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Home » Utilizing e-sports for regional revitalization. “IGA CUP powered by GLOE” held on June 16th in Ibaraki Prefe cture

Utilizing e-sports for regional revitalization. “IGA CUP powered by GLOE” held on June 16th in Ibaraki Prefe cture

Utilizing e-sports for regional revitalization. “IGA CUP powered by GLOE” held on June 16th in Ibaraki Prefecture
Igarashi Sogyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Representative Director: Norio Igarashi) is a total engineering company located in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture, and GLOE, which provides various services related to games and e-sports as a GAMING LIFESTYLE Company. Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Directors: Yuya Tanida, Akihito Furusawa, Stock Code: 9565) will hold the “IGA CUP powered by GLOE” will be held.
[Image 1:×1080.jpg] This event is held with the desire to encourage people from local areas to take on the challenges of the world.
While various events aimed at regional revitalization and regional revitalization are being held in various places, events that utilize games and e-sports have recently been attracting attention. “IGA CUP powered by GLOE” to be held on Sunday, June 16, 2024, will be held by Igarashi Sougyo, which operates various engineering businesses including electrical work inside and outside of Ibaraki Prefecture, to support young people and improve northern Ibaraki Prefecture. This is the first e-sports event held with the aim of revitalizing the region. Igarashi Sogyo, whose company philosophy is “community-based”, actively works to revitalize the region by holding and supporting events aimed at revitalizing the region. Events such as Oktoberfest that aim to further revitalize Hitachi City, our hometown, including a series of initiatives that made it possible to hold the music festival “Rock in Japan” in Ibaraki for the first time, attracting more than 250,000 music fans. We have been involved in various social
contribution activities for many years, such as organizing events, donating to children’s homes, and supporting NPO activities. In addition, we operate Takahagi U Field, one of Japan’s largest campgrounds that utilizes closed elementary and junior high schools in Takahagi City, Ibaraki Prefecture, as well as a drone school, and host regional revitalization events such as the “Forest School Marche.” We are actively holding this event.
This time, we have decided to hold an e-sports event as a familiar community event. With the desire to encourage the younger generation to take on challenges from local to global competitions, we have adopted “Street Fighter 6” as the e-sports content for the world’s largest offline fighting game competition, “EVO (Evolution
Championship Series).” I did.
“IGA CUP powered by GLOE” overview
■Event name: IGA CUP powered by GLOE
■Date and time: Sunday, June 16, 2024
Reception starts 10:00
Battle start 11:30
Ending 17:00
*Times may change without notice. Thank you for your understanding. ■Location: Takahagi Eufield (682 Shimokunita, Takahagi City, Ibaraki Prefecture) ■Participation fee: Free
■Prize: 300,000 yen for the winning team (100,000 yen/person) ■Event site: ■Application form:
■Recruitment frame: 16 teams
・One team will form a team of 3 people, and a group qualifying round (round robin) will be held with 4 teams.
・The top two teams from the group qualifying will advance to the final tournament, and the winning team will be determined by a
single-elimination tournament.
*If the number of participants reaches the upper limit, a lottery will be held. Thank you for your understanding.
Also, the day before or after the event, you can experience camping while looking at the starry sky at Takahagi Eu Field on the
mountaintop. For more information, please see the camp reservation page below.
■Camp reservation page: Professional gamer ACQUA and e-sports caster Sasa participate! On the day of the event, Mr. ACQUA, a professional fighting game gamer who belongs to Hiroshima TEAM iXA, and Mr. Sasa, who is active as an e-sports caster and provides live commentary at official tournaments in the Street Fighter series, will participate and provide live commentary and commentary.
In addition, under Mr. Sasa’s commentary, an exhibition match will be held between the winning team and Mr. ACQUA, who is active around the world.
[Image 2:×406.jpg] Guest: Mr. iXA ACQUA
[Image 3:×406.jpg] Live commentary: Mr. Sasa
About Igarashi Sogyo
Since its founding in 1951 as Igarashi Electric Company, Igarashi Sogyo Co., Ltd. has continued to grow primarily in the field of electrical work. After that, we developed a wide range of businesses such as pipe construction, firefighting equipment inspection, information and communication related construction, and solar power generation, and in 2010, we aimed to become a total engineering company that will lead the next generation by leveraging all the technologies and achievements we have cultivated. In February, the company name was changed to “Igarashi Sogyo Co., Ltd.” Furthermore, we have established group companies such as “U-Field Co., Ltd.” which operates the drone school and auto campground “Takahagi U-Field” located in Takahagi City, Ibaraki Prefecture, and “IGA MEX Co., Ltd.” which operates mechatronics-related businesses. We are proceeding with diversification. In order to inherit the founder’s belief that “a company only has value as a company if it contributes to society,” the company’s management philosophy is
“community-based,” and with the aim of becoming a company that is loved by the local community, We are actively involved in community contribution activities, such as planning and managing events and supporting welfare facilities.
・Company name: Igarashi Sogyo Co., Ltd.
・Location: 2-8-6 Saiwai-cho, Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture ・Established: April 23, 1979
・Representative Director and President: Norio Igarashi
・Business details: Electrical work, plumbing work, architectural work, telecommunications work, firefighting facility work, machinery and equipment installation work, scaffolding and civil engineering work, civil engineering work, painting work, water supply facility work , demolition work, other construction work (security services, industrial waste collection and transportation)
About GLOE
Since its founding in 2015, at the dawn of e-sports, GLOE has been involved in the planning and management of events and tournaments of all genres related to e-sports, video production and distribution, promotion, casting, facility management, and consulting, as well as regional development utilizing e-sports. We have been engaged in revitalization and creation of new businesses. Wellplaid and Riseest merged in February 2021. In May 2023, we changed our vision to “We are the GAMING LIFESTYLE Company.” and our mission to “Make people and society happy through games.” In February 2024, we changed our trade name from Wellplaid Raised to GLOE. We aim to contribute to the further development of the gaming and esports industry by continuing to provide solutions, services, and products that fit the lifestyles of people who take gaming for granted.
・Company name: GLOE Co., Ltd.
・Location: 6F, Grand First Shinjuku Gyoen, 22-1 Daikyomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo ・Established: November 19, 2015
・Representative Director: Yuya Tanida Akihito Furusawa
・Business content: Planning and production related to games and e-sports, tournament management, production, consulting, promotion, facility management, etc.

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