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Visit Bellevue Washington Chef Shota Nakajima becomes Visit Bellevue Food Ambassador

[Visit Bellevue Washington] Chef Shota Nakajima becomes Visit Bellevue Food Ambassador

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Press release: May 9, 2024
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Chef Shota Nakajima appointed as Visit Bellevue Food Ambassador *Introducing Bellevue, Washington as a global gourmet city. * Chef Shota Nakajima (Photo provided by Austin Kuachi)
* Bellevue, Washington (May 9, 2024) * -*
Visit Bellevue, the official destination marketing and management organization (DMMO) promoting tourism for the City of Bellevue, is pleased to announce the official launch of the Gastronomic Tourism Network to promote Bellevue as a global gourmet city.・A chef has been appointed as a Bellevue food ambassador. *
Bellevue, Washington is also known as “the city that foodies love,” and over the past decade it has rapidly grown into one of the top gourmet cities in the United States. . The reason behind this is that this city is made up of people with various backgrounds and
traditional cultures. Bellevue is home to many multinational communities, and through their contrast and fusion, they have created a unique food culture that cannot be found anywhere else.
Bellevue is home to cuisine inspired by diverse cultures, so you’ll find your favorite meal at over 400 international restaurants and eateries. In addition, the abundance of ingredients grown in the rich nature and soil of the Pacific Northwest, a location with easy access to fresh seafood, and a warm climate suitable for growing wine grapes have all supported the rapid growth of food culture in recent years. I am.

“Bellevue is experiencing a food revolution,” said Brad Jones, Executive Director, Visit Bellevue. “I am very excited to work with celebrity chef Shota Nakajima to introduce how Bellevue’s food culture encapsulates cuisines from around the world and attracts famous chefs and restaurateurs of international renown. We’re excited about the opportunity to connect with Bellevue’s multicultural community and visitors to Bellevue.”

With over 267,500 followers around the world on Instagram and TikTok, Chef Nakajima has captivated audiences through his passion for cooking. American cooking show “Top Chef”
Season 18, he became a fan favorite and solidified his position as a pioneer in the culinary world, even organizing culinary tours in Japan. Chef Nakajima’s culinary career began as a sushi chef in Bellevue before training under Michelin-starred chef Yasuhiko Sakamoto in Osaka.

Chef Shota Nakajima said the following regarding his appointment as ambassador: “I am honored to serve as Visit Bellevue’s first food ambassador. I have many fond memories of food at Bellevue restaurants, including my first job at Kiku Sushi, which led to my career as a chef. there is. I’m really happy that Bellevue’s food scene has expanded greatly over the past 15 years, and we’re now accepting a wide variety of delicious dishes. I often bring friends and guests from other places to eat at Bellevue, and I’m excited to see more people learn about the depth of Bellevue’s food culture. ”

Chef Nakajima will appear in a video series that presents a compelling Bellevue gastronomic journey from a professional perspective, highlighting Bellevue’s culinary experiences and more through social media and a comprehensive marketing strategy. As part of Visit Bellevue’s first food and wine event, we will be hosting a weekend of chef-led culinary events, focusing on locally and internationally known food and wine professionals. Details will be announced later.

* ■Gastronomic Tourism Network*
This announcement celebrates the official establishment of the Visit Bellevue Gastronomic Tourism Network. The network is a sponsored group of local chefs, restaurants, and hospitality industry leaders. We enhance the visitor experience through innovative, community-driven initiatives that support local food culture, culinary education, and food lovers. The network meets regularly to exchange information about Visit Bellevue programs and campaigns, including citywide food and wine events.

* ■About Shota Nakajima*
Chef, restaurateur, TV personality. Restaurants in Seattle, Washington “Taku” and “Kobo”
He owns and operates “Pizza” and has been selected as a
semi-finalist for the James Beard Award, which is said to be the Oscar Award of the food world, three times. He was a top 3 finalist on Bravo’s Top Chef 2021 and was chosen as the general audience’s favorite in season 18. In 2023, he won 8th place in Food Network’s “Tournament of Champions”, won the Young Guns Award from American food site Eater, and was selected as one of the 30 chefs under 30 in Zagat Survey. I got it.
He was also selected as one of Seattle’s Most Influential People in 2021 by Seattle Met Magazine. Additionally, he has not only appeared as a challenger on the cooking shows “Iron Chef Gauntlet” and “Beat Bobby Flay,” but has also been a judge on numerous Food Network cooking competition shows. He appeared as a member and a challenger. He has also appeared as a guest on CBS’s “The Talk” and ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Chef Nakajima often takes his dog, his border collie, Dodger, to explore the mountains and waterfronts of Washington State in search of a wealth of local produce.

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■*Visit Bellevue Washington*
Visit Bellevue Washington (VBW) is the official destination marketing and management organization (DMMO) that promotes tourism to the City of Bellevue, and is responsible for the hotels, Meydenbauer Convention Center, and all hospitality businesses located in the City of Bellevue. doing. A safe, walkable city, Bellevue offers a colorful experience with cozy hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, a vibrant culture, outdoor activities, and world-class shopping. Bellevue combines natural beauty with big-city convenience and is also home to pioneering global companies.

Visit Bellevue WA, the official Japanese website, is *Click here* You can view it from

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