime Nishie In today’s world, where watching live streaming and game streaming is becoming established as a lifestyle, we are Japan’s first and largest live streaming platform, and we also plan, produce, and operate our own original programs and events, as well as support our fan community. We believe that OPENREC, which is also focusing on the formation of the world, is an essential service that will enrich people’s lives in the future.
This is our company’s vision, and we would like to continue to help “spread good things to the world and make people happy” like OPENREC.
Comment from Yo Hyodo, Representative Director of OPENREC Co., Ltd.
[Image 3: &S3=115510-32-b6b15222150B92F51F51F51BC67 A6D5-1400×1400.png] We value partnerships and keep in mind the idea of ​​co-creating happiness for our distributors and users. The moment when we provide a stage for the individuality of streamers to shine and create content that moves users’ hearts is the moment that brings us the greatest joy. We feel that each time our community grows, our content is reinvented and touches the hearts of people all over the world. This expansion has further enriched the space for resonance with
distributors and users. We would like to continue creating our own IP and accelerate the creation of intellectual property that represents Japan. We aim to use creativity and innovation to open up new horizons for future culture and entertainment. Even though Japan’s population is expected to decline, the number of users who incorporate live streaming and game streaming/viewing as part of their lifestyle is expected to continue to grow. The number of users from overseas continues to increase, and this trend is likely to expand further in the future. We will continue to work with you to create a new world and increase the moments when broadcasters and users feel happy. Thank you very much for your support.
About OPENREC Co., Ltd.
Address: 5th floor, Nishi-Shinjuku Muromachi Building, 1-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director Yo Hyodo
Established: December 28, 2022
Business content: Live streaming business
Company website: service site:
OPENREC welcomes requests from official game manufacturers who can provide material, production companies with projects and events, broadcasters and companies who would like to appear.
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