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Home » TEG Co., Ltd. Providing a new experience never seen before KAI’s VR concert “LYNK-POP: THE VR CONCERT KAI” held in Korea will be held in Osaka following Tokyo! !

TEG Co., Ltd. Providing a new experience never seen before KAI’s VR concert “LYNK-POP: THE VR CONCERT KAI” held in Korea will be held in Osaka following Tokyo! !

TEG Co., Ltd.
Providing a new experience never seen before KAI’s VR concert “LYNK-POP: THE VR CONCERT KAI” held in South Korea will be held in Osaka following Tokyo! !
~The second dream collaboration with “KAI (EXO)” who has led the K-POP scene with overwhelming performances has been realized! ~
TEG Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yasuo Hara; hereinafter referred to as TEG), a Tokyo Tower-based business that matches IP and fans, is collaborating with KAI, an artist who is attracting attention from around the world. is being carried out.
Following the holding of “LYNK-POP: THE VR CONCERT KAI” in Tokyo, Namba Marui has decided to hold it from May 24th (Friday) to June 23rd (Sunday), 2024. A live performance of “KAI” will be held using VR technology, allowing participants to experience the presence of the performance as if it were being performed just for them.
VR concert attendees will also receive limited benefits depending on the period, so please look forward to it!
[Period] May 24th (Friday) to June 23rd (Sunday) @ Namba Marui 4F Event Space
[Image 1:×1031.jpg] In addition, you can enjoy “LYNK-POP: THE VR CONCERT KAI” at Namba Marui’s 4th floor and 1st basement event space, including special costume exhibitions, photo spots, and collaboration food and drink sales limited to the venue!
For more information, please visit the official RED° TOKYO TOWER website ( and SNS ( I’ll let you know. “LYNK-POP: THE VR CONCERT KAI” Event Overview
Period: May 24, 2024 (Friday) to June 23, 2024 (Sunday) Location: Namba Marui 4F event space (collaboration food and drinks will be held at the B1F event space)
Contents: VR live concert, costume exhibition, collaborative food and drinks, etc.
*Collaboration food and drinks will also have random purchase benefits. Admission benefits: Clear case (A5), photo card key chain, 2 photo cards (signed and messaged on the back), special ticket, etc. Price: 3,800 yen (tax included)
“LYNK-POP: THE VR CONCERT KAI” participation ticket included Ticket sales start: Scheduled to start from 18:00 on Wednesday, May 8, 2024 Present campaign: A campaign will be held where you can win autographs and limited key chains through a lottery. Please check the website for details.
Special site: *Events are subject to change at short notice. Please note.
[Image 2:×383.jpg]
[Image 3:×383.jpg] 《About KAI》
[Image 4:×421.jpg] KAI is active in a wide range of fields in the fashion and beauty industries, including serving as the global ambassador for GUCCI and the Asian muse for BOBBI BROWN.
In January 2023, he will hold his first solo live in Japan, “KAI Japan Special Live 2023.” At 3 locations: Nagoya, Osaka, and Yokohama It excited a total of 15,000 fans. This was the first solo performance in about 4 years, including a group performance, and it was the memorable first solo live that KAI prepared for his Japanese fans. OFFICIAL WEB:
[Image 5:×204.png ]
As the main platform for the “RED°” brand, we will open Japan’s largest next-generation entertainment theme park in April 2022 inside Tokyo Tower, an icon of TOKYO/JAPAN. We are pursuing a space that provides an “another dimension of entertainment experience” packed with fun in every situation, such as playing the latest game titles and enjoying tournaments and events in a stadium equipped with the world’s most advanced XR technology. We will disseminate the world view of RED° from Tokyo Tower to all of Japan and then to the world. Official website:
《About TEG Co., Ltd.》
[Image 6:×153.jpg] TEG is a company based in Tokyo Tower that develops a business that matches IP and fans. Using the “RED°” brand, we are involved in theme park management and IP content business within Tokyo Tower. This is a new experiential theme park with everything from interactive games equipped with technology to board games that even small children can enjoy. We are also promoting offline facility development and digital platform construction under the “RED°” brand. We will depict a variety of experiences that expand your lifestyle, crossing over Japan and the world, discovery and enthusiasm.
Official website:
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