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Animate Holdings Co., Ltd. 16 performers have been decided! A project aiming to screen “Katashiro” in thea ters

Animate Holdings Co., Ltd.
16 performers have been decided! A project aiming to screen
“Katashiro” in theaters
Animate Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that the cast has been decided for the Katashiro movie project currently underway on the crowdfunding service “Soreos.”
[Image 1:×792.png ]
A project to turn the Table Talk Role Playing Game (TRPG) scenario “Katashiro” into a movie and have it screened in theaters is being held on Animate’s web service “Soreos.”
A total of 16 performers have been selected to play the role of the patient and the role of another patient (two of whom were in the test shoot). In addition to actors, various guests will appear, including idols, singers, graphic designers, comedians, VTubers, models, and YouTubers.
■“Patient role” without being given a script
[Image 2:×1800.jpg] Seiji Chihara
Comedian. Born January 25, 1970, from Kyoto Prefecture. In 1989, he formed the duo “Chihara Brothers” with his younger brother Chihara Junior. In 1994, he won the Outstanding Newcomer Award at the 15th ABC Comedy Newcomer Grand Prix and the 29th Kamigata Manzai Award. In 2016, he published his book “Gasatsu Riki” and in 2023, he published his book “Master of Insensitivity.”
“Discovered in villages around the world! He has visited more than 70 countries around the world, including more than 30 African countries, and has had the experience of interacting with local residents. He also serves as the representative director of Giveaway, an incorporated association that focuses on providing counseling and support to people suffering from poverty, difficulty attending school, etc., both domestically and internationally.
[Image 3:×2700.jpg] Kou-chan
Graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo.
Obtained a first-class junior high school teacher’s license (social studies) and a first-class high school teacher’s license (geography, history, and civics).
Graduated from QuizKnock, a knowledge group from the University of Tokyo, in December 2013, and has been active in numerous quiz shows as a quiz player.
His favorite subject is history, which earned him the nickname “History King,” and he has the ability to pass the World Heritage Test Level 1, the Japanese Kanji Proficiency Test Pre-1st Class, and the Practical English Proficiency Test Level 2.
On my personal YouTube channel “Kou Channel”, I am distributing a variety of content with a focus on unique learning.
[Image 4:×1024.jpg] Taiga Genki
Born on August 26, 1987. Born in Aichi Prefecture. Debuted as an actor in 2005, appearing in numerous plays and movies, including the musical “The Prince of Tennis” (Akaya Kirihara).
He made his debut as a voice actor in the anime “Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL” (Mizael) in 2012, and has been active in a wide range of areas including anime, dubbing, games, and radio. First starring role in the anime “Butchigiri?!” (Touara Jin). His main appearances include “Mashin Sentai Kiramager” (Mashin Jetta), “Charisma” (Terra), and the anime “I’m working hard to make Fumofu Nadesu Nadesu in another world.” ” (Ville), dubbed “DOC Tomorrow’s Medical Record” (Riccardo Bonvegna), etc.
[Image 5: &s3=16756-5343-8b7a6D4923523A1488888B7B7 295f9b1-1800×2700.jpg] Miricham
Former egg exclusive model.
Born on July 10, 2002. Born in Saitama Prefecture.
Her special skill is nail art, and her hobby is volleyball.
After appearing on Youtube “Yoshiyuki Sakuma’s NOBROCK TV”,
She is popular among both men and women as the strongest brawler gal. It has been decided that he will also appear in the NHK TV drama series “Omusubi” in the latter half of 2024!
As Reiwa’s next breakout gal representing Generation Z,
Active in a wide range of variety shows and various media!
[Image 6:×2448.jpg] Asuka Kurosawa
In 1990, he made his film debut in “Hoshiwo Tsugumono” (directed by Kazuo Komizu).
She won the Best Actress Award at the 23rd Porto International Film Festival and the Best Actress Award at the 13th Tokyo Sports Film Awards for 2003’s “Snake in June” (directed by Shinya Tsukamoto). In 2011, she won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 33rd Yokohama Film Festival for “Cold Tropical Fish” (directed by Sion Sono). In 2019, she won the Best Leading Actress Award in the short story category at the San Diego “HORRIBLE IMAGININGS FILM FESTIVAL 2019” for “Tsumu Saori” (Director: Soichi Umezawa).
[Image 7:×1303.jpg] Katsuya Maikuma
Born March 28, 1987 in Hiroshima Prefecture. He won the Sponichi Grand Prix Newcomer Award at the 71st Mainichi Movie Contest and the Best Emerging Actor Award at the 31st Takasaki Film Festival for his first starring role in the movie Ken to Kazu, which was released in 2016. His major film appearances in recent years include “Ikittata”, “My Daddy”, “The Cat Ran Away”, and “From the End of the World”. Currently, the drama “I want to break up with the man I love” is broadcast every Wednesday on TV Tokyo and distributed on U-NEXT.
[Image 8:×1499. jpg ]
Akari Saito
Born in 1995. Since 2017, he has joined the Kakikuu Kyaku Theater Company and has mainly been active on stage.
Recent major stage performances include Gekidan Kakikuikaku’s “Bury My Bones in Dallas”, “World Trigger the Stage B-Class Battle Start Edition”, and the stage “Bungo Stray Dogs” series.
He also served as a reporter for TBS’s “King’s Brunch” for 6 years, and is currently expanding his activities beyond theater to include MCing, book reviews, and essay writing for the reading YouTube channel “Hontame”, which has 110,000 subscribers. There is.
[Image 9:×975.png ]
Kazuyuki Kurashima
character designer
Pixel art
Related game works
“Live A Live” “Super Mario RPG”
“Freshly Picked Tingle’s Rose Luppy Land”
“moon” “ufo” “Yamada-kun the Brave”
(*Test shooting, shown on YouTube)
■“Another patient role”
[Image 10:×2700.jpg ]
Kururu Aizuki
A singer born on the internet who goes back and forth between the real and the virtual.
She is known for her clear and delicate voice, and sings songs from a wide range of genres with great expressiveness.
Currently, while focusing on music activities, he is also working on distribution activities and expanding the range of his activities.
[Image 11:×2700.jpg] Shuo coral
A first-year student who started attending Gakuin Junior High School this year. With his characteristic laid-back demeanor, he is a presence that softens the atmosphere of the place.
[Image 12:×2700.jpg ]
Kenya Kana
A girl who works at a hospital. Many people have become healthy because of her smile.
He started live music activities to cheer up people around the world. He’s clumsy and doesn’t like drawing blood.
[Image 13:×2700.jpg] Regrush Lionheart
Good morning!
This is Regrush Lionheart from Nori Pro! Thank you for your help! A former princess of the royal Lionheart family who ran away from home to the human world from another world inhabited by beastmen. I want to make a lot of friends through my Vtuber activities and change my introverted personality, but…?
[Image 14: &s3=16756-5343-fb2617C068943868B0E4EB0E4EB 0ACF460E0-1032X1366.jpg] Aina Aiba
Born on October 17th. Born in Osaka. Voice actor/artist.
Active as a voice actor since 2016. She has a unique background as a former female professional wrestler.
Her main appearances include “Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight” (as Claudine Saijo), “Magician Orphen Hagure Tabi Series” (as Winona), and “Kemono Friends” (as the Rockhopper Penguin).
In addition, she plays the role of Yukina Minato, the vocalist in the real band “Roselia” of “BanG Dream! Project”, and has appeared in numerous live performances and music programs.
[Image 15: &s3=16756-5343-9A84145D19DDC20E19F7F7F7F7F7F7F7FA5
Miko Ishiro
“Will you humans become my familiars?”
A devilish VTuber who captivates listeners with his unique worldview. She has many fans for her poetry readings and recitation works, which allow her to use a variety of voices and demonstrate her natural expressiveness.
The gap between her mischievous side, her lovely natural voice, and her usual broadcasts, which are filled with a calm atmosphere, is also appealing.
[Image 16: &s3=16756-5343-c0a3FDE5FDE5FDE58DC3C477 EE48DAA78-1000×1500.jpg] Ayumi Okada
Born on August 8, 2000 in Kumamoto Prefecture.
A member of the idol group “Niji no Conquistador”.
My hobbies include drawing, TRPG, collecting ink, reading modern literature, reading manga, and video editing.
My special skills are illustration, playing with colors, and spreading the word about my favorite content.
Utilizing his diverse hobbies and special skills, he is active in multiple fields.
[Image 17:×2700. jpg ]
Amanogawa Channel
A streamer who belongs to the professional e-sports team “Sengoku Gaming” based in Fukuoka.
Mainly distributes and chats about games such as “League of Legends” and “VALORANT.”
★Born on June 6th
★105 years old
★Half devil and half unicorn
Hobbies: Skiing, reading manga
Strengths: Honest
Weakness: short-tempered
Favorite food: Jiro, gyoza, sushi
Disliked foods: Almond tofu, liver
(*Test shooting, shown on YouTube)
■“Doctor role”
[Image 18:×255.png ]
He plays the role of a doctor for all performances. Author of Katashiro. A streamer/Youtuber who mainly plays TRPGs (table talk role-playing games). A member of the broadcaster group “Kyotendochi Club.” ■Project information
Katashiro movie project
Event period: May 8, 2024, 18:00 to June 30, 2024, 23:59
Venue: Soreosu ( Returned items include: movie pamphlet, name listed on the list of subjects appearing in the movie, credit listed, etc.
*Return items are subject to change without notice.
■Theatrical release information
“Katashiro Replica”
Screening theater: Theater Shinjuku
Release period: June 21, 2024 to June 27, 2024 A work in which one person plays the role of a “patient” will be screened once a day on the late show.
*The schedule is subject to change.
*The screening date and time of the performance will be announced at a later date.
■What is “Katashiro”?
A one-on-one “interactive” scenario written for TRPG.
By inviting famous streamers and others as players one after another, their thoughts and decisions reveal their “personality” and “charm,” making them extremely popular.
Coupled with the ease of playing the game, which can be played in about an hour, many people in addition to the author shared their gameplay, and it quickly became a movement in the TRPG world. A variety of people are playing, including game commentators, VTubers, streamers, voice actors, comedians, scenario writers, psychiatrists, and more.
The title of the movie version, “Katashiro Replica,” has the meaning of “a replica of the real thing” being “repeated” as a movie. Unlike the streaming and stage version, this work is planned to be a work where you can enjoy the attention to sound that can only be experienced at a movie theater, the fun of going to the movie theater and watching it in the same place, and the excitement of performers you have never seen before.
Comment from Dism, author of “Katashiro”: Please support this unique movie in which the main actors do not have a script.
Mr. Dizm YouTube channel:
■What is “Soleos”?
“Soleos” is a place where everyone can support projects related to anime, comics, games, and voice actors. Using a mechanism called crowdfunding, the support amount will be delivered to the project originator. By supporting projects through Soleos, we can create things that fans have wanted but were unable to realize, such as creating works and events that have never been seen before, or creating original goods for voice actors. can. Those who support us can also receive return gifts from the creators of each project. ■Right notation
(C) Katashiro Project

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