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TV Osaka Co., Ltd. Drama “Bought Man” today at 24:00 – Episode 4 “Customer of a Prostitute”

TV Osaka Co., Ltd.
Drama “Bought Man” today at 24:00 – Episode 4 “Prostitute’s Customer” TV Osaka, BS TV Tokyo, TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting, TV Hokkaido, every Wednesday at 24:00 / TV Aichi, every Monday at 24:30 / TV Setouchi, every Thursday at 25:05 / TOKYO MX, every Wednesday at 25:30 ……
“Women’s entertainment” forbidden drama! A detox healing drama starring Toshiki Seto and co-stars Yuki Kubota and Tadashi Ikeda. In the 4th episode airing tonight, there is a customer who is a prostitute at the women’s sex service “KIRAMEKI”…
[Image 1: &s3=20945-1708-b8cfb77e23ACC347C22222222A645DAE 58f399-1920×1080.jpg] (C) “Bought Man” Production Committee
TV Osaka will be broadcasting the 4th episode of Drama Addict “Bought Man” from 24:00 onwards today.
The original work is the popular original comic “Bought a Man ~Female Only Pleasure Therapist~” currently being serialized in “Comic Seymour.” Up-and-coming creators have created a detox healing drama in which troubled women such as sexless housewives, celebrities, female presidents, and prostitutes visit the women’s sex shop “KIRAMEKI” and are healed in mind and body by therapists. will continue to draw.
In this work, Toshiki Seto plays the main character Yamato, a divorced therapist, Yuki Kubota plays the role of veteran therapist Ryuichi, and Tadashi Ikeda plays the role of number one therapist Cyan. Introducing the highlights of the 4th episode “Customer of a prostitute” that will be broadcast tonight!
Sian (Masashi Ikeda), the most popular therapist at the women’s sex shop “KIRAMEKI”, heads to a customer’s house at 1am.
[Image 2: &s3=20945-1708-ACDA63E83A6F52F52F52F52F52F52F52F52F59A3
(C) “Bought Man” Production Committee
His partner is Maria (Miyu Yoshimoto), a prostitute who is in the same industry.
[Image 3:×1333.jpg] (C) “Bought Man” Production Committee
Maria said, “I love this job and it’s my calling,” and she asked for a therapist to experience the feelings of a customer.
[Image 4:×1200.jpg ]
(C) “Bought Man” Production Committee
Sian, who had a poor and difficult childhood and became a therapist for money, becomes irritated as he listens to Maria’s stories and ends up hurling mean words at her.
[Image 5: &s3=20945-1708-0F01A2EA2326181EDCFD 054b02-3869×2584.jpg]
(C) “Bought Man” Production Committee
[Image 6:×2581.jpg] (C) “Bought Man” Production Committee
Maria urges him to go home, but Cyan stops…
[Image 7:×2581.jpg] (C) “Bought Man” Production Committee
[Image 8:×2581.jpg ]
(C) “Bought Man” Production Committee
[Image 9:×1333.jpg] (C) “Bought Man” Production Committee
Episode 4 Introducing comments from Miyu Yoshimoto, who plays Maria Shimizu!
[Image 10:×1333.jpg] (C) “Bought Man” Production Committee
I will be participating in the 4th episode of “The Bought Man”, directed by Akihiro Toda, as Maria Shimizu, who works in an
entertainment industry. When I read the script, I was encouraged and thought, “Everyone is living their lives to the fullest.” I think this is a work that will give some people a new perspective on prejudice and love. “Works” allow us to peek into the lives and thoughts of people we have never met. Please take a look!
Program overview
[Program name] Drama Addict “Bought Man”
[Broadcast date and time] Broadcast every Wednesday at 24:00 【Broadcaster】
・TV Osaka, BS TV Tokyo, TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting, TV Hokkaido, every Wednesday at 24:00
・TV Aichi Every Monday from 24:30
・TV Setouchi Every Thursday from 25:05
・TOKYO MX Every Wednesday from 25:30
・Exclusively distributed on DMM TV
*1 week advance delivery after episode 2
*Registration as a DMM Premium member (550 yen/month) is required to view. ・Missed delivery on the ad-supported free delivery service “TVer” ▶TVer: Please add it to your favorites! [Cast] Toshiki Seto, Yuki Kubota, Masashi Ikeda
Rei Sato, Nozomi Hanayagi, Moemi Katayama, Miyu Yoshimoto, Sato Tanaka, Megumi Yokoyama, Miyuki Torii
Taishi Sugie Rina Takeda (in order of appearance)
Riri Kojima / Rei Kikukawa
【original work】
“The Bought Man: Pleasure Therapist for Women Only” (Solmare Editorial Department)
Manga: Omi Minami Original work: Yukiko Serizawa Currently available on Comic Seymour
Work page:
[Directors] Ryunori Sato, Yuichi Onuma, Akihiro Toda, Miyako Yasoshima, Yuya
[Screenplay] Tadashi Shimizu, Nishioka To Neil, Ayuka Kishimoto, Atsuo Takahashi, Natsuki Takahashi, Ryunori Sato
[Opening theme] Takuya Sugimoto “B.B.Q.” (Warner Music Japan)
[Ending theme] Taketomo Atsuki “Kiss Me” (Polydor Records)
Miyu Sasaki (TV Osaka) Seigo Noguchi (Wonder Village) Atsushi Yamamura (T-REX FILM) Nobuaki Suzuki (Coop)
[Producer] Hiroki Okamoto (TV Osaka)
[Number of episodes] 30 minutes x 10 episodes
[Production cooperation] T-REX FILM/Coop
[Production] TV Osaka/Wonder Village
[Production work] “Bought Man” Production Committee
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[TV Osaka Drama Official LINE] [Official Hashtag] #Bought Man
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