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Home » EXNOA LLC 3-title joint collaboration event “360 degrees OK! 3D Character Festival” in DMM GAMES’ 3D aba ndoned RPG “Jewel Princess Reincarnation”! ” is being held!

EXNOA LLC 3-title joint collaboration event “360 degrees OK! 3D Character Festival” in DMM GAMES’ 3D aba ndoned RPG “Jewel Princess Reincarnation”! ” is being held!

DMM GAMES’s 3D idle RPG “Jewel Princess Reincarnation” will feature a joint collaboration event with three titles: “360 Degree OK! 3D Character Festival!” ” is being held!
DMM GAMES operated by LLC EXNOA (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Muranaka, URL: will be in 3D mode after maintenance on Wednesday, May 8th. The RPG “Jewel Princess
Reincarnation” (hereinafter referred to as “Jewel Princess Re”) will hold a collaboration event “360 degrees OK! 3D character festival! We are pleased to inform you that we have held an event.
[Image 1:×630.jpg] ▼Official website:
▼Official X:
▼“360 degrees OK! 3D character festival! “held!
[Image 2:×450.jpg] Special site:
From May 8, 2024 (Wednesday) to June 5, 2024 (Wednesday), a joint collaboration event “360 degrees” will be held between three works in which the 3D model characters of “Tempara”, “Detariki”, and “Jewel Princess Re” will be active. OK! 3D character festival! ” will be held!
Each title has a story that is connected between the three titles, a collaboration raid mission where you can get gorgeous rewards, a collaboration panel mission where you can get rewards depending on the number of panel missions you clear, and collaboration keywords that are held in each title during the period. You can get collaboration characters and luxurious rewards for a limited time, so please participate!
■“3D Festival Commemorative Pack” containing items for 3 titles is on sale for a limited time!
[Image 3:×309.jpg] “360 degrees OK! 3D character festival! To commemorate the event, we will be selling a limited collaboration item pack “3D Festival Commemoration Pack” for each title. It also includes gacha tickets that can be used for other titles, so you can enjoy gacha for 3 titles.
*The period differs for each title and event, so please see the special website or in-game announcement for details.
▼“360 degrees OK! 3D character festival! ” Collaboration limited time gacha will be held!
[Image 4:×412.jpg] From May 8, 2024 (Wednesday) 17:00 to May 19, 2024 (Sunday) 23:59, “360 degrees OK! 3D Character Festival! ” We will be holding a [Limited Time] “Nadira Appearance Commemoration Gacha” featuring Nadira as a collaboration character.
In addition, “Sophia Appearance Commemoration Gacha” from May 17, 2024 (Friday) 00:00 to May 28, 2024 (Tuesday) 23:59 [Limited Time] “Sofia Appearance Commemoration Gacha”, May 26, 2024 (Sunday) 13: 00 to June 5, 2024 (Wednesday) 12:59 [Limited Time] “Color Appearance
Commemorative Gacha” will be held.
[Image 5:×1000.jpg]
[Image 6:×922.jpg]
[Image 7:×960.jpg] This gacha is only available for a limited time, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!
▼“Jewel Tan: Expanding circle of friends from another world” will be held! We will be holding the “Jewel Story: Expanding Circle of Friends in a Different World” event from May 8, 2024 (Wednesday) 17:00 to May 20, 2024 (Monday) 12:59.
In this event, characters from “Detariki” and “Tempara” will appear in the story and dungeon. Enjoy the interaction between Jewel Princess and the collaboration characters.
[Image 8:×412.jpg] In a village near Nocturne, Lia Fal and Diamond meet Sofia, Rain, Nadira, and Kara from another world. While working together to repair the large hole, a magic crystal appears in the nearby forest, and they decide to go to subjugate it.
▼Collaboration mission event held!
A collaboration mission event will be held from May 8, 2024
(Wednesday) 17:00 to June 5, 2024 (Wednesday) 12:59. This content allows you to collect the event item “Pants that fell from the sky” by completing daily missions, and obtain gem princesses and weapon enhancement materials.
With this content, you can get the “Detariki” collaboration character, Rain, as a reward.
[Image 9:×960.jpg] ▼What is Jewel Princess Reincarnation?
A completely new work by Jewel Princess, which has over 800,000 registered users. A new story with the jewel princesses begins. It’s a 3D idle RPG where you can get training materials and experience points by leaving it alone, but the jewel princess is so cute that you can’t miss it.
It is equipped with an auto battle that even casual users can enjoy, and is packed with elements to play, so it is a work that everyone can enjoy.
▼Now available at each app store!
・App Store version ・Google Play version ▼Product overview
Title: Jewel Princess Reincarnation
Genre: Idle game that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of Platform:: PC (Browser version, DMM GAME PLAYER version) / App Store / Google Play
Rights notation: (C)️2022 EXNOA LLC
Sales price: Basic free (some in-app purchases included)
Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. More details about this release: