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Home » Thorough explanation from a specialist in professional web customer attraction HP production and SEO measures that professional offices should take

Thorough explanation from a specialist in professional web customer attraction HP production and SEO measures that professional offices should take

WonderSpace Co., Ltd.
[Thorough explanation from a specialist in professional web customer attraction] HP production and SEO measures that professional offices should take
“I want to attract customers and increase sales.” If you are worried about that, our specialized web customer attraction professionals will come up with a solution.
WonderSpace Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Naohiro Yamamoto) is jointly working with think shift Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Yasuo Asano) to develop the We will be holding an online seminar on May 16th (Thursday) with the theme of “A thorough explanation from a web customer attraction professional: HP production x SEO measures that professional offices should take.”
(Application address: [Recommended for these people]
・Professional personnel
・Marketing person
・Listing advertisement operation person
– Responsible for attracting customers at a professional office ・I want to know the latest information on professional marketing. ・We are running advertisements to acquire inquiries, but we are not seeing any results.
・Although we have received inquiries, they have not led to acceptance. [Seminar content]
-think shift Co., Ltd.-
“Web customer attraction” and “receiving assignments” and “orders” ・The role of HP in web marketing
・Basic concept of HP production
・The importance of having people look at the website first
・What do you want them to do after looking at your website?
What should be conveyed on the HP
・Remove behavioral hurdles for those who access the site
・What should be conveyed is a sense of trust and professionalism Important things on a specific professional homepage
・Three recommended contents created for over 1000 sites
・Actual website creation method: Thinking from 3C analysis
・Role of design
-WonderSpace Co., Ltd.-
SEO in recent years
・The range of genres available on one site has been limited. ・Business sites are in a very advantageous situation.
・Even among business sites, specialized sites are evaluated more highly. Professional website design with SEO in mind
・Site structure with crawlability in mind
・Page design to address “local” keywords
・HTML measures for TOP page
・Enter office information
・Content SEO to increase exposure
[Seminar overview]
Many people may be thinking about creating a website/SEO measures because they want to attract customers and increase sales.
A website/homepage is a tool that can continuously attract customers if operated properly.
It’s true that if you don’t have any knowledge of web production or SEO, you won’t know where to start.
Therefore, in this seminar, we will introduce the creation of a website specialized for professionals and SEO measures.
from each specialist
A thorough explanation of the role of HP in web marketing and the design and operation of sites with SEO measures in mind.
Let me do it!
Think Shift Co., Ltd., based on its past operational results, We will thoroughly explain the meaning and benefits of a professional firm having a website.
The important role of a professional homepage is to
“Communicate your own strengths and charms”
And “Let the customer choose the one that suits your stance.” We believe that this is the case.
We will introduce how to create a homepage that fulfills this role, while also taking into account examples.
WonderSpace Co., Ltd. understands recent SEO trends and
We thoroughly design professional websites with SEO in mind. For companies that have implemented SEO measures but are unable to improve their search rankings or increase the number of inquiries, we would like to share with you the secrets of SEO measures.
“I want to create a new homepage”
“My homepage’s search ranking is not improving and the number of customers is not increasing.”
“I outsource to an SEO company, but I don’t know whether the results are good or bad.”
Please feel free to join us.
How to apply: Please apply from the details page below.
Application page: How to watch: A viewing URL will be sent to the email address you provided on the application form.
[Speaker information]
think shift Co., Ltd.
Director Yoshikazu Sakamoto
[Image 1:×1080.png ]
Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Law and Keio University Law School (currently employed). After graduating from university, he started a company in logistics, human resources business, and web production. As a sole proprietor, he also works as a professional and consultant, and practices HP and web marketing through trial and error on his own. Taking advantage of his successful experience, he started a web marketing support business. In 2020, we will launch a homepage production service [Zero One] at think shift Co., Ltd. that will truly contribute to the professional business that we have been thinking about for some time. In the three years since the service began, we have created websites for over 230 offices. Based on the policy of deploying practical know-how, we also provide support while practicing web marketing as a “HP production company that does not do telephone sales.”
WoderSpace Co., Ltd.
SEO Team Manager Genma Kubokura
[Image 2:×1080.png ]
After joining WonderSpace Co., Ltd., he established an SEO team to support owned media. After that, while utilizing in-house know-how, he was involved in a lot of SEO support for clients, leading them to success. Currently, he specializes in SEO measures mainly for professionals such as lawyers and tax accountants.
[WonderSpace Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Company name: WonderSpace Co., Ltd.
Representative: Naohiro Yamamoto, Representative Director and President Head Office: 11th floor D, Hamamatsucho Building, 1-1-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0023
Established: March 2013
Business: Advertising management agency business, marketing support business, media business
WonderSpace Co., Ltd. is looking to the future of Japanese society and would like to contribute to the realization of a classy society. Our company defines “Iki” as being considerate to those around you, with the desire to make the world, clients, and users’ lives better. We will bring about changes in the resolution of social issues in Japan for the sake of the world and people, contribute to the development of our clients, and create excitement.
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