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Home » 01Booster Green tea “ALL GREEN” where you can enjoy the whole single origin tea. Introducing a gift set perfect for Mother’s Day!

01Booster Green tea “ALL GREEN” where you can enjoy the whole single origin tea. Introducing a gift set perfect for Mother’s Day!

[01Booster] Green tea “ALL GREEN” where you can enjoy the whole single origin tea. Introducing a gift set perfect for Mother’s Day!
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Press release: May 8, 2024
ALL GREEN is a green tea where you can enjoy the whole single-origin tea. Introducing a gift set perfect for Mother’s Day!
*~Give the gift of health and healing time to your loved ones. We will also start selling on the gift site one by one~*
Zero One Booster Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: George Goda,
01Booster) is a green tea called ALL
GREEN” will be selling a gift set that is perfect for Mother’s Day. In addition, we will gradually start selling on various gift sites such as the gift sales service “TANP” operated by Gracia Co., Ltd. and the gift specialty selection “Gift Mall”.
* Background to the start of the gift set *
GREEN (All Green) is a powdered whole green tea. By pulverizing the rare Ichibancha tea leaves, you can replenish your body with nutrients that go beyond the vegetables inherent in green tea. In addition, we carefully select only high-quality single-origin teas from all over Japan and deliver them individually wrapped in sticks. It can be easily made by dissolving in hot or cold water in just 1 second, allowing for efficient nutritional supplementation even on busy days. General sales began in July 2023, and we have received many feedback from customers that they would like to use ALL GREEN as a gift.

Now, we are pleased to announce ALL, where you can continue your healthy habits while enjoying the taste of high-quality single-origin tea.
We have prepared a gift set so that you can easily give GREEN as a present. We believe that this will enable us to support the health of even more people.
Please use it as a gift for your loved ones who wish you to stay healthy forever.

* Product Summary*
*Enjoy the whole thing! Premium single-origin green tea assortment*

We have prepared single-origin teas carefully selected by Japanese tea instructors in powder form.
“GREEN TEA MASTER” introduces tea varieties, ways to drink, food pairings, etc. GUIDE” will also be delivered. Enjoy the taste and culture of single origin tea. * price*
Gift set “Enjoy the whole thing! Premium Single Origin Green Tea” (TANP) 30 packages of 3 types: 5,942 yen (tax included, shipping not included) 20 packages of 2 types: 3,961 yen (tax included, shipping not included) 1 type, 10 packages: 1,981 yen (tax included, shipping not included)

Gift set sales page (TANP):

*What is ALL GREEN*
“ALL GREEN” is a whole drinkable green tea that is made by grinding a rare single-origin tea into an easily soluble powder using a proprietary technology that does not impair taste or nutrition. As a new style of green tea, you can enjoy the culture of green tea and the individuality of single-origin tea, while also receiving the nutritional benefits of green tea that go above and beyond the vegetables, supporting delicious and healthy habits.
It is known that green tea contains as many nutrients as kale, which is said to be the king of vegetables.

However, the fact is that when green tea is brewed with hot water, which is the common way of drinking, most of the nutrients such as dietary fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin E are left in the used tea leaves and thrown away.
70 to 80% of catechin, a healthy ingredient unique to green tea, is also lost along with used tea leaves.

Focusing on this, we spent several years researching ways to get the full nutritional value of green tea, and as a result, we succeeded in creating an easy-to-dissolve powder using our proprietary technology that does not compromise on taste or nutrition.
Zero One Booster Co., Ltd.
Based on our corporate philosophy of “Changing the world through the power of business creation,” we offer an open innovation program called “Corporate Accelerator” and “Intrapreneur Accelerator,” a program to discover and develop intrapreneurs. We are also expanding our business areas, including operating learning programs to train entrepreneurs and in-house business development personnel, venture investment, and operating a venture studio. In addition, from February 2020, Yurakucho “SAAI” Wonder, a working community that gives form to individual ideas, will be launched.
We operate a “Working Community.”
Trade name: Zero One Booster Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director George Goda
Address: 1st floor, Shin-Tokyo Building, 3-3-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
Established: March 2012
Business details:
Shared offices for entrepreneurs, planning and operation of corporate accelerator/intrapreneur accelerator programs, training for corporate entrepreneurs, investment and financing support, business creation consulting, M&A intermediation support, etc.
*Corporate Accelerator is a registered trademark of 01Booster. *About this release details*

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