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Home » THINKR announces the establishment of a new studio to promote content development

THINKR announces the establishment of a new studio to promote content development

THINKR announces the establishment of a new studio to promote content development

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Press release: May 8, 2024
THINKR announces the establishment of a new studio to promote content development
*THINKR Co., Ltd. (Meguro-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as THINKR) has launched a new organizational structure in order to pursue further business growth and expertise. *
* ■Established two new studios*
THINKR, which has been involved in corporate advertising and creative production for artists, has expanded its business scope to include management of music artists, production of virtual artists, animation production, original work development, and the development of its own IP in the virtual entertainment field.

To this day, THINKR has been producing “KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO”, “QA STUDIO”, and “FLAT”.
We have continued to grow under an organizational structure called “STUDIO”, which is a collection of three creative studios with different concepts and professions.

In recent years, KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO has not only managed and produced artists and creators, but also
We have made great progress in LIVE production and IP production business.

In response to the expansion of the business scale of this studio, with an eye to further business growth and the pursuit of
specialization, KAMITSUBAKI
Two new studios have branched off from STUDIO, “ALLT STUDIO” and “PHASE”. STUDIO (Phase Studio)” was established.
By differentiating functionality, we will deepen the individuality of each product and correctly maximize the worldview of artists and creators.

STUDIO” is an online artist production company with an alternative edge, producing music that takes advantage of the uniqueness of the singer-songwriters and artists to whom it belongs.
/ Acts as a label.

On the other hand, “PHASE
STUDIO” welcomes Mr. PALOW., with whom we have collaborated for many years, as its creative director. By employing multiple designers who mainly focus on illustrations and graphics, we will further strengthen the collaboration to date and develop new original IP. I will aim for it.

STUDIO will continue to perform virtual singer, artist production, composer management, artist development, XR
By conducting LIVE production and strengthening the development of story IP derived from Kamitsubaki’s worldview, we will further strengthen the development of original content including games and animation.

STUDIO, through the establishment of these two new studios, we will do our best to continue providing even more creative works to the world.

The transition to the new system is being implemented in stages and is scheduled to be completed by August of this year.

For details, please see here (

* ■About the new system*
Under the new structure, we will further expand our unique
organizational structure of being a collection of multiple content studios with different concepts and functions, and depending on the project, we will collaborate with THINKR members beyond the framework of the studios to refine ideas. By preparing an environment for developing our own content, we plan to provide more sophisticated content and services.

FIRM.” We will strengthen our role as a group of independent content studios and establish a standard for “new manufacturing” in the entertainment industry as a “dramatic” design firm that creates works with a unique worldview. I aim to go.

STUDIO is an alternative artist production company that manages singer-songwriters and artists who are active mainly in the internet scene.
It’s a label.

The artists who belong to the group not only produce their own songs, but also demonstrate their creativity in various ways, such as providing songs to other artists, collaborating with them, and writing theme songs for movies, dramas, commercials, etc.

Based on the musicality derived from the Japanese internet scene, we explore the world of expression as singers, composers, and creators, create a place for growth, and bring out the extraordinary talents of our artists to the fullest. We will create works of a new dimension that balance widely loved music with original music, and discover more diverse and rich musical experiences.

Affiliated artists: DUSTCELL / EMA / Misumi / Guiano / Onuma Parsley / LOLUET

Official X (old Twitter):

This is a new creative studio with “PALOW.”, who has done a lot of design work at STUDIO, as the creative director.
In addition, KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO general producer PIEDPIPER will also be participating as a supervisor at the launch of PHASE STUDIO.

It was established as a studio that supports THINKR’s artists and character IP, as well as a place where young talents who will lead the future can be nurtured and demonstrate their abilities.
We aim to create new original IP by combining the strengths of creators from multiple genres such as illustration, graphic design, video production, and scenario writing.

Affiliated creator: PALOW.
*Other members will be announced at a later date.

Official X (old Twitter):

* ■Recruitment information*
THINKR is actively recruiting for further organizational development. If you are interested, please check the recruitment requirements.

* ■Company profile*
THINKR is a dramatic design firm that aims to create a variety of experiential value through content that incorporates all kinds of artistic elements such as design, music, stories, video, animation, and live performances. We are developing business across the creative field, including advertising production and video production, and the entertainment field, which involves music artists, creators, and our own IP. We aim to become a new era content studio group that continues to produce 0→1 original projects.
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