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Sanyo Sales Co., Ltd. Niconico Super Conference 2024 “Super SANYO Sea Story Booth” Exhibition Report

[Sanyo Sales Co., Ltd.] Niconico Super Conference 2024 “Super SANYO Sea Story Booth” Exhibition Report

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Press release: May 8, 2024
Niconico Super Conference 2024 “Super SANYO Sea Story Booth” Exhibition Report *It was a great success with a light talk by MC “Pekopa” and a pachinko showdown with popular VTuber “Nijisanji”! *
SANYO Sales Co., Ltd. will be exhibiting the “Super SANYO Umi Monogatari Booth” at “Niconico Chokaigi 2024”, a subculture festival held in real life at Makuhari Messe on April 27th (Saturday) and 28th (Sunday). Ta. This is our 6th time exhibiting, and our booth concept is “touch points to experience Pachinko and Umi Monogatari”, and we aimed to create a structure that both fans and non-users can enjoy.
On stage, comedian “Pekopa” will be the MC, and there will be a pachinko showdown between the popular VTuber/virtual liver group “Nijisanji” and the SANYO team, and the release of the latest music video for the new chapter I Marine Project. In addition to the stage, the experience corner for Super Giant Sea Story and the trial corner for the latest pachinko and pachislot machines attracted more visitors than last year. In addition, the number of viewers for the live broadcast greatly exceeded last year’s number, and the “Super SANYO Umi Monogatari Booth” ended with great success.
Fans of the performers, pachinko users, and people passing by…the ending was a huge success.
■The main stage is Nijisanji vs SANYO “Strongest Umi Monogatari Team Deciding Battle”
The main stage that was held throughout the two days was the popular VTuber / A pachinko showdown featuring Rain Patterson, Ibrahim (only available on the 27th), and Gaku Fushimi (only available on the 28th) from the virtual liver group “Nijisanji.” Shupei from “Pekopa” joins the SANYO team led by the 10th generation Miss Marine. Furthermore, in the final stages of the event, “Carpenter Gen-san” made an emergency appearance, and the venue erupted into loud cheers.
A large number of spectators gathered in front of the stage from the time the venue opened, and many Nijisanji fans came rushing in wearing cheering merchandise. Thanks to the easy-to-understand explanations by pachinko writer Dotechin and the simple game flow of the Umi Monogatari series, from the middle of the showdown onwards, many visitors with no pachinko experience were seen leaning forward to watch each school of fish. .
SANYO’s official VTuber “Naginami” supports rule explanations and announcements of campaigns held at Official X. Fans of both sides were overjoyed by Nijisanji and Naginami’s dialogue between VTubers, with some saying, “I want to see more of this member’s streams!” After a close battle, the SANYO team won. At the ending, there was a comment from Nijisanji’s Gaku Fushimi asking for revenge, so there might be a possibility of a rematch!
A heated battle between virtual and real! The audience seemed to be listening to Mr. Dotechin’s explanation with great interest. Various missions occur in between!
First collaboration between Nijisanji and Naginami
■Long lines at the “Super Giant Sea Story” experience corner & ultra-fast test drive corner!
What really caught my eye in the booth was the “Super Giant Sea Story” experience corner. The game machine, which faithfully reproduces the popular “P Ocean Story 5” in the hall, has a total length of 2.5 meters!
The jackpot probability is designed to be 50% so that pachinko beginners and non-users who are interested in the size can easily enjoy jackpots. The participants gazed at the giant LCD as if praying, and were all smiles when they hit the jackpot.
The lineup of the latest pachinko/pachislot test corner includes the latest Umi Monogatari series “PA Super Umi Monogatari IN Mediterranean 2” which has not yet been officially announced, and “L Saint Seiya” which has not yet been introduced to the hall.
Sea Emperor Awakening CUSTOM EDITION”, “P Carpenter Gen-san Cho Idaten 2” which is currently in operation
In addition to “Gokugen LighT”, we also exhibited “Sumapachi Shinkai Monogatari with Naginami”, which is a concept machine limited to “Nico Nico Chokaigi 2024” and is based on SANYO’s official VTuber
Both corners were a huge success, with all tables occupied as soon as the doors opened, and the long lines continued until the door closed. A super huge sea story with a total length of about 2.5 meters! Visitors taking the fastest test drive of the models scheduled to be introduced in June
At each test drive corner, there was a line for nearly an hour. Concept machine limited to the venue
■New Chapter Eye Marine Project latest MV unveiled!
2nd match of “Nijisanji vs SANYO Strongest Sea Story Team Tournament” At the moment the STAGE was about to begin, Ichika Zero (CV: Iori Saeki), a character from the new chapter I Marine Project, appeared, jacking the stage. After interacting with MC “Pekopa” and Nijisanji, the music video for their latest song “Frustration” was unveiled. “Frustration” is
It’s a rock-themed song with the theme of “anger,” and the music video features Aimarin (CV: Aya Uchida) and Ichika Zero giving an intense performance at a live house. After the MV was unveiled, it started streaming on the [official] Eyemarine Project YouTube channel, and Niconico Chokaigi After Night Festival_CLUB Shinkai (DJ event) was also held on VRChat, creating a great excitement.
Intense band performance echoes throughout the hall
Performers are surprised by the sudden appearance of “Ichika Zero” * ■“Frustration” MV ([Official] Eye Marine Project YouTube Channel) *

* ■ “Frustration” list of various music distribution services *
* What is “I Marine Project”? *
The “I-Marin Project” is a project in which various creators work together to explore new possibilities for Marine-chan, the main character of Umi Monogatari, and create a new character, “I-Marin,” as well as original songs and music videos. “iMarine Project ~ iMarine The “i” in “Project~” has meanings that indicate many
possibilities, such as infinity, icon, internet, imagination, innovation, ideal, and i (me).
From 2019, we have further evolved as the “New Chapter Eye Marine Project” and are distributing MVs that actively adopt the latest trends and technology on YouTube.

Official website:
Official X:
■Matt Cab & MATZ & Zuma (Rainbow Samurai) Special LIVE!
[DAY2] The big winner on April 28th (Sunday) was Matt, a music producer and artist who provides many songs to famous artists. Special created by a gorgeous team of creators: Cab, MATZ, and Zuma (Rainbow Samurai), who is very popular on SNS, especially among the younger generation.
LIVE. Collaboration song “Moutouichido!” that samples the sounds of Umi Monogatari series, “Go! Go! SEA”, the theme song of Umi Monogatari series
In addition to “STORY,” he also performed improvisation, which he is good at, creating songs on the spot based on themes solicited from visitors. Not only visitors but also people passing by stopped to listen to the high-quality performance.
MAtt Cab
Zuma (Rainbow Samurai)
Visitors listening to the performance
Zuma (Rainbow Samurai) performing improvisation
You can freely choose the beat depending on the theme!
*Artist official website*

Matt Cab


Zuma (Rainbow Samurai)
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