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Home » Vampire-themed survival action RPG “V Rising” is officially released today on Steam! Collaboration with Cast levania “Legacy of Castlevania” is also available!

Vampire-themed survival action RPG “V Rising” is officially released today on Steam! Collaboration with Cast levania “Legacy of Castlevania” is also available!

Stunlock Studios
Vampire-themed survival action RPG “V Rising” is officially released today on Steam! Collaboration with Castlevania “Legacy of Castlevania” is also available!
Become the vampire king and rule the night!
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Today, May 8th, Stunlock Studios’ popular vampire survival action RPG “V Rising” was officially released (version 1.0) on Steam.
As a newly awakened vampire, players build their own castle and explore a gothic open world full of danger. You can hunt for blood alone, or you can band together with friends online to form a clan and battle it out, there are endless ways to play.
In this work, 57 ferocious bosses that stand in your way as a threat appear in 7 explorable areas. Packed with new content, you can fully enjoy the dark world of this work.
In version 1.0, a new “Mortium Ruins” will appear. This ruin is a vast, cold area that once flourished as the base of a vampire civilization. It is currently occupied by the remnants of a cult that adores Dracula. Players will explore the depths of the ruins, challenge the ancient tyrant “Dracula” in a fierce showdown, and aim to become the true ruler of the night.
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■Collaboration with KONAMI’s masterpiece “Akumajo Dracula”!
To commemorate the release of “V Rising”, we will be holding a collaboration event “Akumajo Dracula Legend” with Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.’s “Akumajo Dracula”.
In the collaboration, you can obtain the new weapon “Whip” by challenging the legendary vampire hunter “Simon Belmont”.
In addition to the free DLC “Akumajo Dracula” content, we will be selling the skin DLC “Akumajo Dracula Premium Pack” (2,000 yen), which is irresistible for fans. Pay homage to Castlevania and build your own castle filled with a gothic world. The premium pack also includes additional features such as custom skins and Castlevania music. ▼Click here for the latest trailer for “V Rising”!
[Video 2:] ■From Stunlock Studios CEO Ricard Friesegard
After 5 years of dedication and constant hard work, we have been able to realize the vision of “V Rising” that we set out many years ago. I couldn’t be more proud of our team for creating a game that embodies our style: a unique hybrid genre that puts content first. With “V Rising”, our development technology has been elevated to new heights. A big thank you to all the players who supported us during Early Access. And to all new players, welcome to the best V Rising! ■About the official release version of “V Rising”
“V Rising” is on sale on Steam for 3,400 yen. To commemorate the release, you can purchase it at a 10% OFF price for two weeks from today. Following the PC version, we plan to release it on PS5. Details will be announced at a later date.
▼New content implemented in the full version of “V Rising”:
● New end zone: Ruins of Mortium
● Dynamic end event
● New kind of monster: Draculin
● New bosses in V Blood including the final boss “Dracula”
● Legendary vampire hunter “Simon Belmont” appears as a new boss in the collaboration event
● New weapons, new gear levels, magic optimization
● Optimization of castle architecture, interior, and storage ● Gamepad compatible
● Other optimizations, improved graphics, and improved gaming experience ● Click here for details on the 1.0 update:
● Purchase on Steam: ● Add to wishlist on PlayStation Store:
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● Email newsletter registration: ■About “V Rising”
As a newly awakened vampire, the player survives a world ruled by humans and aims to become the next Dracula. Drain blood to gain new powers, hide from the scorching sun, and engage in real-time PvE and PvP battles in a dark fantasy world. Build your own castle and invite your friends. Loot villages, take on bandits, explore dens of supernatural beasts, and more in a vast open world. The theme of this game is blood, power, and betrayal, and it’s all up to you whether you want to attack other players’ castles or organize various factions! The early access period, which received a variety of responses, has ended, and “V Rising” will finally be officially released on May 8th. The game has sold over 4 million copies since its early access launch and received a high rating of 88% on Steam reviews. Stunlock Studios is proud to bring you this sophisticated vampire game.
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